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Happy Monday, friends, and welcome back to a new week. This will be our fifth week in quarantine, which is just impossible to wrap my mind around. In some ways, the time has moved quickly, with days passing in a blur of sweatpants, junk food, and online quizzes.

But in other ways, I almost can’t remember what it’s like to wander the aisles of a store, drive carpool, or order food from a server. And some days the desire to hug my mom is so strong, my heart feels hollow. But as heavy as the sacrifice feels, there’s something so beautiful about the world coming together in solidarity to help others.

The burden is definitely heavier on some, but there’s peace in knowing there’s not a single one of us whom this isn’t impacting. We are, in fact, in this together. And I’ve never been more grateful for this tribe of compassionate, strong women, fighting for yourselves, your family, and your community. Your love and support is so encouraging… thank you!

Let’s get to today’s post… shall we?! A few months ago on Instagram Stories, I shared some fun and random things I’d ordered recently… and y’all loved it! So a weekly Monday Mail Day series was born, which is essentially like my own little Sugarplum QVC show, ha!

And as our time at home goes on, the items have shifted to a hodgepodge of gadgets that make life easier and more fun. Today I’m sharing my favorites of Monday Mail Day so far!


one // Face Masks // Facial sheet masks are always a good idea, shelter in place or not! Little Miss and I have had fun trying out the options in this set… and they’re only 12 for $10!

two // Pants Hangers // We’ve been doing a lot of closet purging lately, and one of my goals was to create enough space in my closet to hang my jeans (as opposed to having them folded in a drawer). These wooden pant hangers are not only stylish and chic, but incredibly sturdy and strong! They look streamlined in my closet, while holding all my denim in place with no slipping or indentions.

three // Teeth Whitening Set // Self-care is a full-time job over here, and I’m trying every at-home thing I can get my hands on… including this teeth whitening set. It comes with trays and a LED light, and has over 3,000 5-star reviews!

four // Fur Remover // This thing works a little *too* well! I only thought my vacuum was getting all the dog hair, but this thing gets every last strand of pet hair off rugs and furniture! It may not look pretty, but man it sure gets the job done!

five // Luggage Scale // Never cross your fingers at the airline check-in counter again… this little gadget weighs your luggage at home to be sure you’re under the limit every single time!

six // No-Show Socks // I have found the unicorn of no-show socks… affordable, comfortable, airy, and NO SLIP! I promise you these socks are the real deal!

seven // Self-Tanning Mitt // This tanning mitt is such a game changer for your at-home tans! It gets the mousse so smooth and even, without leaving finger marks and dark spots. Be sure to check out my entire self-tan video tutorial with FAQs HERE!

eight // Posture Corrector // Many of you are working in office set-ups that aren’t necessarily comfortable, or conducive to good posture. This soft and comfortable brace gently pulls your shoulders back and helps you sit tall, helping with sore back and neck. It’s taken some training, but my posture has drastically improved!

nine // Measured Water Bottle // This bottle has time measures running down the side to keep your daily hydration on track. It’s the easiest way for me to stay hydrated, plus the pink is a fun pop of color!

ten // Chin Masks // My turkey neck, or ‘goozle’ as my grandmother used to call it, is the latest offense in my war on aging. I’m trying all kinds of creams and serums, but this mask seems to be the biggest immediate difference by lifting and smoothing the ‘extra’ chin and skin, leaving my neck and profile more smooth. And it’s kind of fun to do!

eleven // Wireless Charger // This charger sits discreetly on my desk and allows me to charge my phone without having to find an outlet or charging cord elsewhere! (Good luck finding a charger with teenagers in the house, right!?) It also frees up your charging port for headphones while working from home!

twelve // Journal // This couples journal has been a fun way to connect with Mr. SP, and a unique conversation starter! There are prompts to fill out over three years… it might be neat to look back on this crazy time in 2023!

thirteen // Collagen Peptides // This supplement isn’t new to the blog, and many of you are fans now, too! They help with stronger hair and nails, better digestion, clearer skin… all the good stuff! I add a scoop to my coffee without fail every morning.

fourteen // Headbands // These are the headbands I wear every morning and night to pull my hair back for both skincare and makeup application! They’re soft and stretchy, and make a great gift, too.

fifteen // Facial Razors // It wouldn’t be a proper Mail Day roundup without my at-home dermaplaning razors! I get asked about these all the time, and it’s because I always sing their praises! Your hair will not grow back thicker or darker… it just scrapes off the first layer of dead skin and peach fuzz, allowing your skincare products and makeup to apply more smoothly and evenly!

sixteen // Foot Peel Masks // Friends, if there were ever a time to purposely make your feet peel and shed like a snake, it’s now! These peels are horrifyingly satisfying, and they leave your feet baby soft and smooth! My son and I are halfway through a major peeling episode!


I share 4-6 new things each week, but these are favorites around here lately… and likely many will make my Sugarplum Favorite Things for the year! (See last year’s list HERE.) Be sure to watch my Instagram Stories every Monday for a new installment of Monday Mail Day, and find all my finds HERE.


Which has been your favorite find of the series? Anything you love that I should try next? And did you know most of these items are actually from small businesses? Amazon is simply the medium they use to reach larger audiences, but many of them are owned and operated by individual American families!
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