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Pat yourselves on the back, friends, because we’ve almost made it to the end of our first week back! It always takes me a week or so to get my ‘reality legs’ back after the break, and this year is no different. I’m starting to think I need to double-down on my multi-vitamin!

Y’all loved seeing the Amazon Reader Favorites for Fashion and Beauty earlier this week, so today I’m sharing your top links for Amazon Home and Decor! It’s funny how Amazon went from being a fun source for fashion finds, and the random kitchen gadget, to our go-to place for literally everything from back massagers to rugs to spicy honey! I have found so many new Sugarplum Favorite Things on Amazon, not to mention some incredible small businesses!

Fun Fact: There are over 500,000 small and medium-sized businesses hosted by Amazon, giving them the opportunity to reach millions of customers, build their brands, and grow their customer base. Without Amazon, I’d never have discovered the majority of the small brands I now adore!

Here are your top Amazon finds for Home and Decor, in no particular order…


Amazon Reader Favorites of 2020 // Top Home Decor Links

one. Boxwood Wreath // I’m thrilled you guys love this wreath as much as I do! It looks good on your front door all season long. The only time mine comes down is for this fall wreath and this Christmas wreath. And I store them all in this bag.

two. Wood Serving Board // I get messages about my wooden boards every time I do a kitchen post or Story! I’ve been acquiring them over the years, but this recent addition was my favorite this season for snacks and charcuterie boards. I love the look of them layered behind the stove, so recently added this one and this one for the lake house.

three. Corduroy Pillow Covers // These pillow covers were a surprise find this fall, and now have permanent residence on our sofa! They are incredible quality, and the material is soft for lounging… plus, the neutral color goes with everything and every season.

four. Leopard Throw Blanket // Besides our neck massager, this blanket is the most fought over item in the house. We have the brown leopard in twin size, and it’s perfect for getting cozy on the sofa!

five. Photo Display // Little Miss included this in her teen girl gift guide, and it shot up to your favorites in a matter of weeks!

six. Rug // Affordable rugs that aren’t low quality can be hard to find, but this one fits the bill! It’s perfect for our upstairs Family Room, since the low pile is easy to maintain and the weave lays flat on the carpet. It’s a great neutral, too.

seven. Wood Bead Garland // I have these beads styled all over the house… spilling out of a bowl on the coffee table, and draped over a stack of books on shelves… they are effortlessly chic. It’s the best decor bang-for-your-buck you’ll find!

eight. Stone Vase // My favorite Amazon decor find of the year, this stoneware vase easily rivals those you’d find at big-box retailers, but for half the price (I’m looking at you, PB!). They are the perfect base for faux stems and look great on console tables, coffee tables, kitchen islands and more. I have two in our house, and another ordered for the lake!

nine. Faux Stems // I love plants and greenery, but unfortunately don’t have the prowess to keep them alive. I started making the switch to faux plants a few years ago and never looked back. They always look perfect, don’t shed and never die… what’s not to love! I am, however, very picky about my fauxs, and only use the most natural. These stems look incredible year-round, as do these. And of course I place them in my favorite vase! Don’t forget, all faux plants need a little fluffing and zhushing when they first arrive.

ten. LED Light Strips // The Sugarplum Teens are obsessed with these lights and have had them in their rooms for years. Mr. College even got a few sets to take to school. They’re pretty much the only light source they use!


Amazon Reader Favorites of 2020 // Top Around the House Links

one. Pants Hangers // Mama Sugarplum helped me with a major closet clean-out last January, and I grabbed these hangers for a more streamlined look. I guess y’all had been on the hunt for ways to hang your pants, because these babies were popular all year! They are super strong and sturdy, holding the heaviest denim with ease, and never get tangled or broken. Plus, they look great in your closet.

two. Water Bottle // One of the easiest ways to remind yourself to drink more water, this bottle has times on the side to alert you when it’s time for bottoms up!

three. Ikea Storage Bags // These bags were my secret weapon when we moved our son into his college dorm. They hold SO MUCH STUFF and can be carried as a backpack, too. Now we use them to store bedding, pillows, camping gear, and more. They store easily and keep everything dust-free.

four. Mattress Topper and Sheets // These are two of my most requested links EVER, so I’m not surprised they made it in your Top 10! Add both of these items to cart, and thank me later.

five. Window Cleaning Cloths // Mama Sugarplum gets all the credit for finding these cloths! They clean windows and glass with just water and leave them streak-free! We’re talking dirt, mud, dog noses… all wiped clean with barely any scrubbing! They’re pure genius.

six. Silk Pillowcase // Cotton is absorbent, right? So think of your cotton pillowcase as a sponge… absorbing the moisture and products from your hair and face… yikes! I’ve been sleeping on a silk pillowcase for awhile, and it keeps my hair smooth and my skincare products on my face! I’m so glad y’all loved this more affordable option as much as I do!

seven. Contactless Thermometer // Definitely not something I thought would make a Top 10 list, but this thermometer has come in SO handy for us all year long!

eight. Pet Fur Broom // Will cleaning up dog hair ever end? Nope. But at least this broom makes it easier! And definitely more satisfying. The rubber somehow attracts the hair rather than spreading it around, making it much easier and more efficient to sweep. This broom has completely replaced the Swiffer for me (no more refill cloths!), and even grabs hair off rugs and carpet! Mr. College actually swiped ours for school, so apparently it’s great for non-pet areas, too.

nine. Neck and Back Massager // Ahhh…. our beloved neck and back massager! Best gift ever. It’s a no brainer that it made it on your Faves list!  I gave it to my step-dad for Christmas, and Mama Sugarplum has been sending me daily photos of it constantly attached to his neck. She said, ‘You weren’t kidding about this thing!’

ten. Berry Keeper // This was a quirky little find in a Monday Mail Day, but is a game-changer for keeping berries fresh. It keeps my fruit snappy and mold-free for weeks!


Okay, that wraps your top Amazon faves of 2020…find your favorite for Fashion and Beauty HERE. Which of these items are new favorites in your home? I have too many to count! In fact, I’ve been stocking the lake house with Amazon faves already! See what we’ve added so far (like mattresses, frames, dishes, towels and more!) HERE in my Amazon Shop, under Sugar Shack.


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  1. Lisa C in Dallas wrote:

    I believe it was on Instagram where I saw you post the Amazon link to the queen mattresses you ordered for the lake house. They have good reviews. Do you have personal knowledge of how well they hold up? I guess I’m asking – would you order them for your home or just for a place where they’re used frequently but not every day.

    Posted 1.7.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Lisa! We slept on those mattresses when we went to the lake last week and are super happy with them! Super comfortable! I can’t speak to their longevity, but so far so good! xo, C

      Posted 1.7.21 Reply