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Hey friends! I’m so thrilled you loved yesterday’s roundup of our favorite trips in the beautiful United States! There are still so many US spots on our travel bucket list, which is great since who knows when we’ll be traveling internationally again.

From your response yesterday, it sounds like many of you will be road-tripping to your destinations this summer, so I assembled a round-up of must-have products to make your drive more comfortable… and fun!

one // Extra Long Phone Charger // The battle for the phone charger may continue on your road trip, but this 10-foot cord easily reaches the kids in the backseat. I actually use this exact cord at home, and love the sturdiness and extra length!

two // Auto Bingo // This family-friendly game will keep everyone occupied for miles and miles! There are four boards with no pieces, so it’s easy storage and no tiny pieces to go missing.

three // Road Trip Game Kit // With over 12 games and activities included in this kit, it will keep the kids occupied for hours! It also makes a fun summer gift for friends and family headed out.

four // Trash Can // I mean, so smart, right?! Instead of having snack wrappers shoved into the seat back pocket and crumbs everywhere, have this handy trash can available! It’s also leak-proof, so you can toss your cups and cans, too.

five // Packing Cubes // These packing cubes come with us no matter where we go! Every trip, no matter the length! They make packing and organization a breeze, plus for a road trip, they can keep games, snacks, and activities together as well.

six // Cozy Socks // Ditch your shoes and get comfy with these cozy socks! Plus, you can prop your feet up on the dash without everyone in the car yelling!

seven // Seat Back Organizer // What a genius invention! This seat back organizer has a tray for tablets and phones, two drink holders… even a slot for tissues and an umbrella!

eight // Road Side Kit // Be prepared with more than just jumper cables… this kit has a toolbox, rain jacket, seatbelt cutter, compass, and more! This would be handy for any survival kit, but especially for in the car!

nine // Electric Cooler and Warmer // This nifty cooler actually plugs in to a wall outlet or your car’s adapter, and keeps foods hot or cold! It holds up to 60 cans or six 2-liter bottles, with no ice or cold packs needed. With wheels and two handles, it’s easy to move… plus, there’s an easy switch to turn it from cooling to warming! Cut down on the number of stops with a packed cooler of your own snacks!

ten // Trunk Storage Organizer // You don’t need to plan a road trip to know that your car trunk can turn into a blackhole! This handy organizer has all kinds of slots for corralling everything that can get lost in your car!

eleven // First Aid Kit // This handy First Aid kit is stocked with most everything you need to treat minor wounds and injuries. Plus, it’s compact and easily stashed in the car or at home.

twelve // Seat Heater/Massager // A road trip version of our beloved back massager! Ease stiff backs with this massager that fits right on the seat of your car. It would also be nice to move to your office chair, too!

thirteen // Outlet Adapter // This adapter triples your USB cord space, plus it also has two regular outlets for items that require a traditional plug!

fourteen // Water Bottle // It’s imperative to stay hydrated, and you don’t want to worry about having your drink spilling all over the floorboards! This bottle has a lid and straw, but even more important… it fits in any sized cup holder!

fifteen // Snack Box // Is it just us, or are kids (and husbands!) always hungry? Especially on road trips! ‘Can we stop?’ is a non-stop request! This variety snack box was a favorite care package while my son was in college, and perfect for car time, too! All the good gas station snacks are included!

sixteen // Travel Neck Pillow // This travel pillow supports your head and neck, making it easier (and more comfortable!) to grab a backseat cat-nap! It comes with an eye mask, earplugs, and a handy tote bag… perfect for road trips and any other kind of travel.


So tell me… what are road trip essentials for you? Besides Hot Tamales, because those are a given! What did I miss that we need to include on our next long drive?


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  1. Sandy wrote:

    Some of thee coolest things! And #7!! Luuuuv Auto Bingo! Thanks, C!

    Posted 6.10.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      #7 is a game changer!! xo, Cassie

      Posted 6.10.20 Reply
  2. MJ wrote:

    An electric cooler?!? I didn’t even know that existed! I’m just imagining all my past camping disasters and what a lifesaver that would be!

    I really like to use travel products for my pets on road trips (collapsible bowls, waterproof seat mats, etc.) I usually pack a little bag just for them that is easily accessible, including their meds, extra first aid, snacks, wipes for dirty paws, etc. This really helped on our last road trip from DFW to TN!

    Posted 6.13.20 Reply