I love the random and quirky questions people ask me…these are the most popular. I’m an open book, so let me know if you have more!

Where did you get your blue sofa?
Can you even believe this is my most asked question?! Unfortunately, it’s been 11 years since we bought it, so I can’t link you. But it’s from a store in Nashville called American Signature. I can tell you that not once have I wished it were any other color.

Why did you start your blog, and where does the name come from?
Hi Sugarplum is my creative outlet, and happy place. And now it’s the source of so many friendships! You can read more about why I started the blog, and where the name comes from in this post.

Tell me about your haircut!
It’s an angled, layered bob… and most days I style it curly and messy. See more of it here & how I style it here. And if you’re local, I’m happy to share my salon & stylist info with you, just shoot me an email! (Updated June 2021: my stylist is not taking new clients!)

Did you really wear your grandmother’s wedding dress?
Yes… even though she’s a much smaller woman than me, we made it work. Read all the details here and here.

No way you’re 40!
Actually, now I’m 48. #gulp It’s not easy to say, but something I’m learning to embrace. I got all sentimental and deep, and wrote this post that kind of sums up my feelings about it. It helps that I married a man almost six years older, too… that way I can always be the trophy wife. 😉

You’ve talked about your rockstar contractor… will you share his information?
Of course! If you’re in the Dallas area, I have a great contractor and a speedy, affordable painter. Just shoot me an email for their information. (Updated June 2021: my rockstar contractor has retired! I think I’ve found a new good one, so please still shoot me an email if you’re interested.)

What paint color did you use for [insert any room in your house]?

Formal Living Room:
– Bookcases & Trim // Farrow & Ball ‘Hague Blue‘ in Super High Gloss
– Walls // Sherwin Williams ‘Alabaster White

Family Room:
– Walls & Trim // Sherwin Williams ‘Pure White

Dining Room:
– Walls & Trim // Sherwin Williams ‘Aqua Sphere

– Cabinets & Trim // Sherwin Williams ‘Mindful Gray
– Walls & Trim // Sherwin Williams ‘Pure White

Primary Bedroom:
– Accent Wall // Sherwin Williams ‘Iron Ore‘ cut to 50%


Check back for updates during our House Reno from Snowmageddon 2021!

You work, have 2 kids, and you find time to blog?! How do you do it all?!
Honeychild… I do not do it all!! I spilled my guts about it here.

I’m a new blogger, do you have any tips you can share?
First up… welcome to the blogging community! I think you’ll find it wildly creative, warm, and inviting. That said, it’s a. lot. of. work.!!! My best advice is to stick to your own voice, be consistent, be nice, and write about what makes you happy…you’ll never please all the people all the time. After all, as the wise Dr. Seuss said, ‘The people that matter don’t mind, and the people that mind don’t matter.’ #orsomethinglikethat

What camera do you use? What photography tips can you share?!
I certainly didn’t expect photography to become one of my favorite things about blogging, but it has. I still have so much to learn, but I’ve picked up a few things along the way. My best tips are to turn off your flash, use good natural light, try taking pictures from different angles other than just standing up and looking straight on….and use a DSLR camera (I shoot with this one), with this lens. It does more than half the work for you!

I’m coming to Dallas, what’s fun to do?
Howdy y’all! Check out my Big D tab for some of our favorite local spots and things to do!

What bloggers do you follow?
I was a blog fan waaaay before I was an actual blogger. I’m still blown away by the unlimited talent available (for free!!) within the blogging community! You can find a list of my favorite blogs here.