Did you notice my new blog banner?!? Apparently my old banner was of concern….since the blog isn’t Hi Sugarpear!
Now I have an appropriate graphic to accompany my blog name. (You can read about the origin of Hi Sugarplum! here.)
I have some of the most wonderfully talented friends….and one of the sweetest of them, Jerry Dillingham, offered to correct my fruit error. He also proved to be quite patient since there were several discussions about the “butt crack” of the plum. (It really is necessary to draw the crack, without it, it’s just a circle.)
Jerry is a stunning artist, illustrator and graphic designer…and always willing to pimp himself out for hire. Check out his portfolio, The Art of Jerry Dillingham, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Jer…no one draws a butt plum crack quite like you!! xoxoxo

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  1. Jen Eaton wrote:

    It's adorable! Totally is a plum!

    Posted 6.25.10 Reply
  2. OMG- butt crack- I'm dying!!! Seriously!

    Posted 11.16.10 Reply