Getting Cozy at Home & An Update on How We’re Doing

Happy Monday, friends, and welcome back to a new week. Last week we were on what the school considered ‘Extended Spring Break,’ so while we were completely quarantined at home, the kids still had the loose, carefree spirit similar to Winter Break. Lots of late nights and Netflix binging. But at-home school starts today, and it’s about to get REAL!

I opened up about where we are with all this craziness in my weekly newsletter (subscribe to that HERE), but since this blog also serves as my own family scrapbook and personal journal, I wanted to share it here, too, so I could look back on this season later.

As last week came to a close, I think the real gravity of an entire semester spent at home hit my kids… without friends, sports, arts, graduations and more. All the things they’ve worked so hard for, and looked forward to… gone. It breaks my heart thinking about all they’ve lost. And as much as I struggled with my son going away to college last year (read about that HERE), I now truly understand that’s where he’s supposed to be, on his own, forging his own path. He’s not supposed to be here with us.

So we wallowed in the realization of this ‘new life,’ then turned it around and ended up having more fun together than we have in ages. And I think that was mostly in part to a change in my own thinking.

First, I realized this isn’t just happening to me and Mr. SP. This is happening to the kids, too, and in many ways, their losses are bigger. Ours are mostly financial (don’t get me wrong, those are huge and scary!), but they’ve lost freedom, independence, socialization, life events that shape and form who they are.

So many things they love so dearly… volleyball, choir, college life… all taken away. Add that to the fact they’re not fully matured, and therefore unable to always react rationally about the losses. This realization opened my eyes to them in a new way, which helps the grace flow freely, with more empathy for them than ever before.

Second, we have to say ‘No’ to so many things right now. So I’m making it a point to say ‘Yes’ to every other possible option. What was ideal and acceptable ‘before corona’ doesn’t necessarily have to apply right now.

So late Saturday night I let Little Miss spend an hour doing my makeup, then we hit the Whataburger drive-thru for treats after. Because why not? Seeing her face when I said, ‘Sure!’ made me realize that there are some things I can control.

Just like everything else in our world right now, parenting is going to look a little different. And maybe at the end of this, we’ll have formed a bond and memories that stay with us forever. Maybe our relationships can be stronger, our appreciation greater, and our compassion broader. We can either white-knuckle it and count down the days until freedom, or embrace it. And I choose embracing.

And as for Hi Sugarplum, we’ll continue doing our best to bring you inspiration and joy… and today we’re talking cozy!! With an unlimited amount of time spent at home now, being comfy and cozy is key… but no one said that can’t be cute!! Here are some faves I’ve been wearing on repeat.


one // ‘Good Vibes’ Sweatshirt // I need all the good vibes I can get, so this sweatshirt is been on repeat for me lately! Super soft and relaxed, and comes in a ton of patterns and colors.

two // Cashmere Striped Tee // Does it get any cozier than a t-shirt made of cashmere?! The ultimate in luxury, in the cutest pink and red rugby stripe.

three // ‘Feeling Good’ Tee // I know my daughter will be taking her mood-cues from me, so it can’t hurt to wear my positive vibes on my chest! These uplifting tees are perfect for days like these!

four // ‘Love’ Tee // One of my all-time favorite graphic tees, this ‘Love’ tee is back in the cutest navy and red combo. Soft and comfy, with the happiest message.

five // Knit Blazer // Working from home sometimes requires video calls! Let your boss know you’re still a professional by throwing on this knit blazer. You’ll look super chic, but still be super comfortable… and no one has to know you’ve paired it with pajama pants! I now have it in black, gray, and the new pink!

six // Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan // The ultimate and original snuggly piece… the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is legendary now. The softest throw-on-with-everything piece, it’s also super cute and stylish.

seven // Knit Drawstring Dress // Ready for something besides pajamas and sweat pants? This knit dress is as soft as your go-to pjs, but in a chic little t-shirt dress. The drawstring gives a custom fit, and it even has pockets!

eight / Sherpa-Lined Hoodie / It’s kind of embarrassing how much I wear this hoodie… especially in the last week! It’s soft fleece, with cozy sherpa lining on the body. And let’s not forget the darling contrasting pink drawstring!! I wear it with these gray joggers as a set.


I love a good lounge set for feeling a little more pulled together. These are all basically the equivalent of ‘day pajamas, ‘ and in my constant rotation.

one // Knit Jogger Jumpsuit // They’ll think you’re cute in a chic little jumpsuit, you’ll know you’re practically wearing pajamas thanks to the thick, jersey knit!

two // Off-the-Shoulder Fleece Top // Cozy fleece in a sassy off-the-shoulder… this top is taking loungewear to the next level. I love this oatmeal animal print, and pair it with these fleece joggers.

three // Fleece Joggers // My go-to joggers for everything from lounging around the house to the perfect travel outfit, these have been favorites for years. Comfy like pajamas, but stylish enough to wear out (or around the block!). I wear them with graphic tees, fleece tops, sweatshirts, jean jackets and more. Plus, they’re 25% off!

four // Sweatshirt Top & Jogger Pant // This set is my newest find, and I can guarantee you’ll love!! It’s made of Lou & Grey’s SignatureSoft material, and might be the comfiest thing you’ll ever wear! It was on sale when this post was published, so fingers crossed that’s still true.

five // Jersey Knit Romper // If it’s warmer where you are, this jersey short romper is a darling option for looking super cute, yet incredibly comfy.


With a whole new set of stresses upon us, we need to pay special attention to our wellbeing. These items are part of my daily self-care.

one // ‘Make Your Own Day’ Mug // Start your day on a positive note with inspirational, yet super cute, mugs! Two cute prints to choose from.

two // Softest Throw // The softest throw in a ton of great colors, it not only looks great draped on the back of a chair, but is snuggly and soft as they come!

three // Barefoot Dreams Socks // The famous Barefoot Dreams material in a cozy sock!? What more do I say?! Your feet will thank you!

four // Scalp Massager // We’ve probably all seen these kookie scalp ticklers, but don’t underestimate their power! Your whole body will instantly relax, sending tingles from your head to your toes!

five // Neck & Back Massager // This is one of my family’s favorite buys of all time (and in your Amazon Top Ten last year!). It delivers an incredible massage for your neck, back, legs… basically anywhere. We keep it plugged in behind the couch and a night doesn’t go by someone’s not using it.

six // Facial Mask Set // Nothing says ‘self care’ quite like a facial mask! Little Miss and I love doing them together, while catching up with favorite shows… so it’s good these come in a 3-pack!

seven // Eye Brightening Balm // Basically it’s life in a tube! This balm instantly hydrates, cools and fills in fine lines around the eyes so you’ll feel awake and look more energized. The illuminating glow is just added bonus.

eight // Sheer Renewal Cream // My go-to face cream for years (my mom and both kids use it, too!)… it’s super moisturizing, but absorbs quickly, leaving skin with a beautiful glow. Especially nice for those days when you skip foundation!


I’d love to hear from YOU… how are you?! How are you embracing this season? What does this season look like for you? Do you have kids suddenly learning around your kitchen table? Are you juggling working-from home, too? And even better, what things are you saying ‘YES!’ to!?




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