My Cup Runneth Over

Happy Friday from sunny Los Angeles! I had a quick work trip, and thanks to Winter Break, I was able to bring Little Miss with me! Not only do I love spending one-on-one time with her, but appreciate the opportunity to share more of what I do. She usually sees me sitting at the computer or taking photos in a mirror, so I’m thrilled she gets to see women at work, pursuing their passions!

I hope the New Year has treated you well so far. Considering I barely changed out of pajamas or jogger pants for the last week, I’d say I’m off to a pretty good start! Make sure you don’t miss Monday’s post… I’ve got a HUGE announcement you don’t want to miss!

I’ve been recapping the most popular projects and posts of last year… and there were a lot of them (over 200!). But what made 2019 so unbelievably special was you… and the experiences and opportunities that came from your support, readership, comments, and genuine enthusiasm and encouragement.

While I tend to always be pushing forward, it’s important for me to slow down and fully acknowledge the blessings in my life…both big and small… so I can truly express my gratitude. In a world of endless To Do Lists, it’s easy for me to lose sight of what I’ve accomplished, so I hope you’ll indulge me one last recap post of 2019, sharing my personal highlights.

I always hesitate to write this post because it feels so self-indulgent, but this blog is not only a space to share my creative ideas, but also my own personal scrapbook and family chronicle.

So this post is a combination of my own personal highlights from 2019, as well as the projects you made popular… along with some geeky by-the-numbers stuff. Basically everything that made 2019 grand for me, my family, and this little blog…all in one spot!

*Professional Highlights*

I’m constantly amazed by the experiences and opportunities that come my way through blogging. To me, I’m just sharing thoughts and ideas with friends on the internet everyday, so I’m beyond flattered when it leads to things like trips across the globe or clothing lines! Not to mention, the friendships and relationships that have come from these partnerships.

Hands-down, the biggest thing that’s ever happened professionally are my collaborations with Gibson to create a line of Hi Sugarplum pieces for Nordstrom. My heart still races when I think about it. How. Did. That. Happen?!? And not just once, but we’re about to embark on our FIFTH!

The faith and trust both Gibson and Nordstrom has in us (because I couldn’t do it without you!!), humbles me beyond articulation. I’ve never been more excited and petrified of something in my life, but the way you show up to support the Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collections blows us all away! I literally have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I say, ‘With all my heart, thank you.’

We created three brand-new Collections last year, and I can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2020!

Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort Collection

gibson x hi sugarplum summer of color collection
Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Summer of Color Collection

Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Holiday Collection


One of my favorite posts every year is the kid’s Back to School Style with J.Crew Factory. It’s a brand I’ve loved for decades, and I was thrilled to be featured on their website with my kids.

Back to School with J.Crew Factory


Kendra Scott was my first love when comes to everyday jewelry, and I was honored to be selected as one of their brand ambassadors for 2019. We’re already talking about plans for 2020, and I’m excited to share even more of this incredible brand with you. I have a heart for women-led businesses, especially those that give back to their community like Kendra does!


I think of you all as girlfriends, so I’m very choosy when it comes to recommending brands and products. I know sponsored content can be a touchy subject, but rest assured I’d never talk about a brand or product I wouldn’t genuinely pass along to my mom or best friend. Sponsored or not, I won’t share it if I don’t love it!!

My goal is always to help bring value and style to your life, with a range of ideas and products for all budgets. Here are a few of the stellar brands I was honored to partner with last year.

Ski Essentials with Backcountry

Statement Skirt Three Ways with Nordstrom

Spring Dresses for Easter with JCPenney

Workout Motivation with Lululemon

Dads Day Fun with Macys

Teen Styles with J.Crew Factory 


Three Shoes for Summer with Soludos

Q&A on Intermittent Fasting with Adidas

How to Shop Designer Bags for Less with eBay

Affordable Summer Finds with WalMart

Back to School Ready with Microsoft

Beauty Q&A with Sephora

Best of Summer with Target

Cozy Night In with Bloomingdales

Sweaters Under $50 with Marks & Spencer


*Stand-Out Personal & Family Moments*

Now for the really good stuff… the joys behind the camera! One of the highlights of the year for our family was our son’s graduation from high school. To see him becoming his own man is frightening and exciting, and I’m so grateful I’m here to see it all!

Later followed by his moving to college. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I’ve done as a parent (read about it HERE), but this new normal is something we’re all slowly getting used to. It’s definitely a work in progress!

mother son college goodbye


Watching Little Miss blossom and grow more comfortable with her gifts and abilities was one of our greatest joys last year. We celebrated her 13th birthday with a surprise trip to New York City with Mama Sugarplum. It was an incredible few days just the three of us, and memories I’ll cherish forever.

Celebrating 13 in NYC


With the graduation clock ticking, we took several family trips for everything from Spring Break to Summer. Creating these memories and sharing experiences is our favorite gift to each other, and times I’ll always treasure. The kids will be adults with separate lives of their own before I know it, and I want to savor every moment while I can!

Santorini, Greece

Family Ski Trip to Winter Park, Colorado

Spring Break in the Bahamas

Our annual family vacation is always a highlight, especially when it’s with one of our favorite families! 

Snapshots from Anna Maria Island


Mr. Sugarplum and I escaped for two long weekends, and time alone with him is always good for my soul… not to mention, our marriage! We celebrated 25 years together last year!

Snapshots from Mexico

The High Road to Taos

We also burned up the freeway between Dallas and Norman, and experienced Oklahoma football firsthand!

And much to my mom’s dismay, my son and I marked this new season of life with matching tattoos. When he said he wanted to share one with me, and wanted it to represent his faith, how could I deny him!?!

Part of what makes the Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collections so special is being able to include my mom. She brings so much joy and life to everything she does, and having her by my side for the experience was such a blessing.

Not to mention the friendships that have grown from working so closely with the entire team…Val, Suzie and all the amazing women at Gibson.

Suzie Turner, founder of Gibson Look

*Most Comments*

My favorite part of blogging is the interactions with you. Every time I hit ‘publish’ on a post, I’m excited to see what you think, and am always blown away by your kindness. So I’m not surprised that the posts with the largest response are those most personal to me and my family.

The announcements of each of our Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collections continue to draw the most comments (so thrilled ya’ll are still excited for these!!). Fitness and wellness was a popular topic last year, with Five Elements of My Fitness Routine and my Q&A about Intermittent Fasting being the most popular.

My Sugarplum First Picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Sugarplum Favorite Things were close runners up!


*Most Viewed*

Some posts take on a life of their own, and I really have no idea why one resonates more than another… but the Amazon Fashion Finds (along with the most commented-on ones) received more views than any others in 2019. And according to page views, Dressing Room Diaries and Sugarplum Style are the most popular of my regular series posts, and Shop My Insta is the most popular page.


It’s fun for me to see who you are, and where you’re coming from, according to Google Analytics:

*Over 2.1 million of you stopped by last year & read over 9 million pages. I can’t even wrap my head around that!?!
*Most of you are American (92%), with Canada, UK, and Australia up next. There are even people reading from the United Arab Emirates!?
*97% female, aged 35-44… but the 25-34 and 45-54 brackets are a tie and close second. And thanks to Mama Sugarplum’s ever-growing presence, the 55+ ladies are coming on fast!
*Phones & tablets remain the most popular way to read (did you know my site is actually designed to read best on a desktop or laptop?!).
*45% of you come directly to my site & 51% click over from one of my social channels.


All that’s to say, the majority of the amazing opportunities that come my way are because of you, darling friends… I know without your support, enthusiasm, kindness, and interactions, none of this would be possible. I can’t thank you enough for popping in every day, week, month, or leap year… whenever it is, I’m thrilled you stopped by! Even the lurkers… I know you’re there!

I know this post was a lot of toot-tooting my own horn, so thank you for indulging me. God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined, and I’m beyond humbled by your friendship, support, and kind words. I can’t thank you enough for sharing in our joys, supporting me through the sorrows, and celebrating all the silly in-between.

Your encouragement makes me excited to continue creating and sharing what I love so much (staring Monday with something BIG!!). I pray 2020 is your best yet, lovebugs!


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  1. Robin Firestone wrote:

    Love following you and your sweet family! Cheers to 2020 and more exciting opportunities that come your way!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you so much, robin!! Happy new year to you! Xo. C

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  2. Melissa A Hildreth wrote:

    Cassie, I love reading your blog, and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us each day. A personal highlight for me was your generous sponsorship of the family that I nominated for the Hi, Sugarplum Helps campaign. Your gift made a difficult time this holiday season so much better. Thank you!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Melissa!!! I am so glad that my family was able to make HSP Helps such a meaningful initiative this year! We will most certainly keep it up for 2020. Thank you for reading! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  3. Patricia wrote:

    No wonder you never crawled out of your pjs last week! That’s a lot to accomplish in one year. Plus you lived through several large scale remodels.
    Now I need a nap.
    Do you have an assistant to help you put together your posts and social media? I know you credit a photographer on some photo shoots outside the home but more informal posts and insta-stories look like you’ve done it (skillfully, mind you). You’re also tracking details on your Gibson collaborations, billing for sponsored posts, pitching future relationships, planning outfits, scouring the internet for shopping guides and try on posts. Please tell me you have a large team of house elves hidden behind the scenes. You’re busier than Santa Claus but he only has to work one night a year!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      You nailed it, Patricia…there is actually so much more behind the scenes, and yes, I have a very supportive team of pros! Everyone from my photographer and graphic artist, tech support and family…they all lend their talents and skills regularly! I definitely couldn’t do this alone!

      Posted 1.4.20 Reply
  4. Sandy wrote:

    Phenomenal post! Ya’ll are the best out there!
    I look back and think, ok, I want that, ha,ha!
    Had to look up the term lurker, to make sure I wasn’t one of them, ha,ha!
    Cheers to all! Bravo!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  5. Jill Olney wrote:

    I love following you! I am a 50 year old mom, wife, and friend. My fav is your Amazon finds, but I have to admit I love my barefoot dreams cardigans.😊 I have been intermittent fasting since April and loved reading all the comments that followed that post. My face is getting more wrinkly so I’ve been reading a lot of your makeup posts, as well. I feel like you are one of my girlfriends and I would love to invite you over for a glass of wine and charcuterie! lol
    My daughter started a blog this year and I tell her about your blog all the time! Here is the link to hers if you find a spot of time. I’m a pretty proud momma, too!
    Cheers to 2020 my friend!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you so much, Jill! I’m thrilled you find inspiration here! And thanks for the link to your daughter’s blog! xo. C

      Posted 1.4.20 Reply
  6. ~B~ wrote:

    You share your life with us, putting yourself out there in a time when one never knows what type of response they’ll get back! With that, it’s most definitely your right to spend time summarizing your year any way you like! I have so enjoyed all of the recent recaps as I just “found you” this past year as I was preparing for an Alaskan cruise and greatly appreciated your cruising tips! We are in similar times in our lives, celebrating our 25th anniversary this past year and with our oldest just graduated from college, one almost done in college and preparing for grad school and our baby a senior in high school. There is so much to relate to here and I appreciate it all! May 2020 bring your great blessings!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Well I’m so glad you were able to find me on the Internet! Hope that Alaskan cruise was fun! Thank you so much for the kind words! Happy 2020! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  7. Katherine wrote:

    I enjoy reading your blog and checking out your Instagram posts/stories whenever possible. You are so relatable and genuine. 2019 was a great year for you and I’m excited to see what you are up to in 2020. Keep up the great work Cassie!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you so much, Katherine!!! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  8. What a year Cassie! You inspire me, not only from a lifestyle and fashion perspective, but also as an entrepreneur and mom. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings your way. Happy New Year!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      OH thank you so much, Kerri! That is what I strive for every day! Happy New Year to you, too! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  9. Amy wrote:

    I know its a sensitive subject and almost like someone coming up to me and asking what my yearly salary is… but have you ever considered briefly touching on where the $$ comes from with blogging?

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I’ve actually been thinking about a ‘Business of Blogging’ series!! You might have just given me the nudge I need! 😉 xo. C

      Posted 1.4.20 Reply
  10. Kristy wrote:

    I’ve loved your outfit ideas for years, really happy for you and all the success you’ve had! Also adore that you and your son got matching tattoos, so very special and sweet <3

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Kristy, it means a lot!!! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  11. Faye wrote:

    Cassie-You truly are such an inspiration!Your family is adorable and love the way you all connect in such a positive way. Your posts are always a great “pick me up” part of my day/week. Whether it’s to check in on your fashion finds, make-up tips, or travel ideas, it’s a perfect highlight! Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your life with others. Hope you continue to shine in 2020! XO

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh Faye, that is just so nice! Thank you so much! I’m humbled to hear that my blog inspires you! xo, Cassie

      Posted 1.3.20 Reply