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Happy Hump Day, loves! How’s your week going so far? I hope the transition back has been a smooth one. Little Miss resumed virtual school yesterday, and I have to say, it feels surreal all over again!

It’s not that I expected everything to go back to ‘normal’ once we said goodbye to 2020, but it’s a little deflating that literally nothing has changed. The difference I suppose is the real hope that things will change sooner than later.

The lockdown last March threw all of us in a tailspin, and I’ll admit, things came to a screeching halt around here. I’ve been blogging for almost 12 years, but there is no guidebook for creating content for and in a pandemic.

Everything changed… where we went (or didn’t go!), what we wore, what we bought, what took priority, and how we spent our time. I decided the best route was just to take you along with me as I figured out pandemic life.

We had a lot of real talks, and I shared our struggles, while also trying to keep this a positive place. It wasn’t always easy, nor did I always do a good job of it, but we stuck it out together… and by golly we’re still standing, right!?

Some of the content I created for this new life at home was some of my favorite of 2020, and I hope it proved helpful to you. Here’s a peek at some of those posts…


hi sugarplum help others40 Things That Spread Joy for Others


Getting Cozy at Home


Tips for a Natural Self-Tan at Home


Tips for Working from Home


Backyard Fun at Home

one. Snow Cone Maker // two. Velcro Catch and Toss
three. Paddle Ball // four. Tiki Toss Game
five. Corn Hole // six. Kiddie Pool
seven. Horseshoe Game // eight. Sprinkler Pad
nine. Backyard Jenga // ten. Sports Net
eleven. Table Tennis Set // twelve. Water Skipper Ball
thirteen. Pack of Pool Toys // fourteen. Foam Water Blasters
fifteen. Croquet Set // sixteen. Spikeball
seventeen. Watermelon Ball


My 3-Minute At-Home Makeup Routine


Tips for Working from Home With Your Spouse!


Cozy Work from Home Styles From PJs to Zoom Calls


Family Fun at Home (30+ New Ideas!)


Tips for At-Home Dermaplaning


20 Ideas for a Date Night In


Happy Gift Ideas to Brighten Their Day


Road Trip Essentials 

one. Extra Long Phone Charger // two. Auto Bingo
three. Road Trip Game Kit // four. Trash Can
five. Packing Cubes // six. Cozy Socks
seven. Seat Back Organizer // eight. Road Side Kit
nine. Electric Cooler and Warmer // ten. Trunk Storage Organizer
eleven. First Aid Kit // twelve. Seat Heater/Massager
thirteen. Outlet Adapter // fourteen. Water Bottle
fifteen. Snack Box // sixteen. Travel Neck Pillow


Favorite United States Travel Spots


Our Favorite Hikes in the United States


What I’ve Read in Quarantine


Stylish Face Masks


Cozy-Loving Homebody Favorites


Which of these posts were most helpful for you? I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me as we all pivoted to a new normal, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. I’ll continue sharing new content as long as you keep showing up! Love you, lovebugs!


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  1. Sandy wrote:

    This … is one amazing post. Just how hard you (ya’ll ) work. You research and post some of the most amazing places and things we would never think of ourselves. And make it all fun!
    Luckily, kids are pretty resilient, b’cuz I just heard on the radio, where I live anyway, the kids are about 6 mos. behind in school. Do not want to cause a frenzy here, but you do hear stories about how people are really struggling. Let’s all count the tiniest blessings & work to stay positive, SP community!

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Sandy!! <3 Cassie

      Posted 1.6.21 Reply
  2. Terri wrote:

    Was wondering where you got your front door entrance rug? I love it!!

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply