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Happy whatever-day-it-is, friends! I’m in that blissful lull between Christmas and New Year’s where you lose track of days and times, not to mention, the number of Christmas treats consumed! And I love it! I hope you’re having a great week, too.

Every year I like to pause and look back at the posts and products that resonated most with y’all… what you liked, shopped, responded to, etc. It helps me become a better resource for you, because ultimately, along with fellowship, that’s what I hope to be!

I know you’re busy and your time is precious, so my goal is always for this to be a bright spot in your day, with resources, tips, and ideas to make life a little easier and happier.

Amazon came in the picture a few years ago and became one of the go-to spots for all things fashion and home, and according to stats, we’re all here for the Prime! Here are some of my favorite Prime posts from 2020…


Stylish Organization Finds on Prime //

one. Rattan Tray // two. Gold Bowl
three. Jewelry Box // four. Acrylic Tray
five. Clear Drawer Dividers // six. Food Containers
seven. Cabinet Organizer // eight. Organizing Book
nine. Blanket Ladder // ten. Striped Basket
eleven. Canvas Bins // twelve. Wicker Step Basket
thirteen. Underbed Storage Bin


My Kitchen Essentials, Volume 1 //

amazon kitchen essentials

one. Keurig Coffee Machine // two. Yeti Coffee Mug
three. Rapid Egg Cooker // four. Bamboo Utensil Set
five. Guacamole Bowl // six. Wooden Cutting Board
seven. NutriBullet Blender // eight. Clip-On Pot Strainer
nine. Cocktail Skewers // ten. Crockpot
eleven. Kitchen Sponge Holder // twelve. Wooden Salad Bowl
thirteen. Knife Block // fourteen. Baking Cups
fifteen. Nested Mixing Bowls // sixteen. Gold Flatware
seventeen. Collapsible Microwave Lid // eighteen. Handheld Milk Frother
nineteen. Glass Containers // twenty. Kitchen Towels


Spring Home & Porch Refresh //

one. Beaded Chandelier // two. Tote Bag
three. Faux Succulent // four. Rattan Tray
five. Leather Pillow Cover // six. Patterned Pillow
seven. Wooden Gift Tags // eight. Stacking Basket Set
nine. Dotted Umbrella // ten. Boxwood Wreath
eleven. Wooden Beads // twelve. Doormat


Best of Monday Mail Day, Volume 1 //

one. Facial Sheet Masks // two. Pants Hangers
three. Teeth Whitening Set // four. Fur Remover
five. Luggage Scale // six. No-Show Socks
seven. Self-Tanning Mitt // eight. Posture Corrector
nine. Measured Water Bottle // ten. Chin Masks
eleven. Wireless Charger // twelve. Journal
thirteen. Collagen Peptides // fourteen. Headbands
fifteen. Facial Razors // sixteen. Foot Peel Masks


Updated Bonus Room Plans //

one. Sectional Sofa  // two. Rug
three. Pillows  // four. Coffee Table
five. Pouf  // six. Rattan Tray
seven. Blanket Ladder // eight. Planter
nine. Faux Succulent Planter  // ten. Wood Beads
eleven. Leopard Throw // twelve. Lamp
thirteen. Console Table // fourteen. Woven Basket


Patio Refresh //

one. String Lights // two. Umbrella
three. 3 Piece Bistro Set // four. Drink Dispenser
five. Wind Chime // six. Tropical Pillow Covers
seven. Food Cover // eight. Plastic Tumblers
nine. Melamine Fish Place Settings // ten. Melamine Talavera Plates
eleven. Outdoor Rug // twelve. Plant Stands


Outdoor Entertaining Decor //

one. Colorful Dish Set // two. White Dish Set
three. Melamine Serving Platter // four. String Lights
five. Napkins // six. Fairy Jar Lights
seven. Cooler Side Table // eight. Chilled Appetizer Platter
nine. Portable Food Carriers // ten. Slim Can Koozies
eleven. Paper Straws // twelve. Plastic Wine Glasses
thirteen. Tablecloth // fourteen. Outdoor Fan
fifteen. Single Serve Food Baskets // sixteen. Pineapple Torches
seventeen.  Margarita Set // eighteen. Mesh Food Tents


Dorm Room and Apartment Essentials //

one. Memory Foam Topper // two. Clip-On Fan
three. First Aid Kit // four. Adhesive Hooks
five. Bed Sheet Set // six. Hanging Closet Organizer
seven. Desk Lamp // eight. Pop Up Laundry Hamper
nine. Filtered Water Pitcher // ten. Black Out Curtains
eleven. Stacking Storage Drawers // twelve. Plush Washable Rug
thirteen. Power Strip Outlet Station // fourteen. Bedding Set
fifteen. Over Door Hook Rack // sixteen. Faux Plant
seventeen. Collapsible Ikea Bags // eighteen. Water Bottle
nineteen. Smart Phone Card Pocket // twenty. LED Lights


Back to School in 2020 //

one. Gel Pens // two. Multi-Plug & USB
three. File Folders // four. Desk Chair
five. Drawer Organizers // six. Rose Gold Desk Organizer
seven. Phone Tripod // eight. Desktop Mousepad
nine. Compact Desk // ten. Contactless Thermometer
eleven. Pencil Case // twelve. Desktop Wireless Charger
thirteen. Rolling Caddy // fourteen. Student Agenda
fifteen. Ring Light // sixteen. Oversized Post-It Notes
seventeen. Motivational Wall Art // eighteen. Compact Printer & Scanner
nineteen. Affordable Bluetooth Headphones // twenty. Desktop Organizer


Kitchen Essentials, Volume 2 //

one. Rapid Egg Cooker // two. Kitchen Towels
three. Citrus Squeezer // four. Nested Mixing Bowls
five. Glass Containers // six. Cutting Board Set
seven. Soap Dispenser Set // eight. Silicone Utensil Set
nine. Keurig Coffee Machine // ten. Knife Set
eleven. Bakeware Set // twelve. Rice Cooker
thirteen. Food Clips // fourteen. Clip-On Pot Strainer


Fall Decor Ideas //

one. Plaid Pillow / Cuddle Pillow / Solid Pillow // two. Ivory Pom-Pom Throw
three. White Artificial Pumpkins // four. Fall Garland
five. Ceramic Birch Logs // six. Fall Door Wreath
seven. Battery Operated Candles // eight. Wood Bead Garland
nine. Gather Mat layered over Plaid Mat // ten. Woven Basket


Fall Home Tour //

Fall Home Tour

Best of Monday Mail Day, Volume 2 //

one. Glasses Chain // two. Waterproof Speaker
three. Diva Candle // four. Head Bands
five. Chick-Fil-A Sauce // six. Galaxy Night Light
seven. Silk Pillowcase // eight. Contactless Thermometer
nine. Fur Broom // ten. Digital Scale
eleven. Santal Oil // twelve. Window Cleaning Cloths
thirteen. Blue Light Glasses // fourteen. Avocado Saver


Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas //

one. Serving Platter // two. Gold Votives
three. Water Goblets // four. Embroidered Napkin
five. Gold Flatware // six. Placecard Holders
seven. Appetizer Plates // eight. Wooden Chargers
nine. White Pumpkins // ten. Table Runner
eleven. Wooden Bowl // twelve. Eucalyptus Garland


Colorful Christmas Ideas //

one. Flocked Christmas Tree // two. Pom Pom Garland
three. Berry Wreath // four. Door Mat
five. Stocking Holders // six. Pine Candle
seven. 2020 Ornament // eight. Pom Pom Stocking
nine. Pine Cone Garland // ten. Santa Mug
eleven. Plaid Pillow Covers // twelve. Battery Operated Candles


Backyard Fun //

one. Snow Cone Maker // two. Velcro Catch and Toss
three. Paddle Ball // four. Tiki Toss Game
five. Corn Hole // six. Kiddie Pool
seven. Horseshoe Game // eight. Sprinkler Pad
nine. Backyard Jenga // ten. Sports Net
eleven. Table Tennis Set // twelve. Water Skipper Ball
thirteen. Pack of Pool Toys // fourteen. Foam Water Blasters
fifteen. Croquet Set // sixteen. Spikeball
seventeen. Watermelon Ball


Best Amazon Finds of 2020 //

one. Laundry Detergent // two. Pants Hangers // three. Stain & Odor Spray
four. Pet Fur Broom // five. Silk Pillowcase // six. Facial Razors
seven. Throw Blanket // eight. Headbands // nine. Bath Mat
ten. Diffuser Oil // eleven. Bath Pillow // twelve. Mascara
thirteen. Cordless Phone Charger // fourteen. Window Cleaning Cloths // fifteen. Self-Tan Mit
sixteen. Glass Food Containers // seventeen. Boxwood Wreath // eighteen. Faux Succulent
nineteen. Teeth Whitening Kit // twenty. Contactless Thermometer // twenty one. Avocado Saver


I’m also rounding up your top finds for fashion, beauty and home… but these are hands-down the most requested Amazon links we receive each day! And considering they’re all Sugarplum Faves, I can see why!


one. Leggings (Cropped Pair HERE) // two. Collagen Peptides (Travel Packs HERE)
three. Blue Light Glasses // four. Custom Name Necklace
five. LED Strip Lights // six. Neck Massager
seven. Foot Massager // eight. Berry Keeper
nine. Window Cleaning Cloths // ten. Pet Fur Broom
eleven. Bedsheet Set // twelve. Mattress Topper
thirteen. Fuzzy Slippers


There’s no question Amazon saved the day more than a few times over the last year, delivering essentials and fun finds directly to our door. Did you know Amazon is also the hub for 1000s of small businesses, too? I’ve discovered some of my favorite small brands and products while browsing the pages of Amazon (I’m looking at you foot peel and hair mask)!

Which Prime posts do you love seeing most? Let me know what you’d love to see more of next year!

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  1. Sandy wrote:

    The home organization finds. Now you’re talkin’ my language, sista! Can we see your drawers, closets and cupboards in 2021? : )) Thanks, SP(s)! Oh! And maybe the garage, ha,ha!

    Posted 12.30.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      The garage… now that’s a fabulous idea, Sandy!! XOXO, Cassie

      Posted 12.30.20 Reply
  2. Erin wrote:

    Cassie, how did you like the sectional sofa?

    Posted 12.30.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Erin! If you’re referring to the bonus room inspiration post, we moved our West Elm sectional from the downstairs family room to the upstairs room when we redid the downstairs! xo, C

      Posted 12.30.20 Reply
  3. Sandra M wrote:

    Thank you for the great research and tips! I hope we all have a better…a wonderful 2021! I would love to know if you have tried any other Korean beauty products aside from the sheet masks? I know it is all the rage and I have admired their flawless skin in all the K dramas I’m watching!

    Also, have you tried an air fryer?

    Posted 12.30.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Sandra! No I haven’t tried any more Korean products… is that something to add to my list for 2021?! And same for an air fryer… should I Try one out soon?! xo, C

      Posted 12.30.20 Reply
      • Sandra M wrote:

        Yes to both! 😍 I found a site called sokoglam and am waiting on my order. They have a famous 10 step beauty that makes a lot of sense. I’m going to start with a few basic steps including their double cleanse (first an oil cleanser followed by a water based one), an essence, and some recommended toner and moisturizer. I couldn’t quite pull the trigger on anything snail based though. I am going for that “honey skin” glowing look, so we’ll see.

        All my friends have bought air fryers and are crazy about and swear by them! They use them almost exclusively now! I’d love to hear your take if you try one. You do the best reviews!

        Thanks! xoxo

        Posted 1.2.21 Reply
    • Alison wrote:

      If you’re interested in Korean skin care products, check out Erborian, a Korean/French line. I discovered their products through another blogger and have purchased the CC red correct cream, which I really like.

      Posted 12.31.20 Reply
      • Sandra M wrote:

        Thanks for that tip, Alison! I’ll check them out. You might also want to take a look at sokoglam. She has videos too.

        Posted 1.2.21 Reply
  4. Kimberley Myers wrote:

    Thanks so much for all of these finds (my wallet doesn’t quite feel the same, lol)! I bought a glass jewelry box at West Elm just like the one shown here & paid double!! I wanted multiple sizes, but couldn’t buy all of them bc of price. Since finding them on Amazon, I was able to get many!!
    I’ve bought so many of you “favorites” & haven’t been disappointed with one!

    Posted 12.31.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh that’s fantastic, Kimberly!!! So thrilled you find my posts useful! <3 <3 xo,C

      Posted 12.31.20 Reply
  5. Ari wrote:

    Oooh I need to add those fuzzy slippers to my cart! Especially for the winter time. The laundry detergent and measured water bottle are catching my eye too!

    Posted 1.2.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Fuzzy slippers are a must right now!!!!! xo, C

      Posted 1.3.21 Reply