Love My New “Rug”

I’ve been working on eclipsing my entry way. First step was painting the front door black.
Then you guys were great to weigh in on which rug you liked….and it’s arrived…but the edges won’t behave. So I’ve got them weighted down with whatever books I happened to have under my pillow laying around.

What? Is there something special about today?

I mean, other than my new rug arriving? *pants*
I don’t know, but stay tuned to see more of my entry way makeover! And if you’re going to the movie or something, enjoy!
*So I basically just outed myself as a fan of this literary crack….anyone else in or out of the closet?*

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  1. christine wrote:

    SO outed!!! I don't care if I sound like a 14 year old girl – that Edward is a "dreamboat", haha.

    Your entryway is looking dreamy too, can't wait to see the final after.

    Will you be braving the crowds of screaming girls to see it today?

    Posted 6.30.10 Reply
  2. heather wrote:

    you are OBSESSED and your little 'ol June has narcolepsy when i read. What is wrong with me? TEAM EDWARD all the way!!!

    Posted 7.1.10 Reply
  3. sharon wrote:

    I'll try to pretend you are not my daughter! Plus everyone knows it's Jacob she should be with. 🙂

    Posted 7.1.10 Reply
  4. Good job on “eclipsing” your front door, Cassie! I think the term would be an instant fad, too, along with the book and the movie! And there is nothing wrong with revamping your house based on your favorite literary piece. I think you would enjoy it more, since it will always remind you of your favorite book! [Danielle Bailey]

    Posted 1.9.13 Reply