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Happy Monday, lovebugs!!! Today I’m so excited to share one of my favorite posts of the year… my Sugarplum Favorite Things! I ruminate more than an acceptable amount over this list every year, but only because I want to be sure I’m including my very favorite ride-or-dies! The products and things that make my every day life better, easier, more fun, or enjoyable. And also happen to make incredible gifts!

Chances are you’ll recognize most of the products because I’m constantly babbling about them! Some were on last year’s Favorite Things List (see that HERE), but 2020 changed everything, so new things emerged as game-changers.

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So let’s get to it… this year’s Sugarplum Favorite Things!

UPDATE: OHEMGEE… I overlooked two of my very favorite things of the year!!?? This bra is the literal MVP, giving support and coverage at home, while being one of the most comfortable things I own. And of course, this neck massager has been used on the daily, because #2020.



one // Keurig Special Edition Cappuccino Machine //  For the second year in a row, this coffee maker has brought me more joy than just about anything on the list! It makes all my favorite coffee drinks… hot and cold lattes, cappuccinos, espresso shots and more… but is so simple to use!! It’s also affordable and looks streamlined on my counter. And bonus, it uses standard K-Cups, and even makes incredible foam with almond milk!

two // Silk Sleep Mask // I started sleeping with a sleep mask a couple of years ago, and it was a game-changer for me. Instantly blocks out all light, allowing me to sleep in most any environment (home, hotels, planes, etc). This one is not only 100% silk, but under $10!! Almost identical to the pricy versions, with a soft adjustable strap, large eye area, and stays put! Silk is key for not absorbing the moisturizers and natural oils of your skin. I also use this silk pillowcase, to help protect my hair.

three // Facial Razors // We don’t call this face shaving, it’s at-home dermaplaning! This little razor miraculously sheds your face of peach fuzz and dead skin, and yes, the rogue long hairs! Your face is left baby-smooth and exfoliated, making skincare products more effective! It also creates the best canvas for makeup. I’ve tried a slew of brands, and these are the best (replace after a couple of uses for the sharpest blade). Read all my tips for at-home dermaplaning HERE.

four // Just Like lulu Leggings // I am super particular about my exercise leggings, and have a fairly lengthy list of requirements! They must be comfortable and stretchy, but also keep you supported with no digging at the waistband. I found this pair last year, and they meet all my criteria! They rival all of the expensive brands with their fit and quality, but the price is amazing! These are the cropped version, which I also love.

five // Lip Sleeping Mask // I apply this lip mask every night before bed, and avoid chapped lips… even in the harsh winter! It’s such a good hydrator and leaves your lips feeling great. I also use it as a gloss over my fave lip colors. It’s a great stocking stuffer, too!

six // Deluxe Egg Cooker // Besides my Keurig, this is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen! This inexpensive gadget makes the. perfect. hardboiled eggs in minutes! I use it for my lunch almost every day!

seven// Mattress Pad // Would you like to sleep on clouds? Because you can with this mattress topper! It transformed our (old, tired) mattress into the comfiest bed ever! It’s worth every penny and comes in each mattress size. Put the best ever sheet set on top, and you’ll never want to get out of bed!

eight // Hoodie and Joggers Set // Cozies are the uniform of 2020, and I’m not mad about it! The hoodie and joggers from our GxHSP ‘Home for the Holidays’ Collection has seriously been on repeat since the second I opened the package. They are soft, comfortable, and even chic, so you can wear while out and about! Use code SUGARPLUM20 to save 20%!

nine // Heart Necklace // I love a simple, dainty necklace for daily wear, and fell hard for this cute heart number! It comes in four metals and makes the perfect teacher, sister, daughter, girlfriend gift! I also found the perfect thumb ring, and wear this one every single day. This one is similar for less.

ten // Slip-On Sneakers // I hit the jackpot with this pair of slip-on sneakers! My go-tos for walking the dogs and running errands…they are light as a feather, insanely comfortable, and cute enough to wear with jeans and joggers! Most days I just wear them around the house in lieu of slippers (they’re that comfy!). I have black and mauve.

eleven // Olehenriksen Oil Control Toner // I discovered this skincare brand earlier this year, and man am I hooked! I look forward to using this toner every morning… it wipes off the dirt, oil, and products left over from the night, and preps my skin for a new day. The smell is so invigorating and it helps control shine throughout the day. I also love this eye creme.

twelve // Colleen Rothschild Glycolic Peel Pads // My love for Colleen Rothschild products runs deep (looking at you, Radiant Cleansing Balm!), and these pads are another secret weapon in my skincare routine. They help dissolve pore-clogging dirt and oil, while targeting fine lines and hyperpigmentation. I use them in the evening after cleansing, and they have literally transformed the texture and appearance of my skin!! Use code SUGARPLUM20 to save 20%!

thirteen // Exfoliator and Tanning Mits // If I’m going to give a tanning mit a coveted spot on my Favorite Things List, you know it must be good! This mit delivers a flawless self-tanning application, while protecting your palms. Used in tandem with the exfoliator mit, everyone will think you’ve just returned from the islands. See my tips for getting a natural self-tan at home HERE. And tans aren’t just reserved for summer, you’ll be surprised how much a little color in the winter can lift your mood!

fourteen // Amazon Mascara // I included this find in a Monday Mail Day haul, and the DMs flooded in! Apparently I have been missing out on this $5 mascara! Department store mascaras, beware, because this tube is just as good as any mascara I’ve tried! This is the Volume mascara of the same brand, and both are insanely good! I have a drawer full of pricey mascaras, and reach for this one more often than not.

fifteen // Luxury Detergent // It was the little things that brought me unexpected joy this year, and this bougie detergent topped the list! Just a cap-full makes your laundry and house smell divine! I add just a few capfuls with a ‘Free & Clear’ pod, to help the bottle last longer. My two favorite scents are Kathina and Diva. They also have a sample set of their best-selling scents, which makes the perfect hostess gift, or for the gal who has everything!

sixteen // Throw Blanket // We Sugarplums are serious about our blankets! This one is super plush and soft and comes in several great neutral colors. It looks great draped over the sofa or chair, and is also one of Mama Sugarplum’s faves, too! (Don’t worry, she’s sharing her Favorite Things List again, too!)

seventeen // Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother // Please don’t make me pick a favorite Olaplex product… but if I had to, it would be this styling cream! I raved about it in my recent Hair Essentials post. This cream makes damp hair style more smoothly, speeds up drying time, and hydrates, strengthens, and moisturizes!

eighteen // Rose Gold Bangles // I love me a good bracelet stack, and these all-weather bangles are the best! They withstand chlorine, salt water, sweat, showers… you name it! I love mixing the different colors, too. Use code HiSugarplum to save 15%!

nineteen // Collagen Peptides Powder // This Collagen Powder is no surprise, I’m sure, it’s part of my everyday life and one of the few things I do daily. A single scoop in my coffee helps with stronger hair and nails, faster muscle healing, softer skin, fewer fine lines, and even digestion regularity (don’t make me say poop.) It has no flavor and dissolves completely, so it doesn’t alter my coffee at all. I shared the scoop on this stuff in my Intermittent Fasting Q&A.

twenty // Neulash Serum // This was on my Christmas Wish List two years ago, and by February I had noticeably longer and thicker lashes. No exaggeration, you’ll have extension-level lashes!! It’s a little pricey, but a single tube lasted me 10 months. But be patient, it takes several weeks to notice the change. I used it nightly for a month, and now it’s only a few times a week to maintain.


Okay… that wraps my Top 20 Sugarplum Faves for this year! Honestly, I wanted to add this guy, along with this contraption, but just couldn’t bring myself to picture it in the collage! Everyone’s work-from-home must have almost made the list, along with my favorite-ever perfume, it’s uni-sex and smells incredible on Mr. SP, too!

It’s only been a month, but something tells me this miracle no-stick pan will make next year’s list… I’ve already earmarked it for half my Christmas list! Along with this blow dryer brush for the easiest pro-blowout style at home!

Also, we use Hello Fresh every week for quick and easy family dinners, and Daily Harvest for healthy and delicious smoothies, bowls, and soups.

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I’d love to hear what’s on your Favorites List! Have you tried any of these, and are they your faves, too? I love that these all make incredible gifts, too!


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