Teen Gift Guides (Created by Actual Teens!)

Happy Hump Day, friends, I hope your week has been a peaceful one so far!

We’re continuing the gift guide fun today with my two of my favorite people sharing their top picks… the Sugarplum Teens! I asked my kids to choose their favorite gift ideas for kids their age, and these are the things they and their friends are loving this year. Both assured me that finding any of these items under the tree would be amazing!

They even added their own descriptions and why they love it!

Teen Girl Gift Guide //

one. Snap Fleece Pullover // Along with the leggings, my uniform includes pullovers. This one is super soft and a good length for leggings.

two. Skincare Fridge // This mini-fridge is on my wish list this year!! It will be so fun to keep sheet masks and eye patches chilled and in my room! And maybe a Dr. Pepper or two!

three. Delicate Kendra Scott Necklace // These are my favorite necklaces and I’ve been collecting different colors for a few years. I’ve given them to my friends as gifts, too.

four. Bath Tray // I get pretty sore playing volleyball, so I like long soaks in the tub…usually while watching Netflix! This tray is a handy way to keep my phone and soap dry. (Note from mom: clearly Little Miss is not using the wine glass holder!)

five. Blow Dryer Brush // This brush/dryer combo makes my hair so sleek and shiny, and is actually easy to use. I totally snagged it from my mom, so maybe she’ll get me my own! #hint

six. Photo Display Wall Decor // I love hanging photos in my room, but my mom doesn’t love all those thumbtack holes. This boho macrame wall hanging has clips and fairy lights, so you can put up photos without messing up your walls.

seven. Nike Sneakers // These shoes are classic and cool, and go with everything. White sneakers are really popular right now, and I wear them with jeans, sweats, and leggings.

eight. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Set // The Bum Bum cream is smells so good!!! This set has the super popular cream included, plus shower gel and a spray. I love the little cosmetics bag too!

nine. High Top Sneakers // I love high tops, and you can’t beat Converse. I’ve been wearing them since Kindergarten, and they’re still one of my fave styles. I have them on my list this year because I outgrew mine already!

ten. Digital Photo Frame // My aunt gave us one of these frames last year and I love it! We have it on the kitchen counter and it’s fun to see new pics every time I walk by. I’d love one in my room for all my pics.

eleven. Fleece Pullover // I just added this sherpa to my wish list… it’s so cute, don’t you think!?!

twelve. High Waist Leggings // I want to be comfortable during the day, whether at school or at home, and these leggings are super stretchy and soft! They also stay up without rolling down, and the cropped length means they aren’t too long for me. I also love Lulu’s Align Leggings, but honestly I wear these more often.


Teen Guy Gift Guide //

one. North Face Backpack // After 14 years of school, I finally found my perfect backpack!! It’s the perfect size and weight for wearing cross-campus, and holds all my stuff, including a sleeve for my laptop and a spot for my keys and water bottle. My sister has one, and I know my dad’s been carrying his for years. It’s a good one!

two. ENO Hammock // My friends and I all have ENOs and it’s cool to hang them pretty much anywhere and chill! You can also use them for camping if you don’t want to sleep on the ground. They pack up small, so it’s easy to stash in my backpack.

three. Bluetooth Speaker (25% off!) // This speaker is a good size for sticking in my backpack, but has crazy-good sound! We use it in the room and outside.

four. Tile Tracker Keychain Set // These little tiles connect to an app in your phone, so you won’t ever lose your keys! Or phone, or wallet. I have them attached to all my essentials for easy tracking.

five. AirPods Pro // These will be on my gift guide forever, they really are the best! The sound quality is really good, and they’re so easy to wear and use. (Note from mom: I just ordered him these hooks as a stocking stuffer.)

six. Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer // My mom got me using Colleen Rothschild products a couple of years ago, and I really like how my skin looks and feels with this cleanser and moisturizer. It’s not greasy, and doesn’t smell girlie. I also use this scrub to help with breakouts, but it’s strong, so I only use it a few times a week now.

seven. Hoodie // Over half my closet is hoodies, and Champion is one my top brands. This one is warm and comfortable, and can look somewhat nice, too.

eight. Nike Sneakers // These low profile sneaks are cool, and look good with jeans, shorts and sweats. Everyone I know wears either these or these.

nine. Ultraboost Running Shoes // Literally the only shoe I run or work out in… definitely the comfiest pair I own. Pricey but worth it!

ten. Spikeball Game // This game is so much fun, we play it all the time at school. It’s super easy to set up and transport, and even the dads get in to it.

eleven. Puffer Coat (Up to 25% off!) // I’ve had this jacket for a few years and it’s still my favorite. It’s super warm, but not bulky, and layers over hoodies and other jackets.

twelve. Beanie // I’m usually wearing a hat, and this one is crazy warm. The brand is cool, too.


Oh my gosh… these were so fun! I loved hearing their thoughts behind each gift, and seeing their thoughtful selections. I can tell they really took the task seriously! They also agreed every teen room needs these lights, so that’s an easy choice for guys and girls.

I hope it helps with your gifting this year. Are your kids asking for something specific? Leave it in the comments so we have even more ideas! And stay tuned for Mr. SP’s gift guide later this week!


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  1. Trisha wrote:

    I don’t usually comment on your posts but your note about the bath tray wine holder made me chuckle. When I looked at the picture I thought “Amateur! That wine glass is much too small!” LOL!

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      HAHA! Need to talk to the people who do Amazon stock photos! lol xo, C

      Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  2. Sandy wrote:

    What fun lists! Our park near the lake was full of the ENO hammocks, some double stacked, this summer. Talk about a cool sight!
    “Sugarplum Teens” sounds like one of those pop bands from Korea-it’s all good, ha,ha!
    Great lists, SPTs!

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      HA! I wouldn’t want to be in the hammock on the bottom! xo, C

      Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  3. Susan Stancliff wrote:

    Thank you thank you to your sweet amazing kids for these guides! So many perfect gifts.

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you, Susan! I will be sure to let them know! xo, C

      Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  4. Stacy wrote:

    I have a 17 year old boy and can vouch for everything on this list! Especially the speaker and Eno! I never thought about the Tiles, but will be getting those now!

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      The hammock is really cool! And the Tiles are a no brainer, so helpful! xo, C

      Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  5. Sandra wrote:

    Awesome, thanks for the ideas. My sons are 19 and 21 and your son had some great ideas. My 19 year old is always losing things, why didn’t I think of the tile keychain? The hammock is also something I know he’d use. Oh, and last year I bought them both the light stands and they have them on every night. Thanks so much.

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      SO thrilled that their ideas are helpful! I wish I had invented that Tile keychain! xo, C

      Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  6. Sandra wrote:

    Oh…..Your daughter also had some great ideas. I think I’ll put the tub tray on my own personal wish list!!!! I hope she gets the mini fridge, my son has a larger one in his room for drinks and he loves it! Merry Christmas.

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  7. Jessica wrote:

    I love these ideas from your kids. My son got soike ball and the lights last year. I’m saving the tile idea for when he starts driving and has keys. I’m definitely getting my daughter the macrame photo holder.

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Isn’t that photo holder so cute?! Little Miss did a great job finding that! xo, C

      Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  8. Susie LaBelle wrote:

    PLEASE tell me where you got the CUTE buffalo check reindeer behind your couch!!!!

    Posted 12.2.20 Reply
  9. Lori wrote:

    Please tell your son THANK YOU! While my teenage daughter gave me a 3-page-long list, my teenage sons have been less than forthcoming. Able to get their Christmas shopping done thanks to your list (BTW, your son has some champagne tastes).

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      The Sugarplums are so thrilled their gift guides have been helpful!! xo, C

      Posted 12.4.20 Reply
  10. Jill wrote:

    Do you have a link for the lights? The link isn’t working for some reason! Thank you!!!

    Posted 12.9.20 Reply
  11. Keena wrote:

    The lights link didn’t work. Can you help?

    Posted 12.9.20 Reply