Reader Top 10 | Your Amazon Favorite Finds of the Year!

First up… I can’t thank y’all enough for all the kind and enthusiastic comments, messages, and emails about yesterday’s announcement! If you missed it, we’re launching an all-new Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort 2020 Collection January 21 at Nordstrom! That’s two weeks from today!

I’m beyond thrilled you’re as excited for it as we are, and literally can not wait to share all of it with you. Stay tuned for fun posts and sneak peeks of more pieces soon.

Last week we recapped 2019 with best of Decor, Travel, Style, Wellness and more (find them all linked at the bottom of this post HERE). I also shared your Top Ten products HERE, but considering my Amazon Fashion Find posts were your favorites, ya’ll were curious about the Amazon Top Ten, too…so I did a little digging and rounded those up for you! I’m not surprised by any of them actually, since we always seem to share favorites!

TEN // Panama Straw Hat

I wore this Panama hat non-stop on every trip and most of the Summer… it’s lightweight, a great size, provides good coverage, and packs like a dream! Plus, how do you beat the price!?

Ric Rac Top (XS) | Jean Shorts | Clutch | Earrings | Hat | Sunglasses


NINE // Workout Leggings

I discovered these leggings towards the end of the year, but they quickly rose to Reader Favorite status! They’re as close to Lululemon as you can get, and for a fraction of the price. They are literally the only leggings I reach for when working out, so I just ordered my third pair. I like the cropped option, too!

Fit Tip: Size down if you have a small waist. I wear XXS

Sherpa Pullover | Leggings | Slip-On Sneakers


EIGHT // Split Hem Tunic

An easy tunic top with sneakers, boots or flats…it’s effortless, super soft, and incredibly well-made. It also somehow manages to be chic, too.

Fit Tip: True to size, I’m in an XS

Split Hem Tunic | Leggings | Black Buckle Slides | Hoop Earrings


SEVEN // Swimsuits

There was a dead tie for these two swimsuits… and with good reason! Both are definitely two of my all-time favorite one-pieces! They’re incredibly flattering and chic, with unbelievable price tags!

Fit Tip: I size up in swim, I’m wearing a small in both. The palm suit is full-coverage across the bum, but the color block suit is a touch cheeky. (Not family un-friendly though!)

Palm Print Swimsuit | Hat | Sunglasses | Bangle Bracelets

Color Blocked One-PieceHat | Sunglasses | Hoop Earrings | All-Weather Bangle Set


SIX // Hooded Puffer Coat

I have a closet full of coats…from peacoats to raincoats…but this puffer is the only one I’ve worn for the last two months! It’s just so warm and comfy, and looks perfectly sporty with most of my everyday styles. It’s puffed without being bulky, and fully-lined in soft, warm fleece. And y’all clearly agree, because I’ve received a ton of happy emails from those of you who scooped it up, too!

Fit Tip: True to size, I’m wearing an XS

Hooded Puffer Coat | Jeans | Knee Boots (33% off!) | Stacked Ring

FIVE // Jeggings

These denim jeggings are Amazon Reader Faves two years running now! The pull-on style is ridiculously comfortable, with so much stretch and great dark rinse. But even better, are the back pockets and belt loops which make them look just like traditional jeans! But they feel like leggings! And they even come in assorted lengths. Well done, Amazon.

Fit Tip: True to size, I’m in XS-short. 

Mockneck Striped Sweater | Jeggings | Boots | Hoop Earrings | Stacked Ring


FOUR // Memory Foam Slippers

I’m wearing these cute and cozy slippers now…and pretty much every moment I’m at home. They have memory foam on the bottom, what else do you need to know?!

Checkered Rug | Reindeer Mat | Slippers | Snowflake Pajamas


THREE // Good Vibes Tank

Okay, this ‘Good Vibes’ tee was a surprise to me…not because I don’t love it (I totally do), but because I had no idea y’all loved it so much, too! I mean, it’s your No. 3 top-selling Amazon fashion find of the year!! The quality is spot-on, and it comes in a range of colors. I wore it with jeans and cut-offs all Summer, and just ordered this long-sleeve version for now.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing a small

‘Good Vibes’ Tee | ‘Good Vibes’ Tank


TWO // Sunglasses

Definitely no surprise here…and if you don’t have these sunglasses yet…what are you waiting for?! They’re classic, flattering, come in a ton of colors…and are $10!!! I have several pair and they’re pretty much the only sunglasses I wear! (I’m wearing them in both swimsuit pics above, too.)

Striped Sweater (on sale!)| Sunglasses


ONE // Mockneck Sweater

And your Number One top-selling Amazon Fashion Find of the year….this oversized, mockneck sweater! It honestly compares to any department store sweater at three times the price. It’s soft and thick, and perfectly slouchy with jeans, or layered over a tee with leggings. It comes in several colors, and will be your go-to this Winter season.

Fit Tip: Fit is oversized, I’m in an XS

Mock Neck Sweater | Distressed Jeans | Boots


As for non-fashion, these are the items you shopped more than any other last year (in no particular order)!


one // Revlon Hair Dryer/Styler // This hair dryer is such a time saver! It dries and smoothes in one fell swoop, giving you a salon-level blowout in no time! Just be sure to keep it on low heat and use a heat protectant.

two // Collagen Peptides // A scoop of these peptides goes into my morning coffee every single day. It’s not only helped strengthen my hair and nails, but I heal quicker after workouts, my skin is less dry, and my joints aren’t as creaky. Plus, an added bonus is the digestive ‘help’ it gives. I can’t tell you how many of you have emailed to say it’s made a huge difference in your life, too.

three // Tula Eye Balm // This little stick has become the best part of my morning routine! I apply a swipe under each eye when I wake up, and it cools, brightens and tightens instantly!

four // Bed Sheets // They don’t have 72,000 5-star reviews for nothing… these sheets are the best! I have them on every bed in my house, and my son’s dorm room. They are super soft, wash well, and you truly cannot beat the price.

five // Neck Massager // This was on Mr. SP’s gift guide this year, and we loved seeing how many of y’all grabbed it for your husband! Or son, brother, yourself… it’s definitely not just a “guy’s gift”… we fight over ours nightly!

six // Egg Cooker // This little contraption makes the best boiled eggs in minutes, and it’s foolproof! Easily my favorite kitchen gadget.

seven // Packing Cubes // Travel game changers. Enough said! No one in my family travels without them!

eight // Keurig Cappuccino Machine // With just the push of a button, you can make Americanos, cappuccinos and lattes, and all with a K-cup! I don’t think I’ve been to Starbucks one time since we got this machine. Okay, maybe for iced tea.

nine // Mattress Topper // This was a surprise hit in the Sugarplum Casa this year! I don’t know how we slept without this on our bed for so long?! It’s seriously like sleeping on a cloud.

ten // Facial Razors // Y’all still can’t get enough of these handy little ‘at-home dermaplaning’ razors! This tool sheds the peach fuzz and sloughs off dead skin on your face, leaving it smooth and primed for makeup and more effective skincare.


Such a fun assortment of things, right?! Proving once again, Amazon really does have it all! Did any of them make your Amazon Top Ten list? What items do you love we need to try this year?! I actually have my first Amazon Fashion Find post of the year coming later this week, so get ready for fun!

I already know this sweater will be a new fave, along with these joggers. For non-fashion, I’m super excited to try this little gadget (check out those reviews!!), and just added this to our Living Room.

And did you know I have an Amazon Store, with all my favorite finds curated into helpful categories? Yep, access it anytime HERE (it’s also linked in my sidebar for future reference). Have a great day, lovebugs! I’m off to take our son to have his wisdom teeth removed…that should be fun! 😉


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  1. AliJ. wrote:

    I had seen the Revlon hair dryer/styler on so many blogger sites that despite having very fine hair that is just above my shoulder, I decided to try it with not a lot of hope. HOLY COW! It gives my hair such fullness, lasts all day and doesn’t take as long as drying my hair with a traditional hair dryer AND using a flat iron. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      It’s magic!!! Such a great tool, especially for the price! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  2. Katherine wrote:

    Love my Keurig Cappuccino/Latte machine, my Revlon hair dryer, my collagen peptides, packing cubes and Tinkle razors (in that order)! Ha!

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Katherine! I’m so glad my finds have made their way into your life! I use all of those things ALL.THE.TIME! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  3. Rachel Katzmann wrote:

    Such great finds. I’m happy to say that I own many of them. I’ve been looking at the Budhagirl bracelets for quite a while now. What color budhagirl bracelets do you have on in the photograph where you have the good vibes tank top on? The rose seems a bit too pink, the gold a bit too yellow, and the silver may be a bit too harsh. I saw the new champagne color and think that might be the one. But I really do love the look of whatever you’re wearing in that photograph. Please help! Thank you!

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks Rachel! I really do love those bangles!! I have both the rose and gold…the ones in that photo are rose gold. xo. C

      Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  4. Addison wrote:

    I love your Amazon fashion finds and I also love the non-fashion finds! That Revlon hair dryer is truly amazing! I take those collagen peptides every single day too! Thanks for all your hard work in finding us the very best Amazon products 🙂

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I’m so happy to hear that, Addison!! Excited to see what I find this year!

      Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  5. Jamie wrote:

    Where are those pink stripe pants from and what brand are they?

    Posted 1.9.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Jamie! I’m guessing you saw them in a different post…but those are actually from our first Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort Collection from last year! Can’t wait to share the new collection with you Jan 21!

      Posted 1.9.20 Reply
  6. Maria Dusevic wrote:

    I live your blog, and have been reading it for a few years. I live in Canada, and I just wanted to let you know that the Amazon links do not take you to each product in Canada. Perhaps the actual name of the product would help us find it on Amazon in Canada?
    Thanks very much

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Maria!! That’s strange…what page does it take you to??

      Posted 1.12.20 Reply
  7. Jessie wrote:

    Love the packing cubes – even better are the compression packing cubes. Amazon has a lot to choose from but the ones from Lean Travel but there’s boat loads to choose from! We travel a lot and these allow us to pack a ton and bring it as a carry on.

    I’m interested in the facial razors but scared of stubble…your thoughts?

    Posted 1.13.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I’ve ordered a few sets of the compression cubes, but so far none open all the way (I think that’s key!). I’ll check these out! As for the razors, I get no stubble!!! and no weird re-growth!

      Posted 1.13.20 Reply
  8. Molly wrote:

    I am interested in the fantastically priced leggings for my daughter who thinks Lululemon is the only acceptable option ($$$). I think I’m going to get her some and not mention what a bargain they are so I can get her true feedback – I will talk them up like they are the next big thing! Just wondering what size you wear in Lulu or other brands so I have a point of comparison. Thanks!

    Posted 1.29.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Molly! my fave Amazon leggings are truly amazing, I love them so much! I’m a size 2 in Lulu, if that helps! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.30.20 Reply
      • Molly wrote:

        Yes thank you! She is a size 2 also :).

        Posted 1.30.20 Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    Have you had any issues with the palm print swimsuit fading? It is so cute but some reviewers on Amazon have commented that the green color runs after washing.

    Posted 5.30.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh really?! I’ve had mine for over a year and worn it countless times in the pool and ocean with no problems!

      Posted 6.1.20 Reply