{Happiness in a Can} Outside Tables

It’s no secret I love spray paint…and nothing in my house is safe from it. When we drug our outdoor stuff out of the shed at the beginning of the summer, my cute Crate and Barrel tables were no longer cute.


Rustoleum’s Key Lime has been taunting me for awhile, so I thought these tables were perfect for that little party-in-a-can! Oh, and this handle whoosie is genius, really! Save yourself from having an ever-present painted pointer finger, and hand cramp, and get this $6 clip-on.


After splashing a little water washing off the grime, I gave them a coat of the glossy Key Lime. I came back out later for the second coat and found this….along with an empty can of Key Lime!


It might as well have been a chalk outline of a body! That is so typical Mr. Sugarplum….see something laying around, have brilliant idea, execute said idea with no preparation or consulting the boss me! I mean, at least lay down a sheet!! I guess I’m lucky he didn’t do it directly on the driveway?! Anyway, my voice might have gotten a little shrill when I told him I still needed to give the tables a second coat, and “You used the rest of the paaaaaaaaaaiiiiint!” (insert nasal whine)

Being the sweetie he is, he fled the house ran to Home Depot for another can.


They turned out pretty cute.


And I hate have to admit, Mr. Sugarplum’s project did too!


Oh, and some of you eagle-eyes may notice one of the tables looks a little different….um, yeah…I later went back and painted them Green Apple. But the sun is still Key Lime. What?! That’s the greatness of spray paint….Happiness in a Can!

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  1. Fab work! Nice shade of green!

    Posted 6.23.10 Reply
  2. They look great! Count your lucky stars, my man hates picking up the spray paint and I would love him to care enough to do so. He did a great job on that sun, and I totally envy your pool!!

    Posted 6.23.10 Reply
  3. Leah wrote:

    You two are so cute! Love how these tables turned out! I am so excited about that Rustoleum handle too. I am a crazy spray painter too and this is a genius idea!

    Posted 6.23.10 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Your back yard is so cheerful, inviting – just like you! Love everything you've done – and I'm with you on that spraypaint trigger thing – my clever niece told me about it and what a huge difference…maybe Mr. Sugarplum has a career as a road striper ahead of him! 🙂 Ali

    Posted 6.23.10 Reply
  5. Jen Eaton wrote:

    Will you please move in with me for a month & tackle all your projects on my house?!?! I want it to look like yours 🙂

    Posted 6.24.10 Reply
  6. heather wrote:

    Your backyard looks amazing!!!!! The only thing missing is ME in that pool!!!! I love that you love spray paint so much! 🙂 wanna come inspire me to do some home projects?

    Posted 6.30.10 Reply