{Field Trip} Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a store full of greatness. Seriously, when I wander the aisles, I feel like my head is going to explode with all the ideas! If you don’t have one in your town…so sorry, but you probably have an H&M, so we’re even! Since I always have a bajillion projects juggling…I spend some serious time in this crafty mecca.

The first time I discovered their aisle of knobs, I felt like I’d walked in on a torrid affair!! I started looking around really quickly to see who else saw this?!? How in the world does Hobby Lobby have all these straight-from-Anthropologie knobs, and everyone’s not talking about it?! I mean, I’ve spent my fair share of moolah shelling out $12 a pop for ridiculously cute Anthropologie knobs. So finding these was like discovering you missed the departure time of the Titanic!

knob aisle

I had to be covert, paparazzi-style…so these are crap-ball iPhone pics.

half off sign

See that sign?! It says 50% off! If it’s not up the day you visit…just wait a minute or two and it will. Never buy something at Hobby Lobby unless it’s on sale…because every department is on sale at one point or another. But I didn’t find a knob more than $5.99, so even at full price, that’s pretty saweet!

bright knobs

These bright beauties are $2.99…so with a sale they are a buck-fifty! Think of the possibilities! You could breathe serious new life into a sad old dresser with a coat of paint and these babies!

blue knobs

glass knobs

Really? Glass knobs?! I won’t tell you what I paid for my ‘vintage’ glass knobs on my dresser.

fancy knobs

If these don’t scream “ANTHROPOLOGIE” then I don’t know what does. (Geez, lower your voice…I heard you!)

polka dot knobs

I was like a little rodent, running up and down the aisle making piles of knobs. Don’t worry, none were harmed in my covert operations. (However, the infamous ‘raised eyebrow’ was seen a few times.)

black and white knobs

Parisian knobs?! I die.

letter knobs

Shout-out to Hi Sugarplum! (Good grief, how did my mother’s hand get in the picture?!?!?)

Oh, I picked up these cute fabric samples while I was there for a project this weekend. I’ll show you next week.

fabric samples

So that’s our little field trip to Hobby Lobby. What are your favorites? What brilliant ideas do you have to give them new homes?

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  1. Dude, I get lost in Hob Lob for at least an hour everytime. Dangerous!

    Posted 6.12.10 Reply
  2. Leah wrote:

    Lovely blog, just found you!

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    "I was like a little rodent…" – your darling personality shines through your terrific posts! Look forward to you EVERY DAY! Ali

    Posted 6.17.10 Reply
  4. KSK wrote:

    I had NO idea Hobby Lobby had knobs!! That is amazing. I love me some HL. Thanks for spreading the word 🙂

    Posted 6.17.10 Reply
  5. I love your blog and I love your little girls room! I am going to attempt to copy the monogrammed valance you did!!!
    Anyway, I am "trying" to be crafty these days and went to HL for the first time. OMG!!!!!! It was so awesome!! I could not get over the great everything they have! From adorable party bags to cool signs for your home. It was all on sale too.
    So, need less to say, I will be returning to HL very soon. I was a bit overwhelmed but in a good way! Thanks for your wonderful ideas you share. I love it!!

    Posted 11.18.11 Reply