Entryway rug options

Some people call them foyers. Or entrance halls. But those seem so fancy that I’m forced to use a deep, throaty voice when I say them (Go ahead, try it! See what I mean?!). Hence, much too fancy for my house!

I posted about painting the inside of my front door black, which I love, but only made me realize now I have to have a new rug and artwork. (Again with the voice!) And true to my OCD nature, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do on the wall, and since it includes Ikea, it’s not really considered artwork.

But I’ve come across a few rugs that might be good for the space. I used my extremely rudimentary photoshop skills to mock them up. (I’m so fancy with my vocabulary today, I’m even typing with my pinkie out!)

entry with zebra
zebra rug — rugsusa

entry with ebay zebra
zebra rug with more pattern — ebay

entry with black zig zag
zig zag — west elm

entry with pink zig zag
pink zig zag — calypso

entry with slate rug
pale blue and slate — csnrugs

entry with diamond jute
diamond jute — west elm

entry with red stripe
red and white — albert and dash

entry with diamond durrie
diamond durrie — west elm

Do any of these jump out as ‘The One?” If not, what are your favorite 4’x6’ rugs? And don’t be sending me the $$$ ones, because, darling, I’m not that fancy!

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  1. love the first one! Love you

    Posted 6.7.10 Reply
  2. I see you're in the market for a rug…I just posted a blog about one of my favorite rug designers…check it out!


    Posted 6.8.10 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    The zig zag rug was the most visually interesting and cohesive to me! Have you looked at the Flor products? You have a pretty wide range of creative opportunity with their products!

    Happy shopping!

    Posted 6.8.10 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I really love the West Elm Diamond Durrie & the Rugusa Zebra. I like the West Elm b/c it ties in your floor tile nicely. The first Zebra adds a certain something something!

    Posted 6.8.10 Reply
  5. Jen Eaton wrote:

    I like the 2 top zebra prints the best.

    Posted 6.8.10 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Really like them all – know you'll choose the right one….you have a great eye: trust it! 🙂 ali

    Posted 6.9.10 Reply
  7. Definately the West Elm Zigzag in black and white!

    Posted 6.10.10 Reply
  8. We have the zig zag runners, and they are very nice but could get too dirty at the front door. Please don't buy from RugsUSA! They are rated 'F' by the Better Business Bureau and I had quite a time getting a refund from them for a stained rug and missing rug pad!

    Posted 6.12.10 Reply