Mama Sugarplum’s Favorite Amazon Finds

Darling friends, I can’t begin to describe what your outpouring of support means to us. It has been an absolute week from hell, but I could truly feel your love lifting us up. There are times I feel so weary, but knowing your prayers are filling the gap for us is the greatest gift, and brings inexplicable relief.

I shared many of your comments with Little Miss, and she had the sweetest, peaceful smile. There is no manual that teaches us how to walk our children through unimaginable grief, while processing our own, but we are keeping her close and wrapping her with love.

Many of you have asked how to help beyond prayer, so I’m sharing a Go Fund Me that was set up for Bridget’s mother HERE.

We were scheduled to be in St. John with our daughter and Bridget this week for Spring Break, so I had last Friday and all of this week’s content prepared. It will go out as scheduled, but I’ll be spending the majority of my time behind-the-scenes with my family at home. Thank you for your continued support, love, and friendship. I don’t know what I did to deserve this community, but I’m beyond grateful for it. xo. C



In January, I shared your top Amazon finds of 2021… the most popular in Fashion, Beauty, Decor and the ‘Best of the Rest’. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what others find and love most! So I thought it’d be fun to ask Mama Sugarplum what her go-to Amazon finds are… and she didn’t disappoint!

Take it away, Mom!

Mama Sugarplum’s Fave Amazon Finds //

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1. Digital Photo Frame // This was a Christmas gift from Cass and we just love it. With 4 kids and 9 grandkids, we’re getting new pictures weekly and can’t stop watching it. So many great memories and love seeing what the family has been up to lately.

2. Slippers // I love these open toe slippers year round… no one has time for hot feet. And they wash in the machine and come out still looking great!

3. Pajama Set // I never thought anything could replace my favorite pajama from Nordstrom, but these are right up there with them! So soft and get softer with every wash!!

4. Window Cleaning Cloths // SO glad I stumbled on these cleaning cloths a year or so ago… they are one of my best finds! Spotless, streak-free windows with just a little water!

5. Collagen Peptides // I’ve been adding these to my morning coffee for over two years now and can really tell a difference in my nails and skin! I think they even help with my joints and keep me from getting too sore after exercising.

6. Self-Tan Mitt & Sunless Tanner // Cassie knows I love my self-tanner and insisted I needed this mitt! (I think it was my blotchy ‘tan lines’ that started the conversation, ha!) Well this mitt is genius… it gives me even, streak-free color, and no more tan palms! And this tanner is the best “tan in a bottle” plus the price is great!  (Note from Cass: check out my tips and products for an even sunless tan HERE!)

7. Floor Cleaner with Mop // I started using this floor cleaner last year and now use it exclusively on my hard surfaces! You can add to a spray bottle to just spray and wipe, or use the mop to do large areas at once. Makes my floors look amazing!!

8. Microfiber Duster // My new find this year! Where has this been all my life?! No more needing to stop and find the ladder for high surfaces, and you can throw this one in the wash! It comes with several attachment for the areas you’ve most likely skipped over (or is that just me?).

9. Portable Pilates Bar // I’ve seen this thing a zillion times on Instagram and was intrigued, but didn’t want to spend $100+! So I found this similar set on Amazon for much cheaper. Maybe I’ll be motivated to do more exercising than just my daily walk!

1o. Oversized Sweater // When Cassie found this sweater, she sent me the link and said, ‘You NEED this sweater! Order it quick before I tell people about it!’ Ha! And she was right!! I wear it all the time with jeans and leggings. It’s so soft with the perfect oversized fit.

11. Leggings  // I’m sure you all recognize these leggings… it’s all Cassie has worn for the last year or more! They really do feel like a second skin, so buttery-soft with a lot of stretch. I love the high waist for holding me in, and they are so comfortable!

12. Crewneck Sweatshirt // Cassie introduced this sweatshirt a couple of years ago for a project she did with Little Miss and I got it because I love a good sweatshirt! I have worn and washed my white one weekly, and it still looks perfect. And did I mention the price… it’s CHEAP! I recently ordered it in pale pink and bold blue heather… can’t wait to get them!!



No surprise here… Mama Sugarplum and I have so many Amazon favorites in common! If you’re looking for more Mama Sugarplum, you can find her Favorite Things of 2021 are HERE and her skincare routine HERE.

My Sugarplum Favorite Things of the year are HERE. Happy Monday, lovebugs…I hope it’s a beautiful week spent with those you love.


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