Back to School in 2020 (& All on Prime!)

And just like that…Summer Break is over. Little Miss starts high school tomorrow, and Mr. College leaves this weekend. Except instead of buying a new backpack and locker decor for her, we’re setting up an at-home learning station.

She’ll have remote learning for the first month, then switch to a hybrid model where she’s in-school two days, and at-home for three. When school closed last Spring, we scrambled and just ‘made it work,’ assuming it was a short-term detour. Ha, little did we know then…am I right?!

Back to School in 2020 may look a little different, but the supplies are still fun! I rounded up some useful things to help our high-schooler have a more organized and successful year…and bonus, it’s all on Prime!


one // Gel Pens // Nothing is more fun than a fresh pack of pens and pencils, and she not only loves the bright colors of these, but the gel formula is her favorite.

two // Multi-Plug & USB // We’re hoping to form small ‘pods’ of school friends, and rotate having school at different houses. This way the kids get more socialization and study help, and the parents get a little help. But several girls around the dining table means lots of laptops, so we ordered this compact cube to keep everyone charged up.

three // File Folders // So many subjects to keep up with…these colorful and cute file folders make organizing easy.

four // Desk Chair // A step up from school chairs, that’s for sure! Might as well be comfy and stylish while sitting all day.

five // Drawer Organizers // I have these acrylic drawer organizers all over the house, including Little Miss’s desk. Perfect for corralling everything from pencils to paper clips. The mix-and-match sizes fit most any space, too.

six // Rose Gold Desk Organizer // Folders, papers and pens never looked so good. Keep the desktop clear of clutter with a handy caddy.

seven // Phone Tripod // Funny enough, six months ago I’d never heard of Zoom…now I wish I’d invented it! This portable, lightweight tripod holds any phone at a flattering angle for calls.

eight // Desktop Mousepad // I have this oversized pad on my desk, and it serves as a mousepad and protects the desktop. It’s also a great surface for writing. These prints and colors are fun for teens.

nine // Compact Desk // Make a dedicated school spot just about anywhere in the house with this compact, yet sturdy desk. It even has a cut-out for cords.

ten // No-Contact Thermometer // For the days she does have in-person school, we’ll be sure to check her temp before and after. This one is no-contact and registers an accurate temp in seconds.

eleven // Pencil Case // Who can resist a darling new pencil case? It wouldn’t be back to school without some fun new accessories.

twelve // Desktop Wireless Charger // One of my fave finds this year, this wireless charger sits discreetly on my desk, and gives my phone a fast charge without having to plug it in.

thirteen // Rolling Caddy // The perks of at-home school include mixing up your study space. Stock the essential supplies in this caddy, and roll it anywhere in the house…including outside.

fourteen // Student Agenda // Kids will have to track their assignments and tests with fewer teacher reminders now, so an agenda is key. This one is geared just for students, and follows the school calendar.

fifteen // Ring Light // They might not be passing in the halls, but the kids still want to look their best! This clip-on ring light attaches to your phone or computer for optimal and flattering light for all those Zoom classes.

sixteen // Oversized Post-It Notes // Little Miss loves a To-Do List for a sense of accomplishment (that’s my girl!), and these oversized post-its are a fun way to track. They’re also cute to use as fun notes around the house.

seventeen // Motivational Wall Art // Crank up the creativity and motivation in their work space with these cute prints…frame included!

eighteen // Compact Printer & Scanner // This printer is a workhorse and does it all. Plus, it’s compact and fits easily and discreetly on any shelf.

nineteen // Affordable Air Pod Headphones // Video calls require headphones (especially if we want any peace), and these affordable headphones are an excellent Apple alternative, at a fraction of the cost.

twenty // Desktop Organizer // An organizer for everything files and papers, to scissors and pens…keep it all corralled!


When do your kids head back to school? What’s the school plan for them? My love goes out to all of you navigating this semester…especially the teachers! Nothing but compassion and patience for them! In fact, if you’re a teacher, tell me how you’re feeling in the comments and I’ll send a few of you a little something-something!

What am I missing for back to school, 2020 style?! If you’re sending one to college, find my Dorm Room Essentials HERE.

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