Mama Sugarplum’s Skincare Routine

It is a happy, happy day around here, friends! First up, it’s Mr. SP’s birthday and a giant Boston Cream Pie awaits us for tonight (his fave)! But also, I finally got my darling Mama Sugarplum on the blog to share her full skincare routine!

And as if that weren’t enough, it’s Colleen Rothschild‘s birthday, too, and to celebrate, she’s offering 25% off site wide!! See? Happy, happy day!!

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One of the greatest joys of getting older is the developing relationship I have with my mom. We’ve always been close, but growing up, I don’t think moms and their kids should be ‘best friends’….that indicates they’re equals, which certainly isn’t the case. There is, and should be, a hierarchy. Someone in control and in charge.

There is great love, affection, and respect there, but true friendship requires both parties lean on each other equally. And kids shouldn’t be burdened with that responsibility.

But once I became an adult, fully self-reliant and financially-independent, the roles started to shift, and I found a fiercely loyal, supportive, loving best friend…who happens to be my mom. And if you can believe it, she’s even more beautiful on the inside. Truly!

Every single time she’s on the blog, I get a flood of questions asking about her skincare routine, hair cut, glasses, weight loss secrets…you name it! When it comes to Mama Sugarplum, you want all the scoop!

Last week on our family cruise, I discovered this scene in her cabin bathroom, and decided it was finally time to share her morning and evening skincare routines!

Dual Enzyme Polish | Extreme Recovery Cream | Face Oil No. 9 | Retinol Eye Serum | Super Serum | Detox Mask

You’re not surprised she’s a hardcore fan of Colleen Rothschild products, are you?! Mama SP has read every single post I’ve ever published, so after hearing me rave about the skincare line, she decided to try a few for herself.

And that soon bloomed into a full-fledged love affair, and she’s since ditched every other skincare product and uses Colleen’s exclusively. These products have absolutely changed her skin, and how she cares for it (and thereby, herself).

hi sugarplum evening skincare routine colleen rothschild-4
Cleansing Balm | Extreme Recovery Cream | Retinol Supreme Night Oil | Age Renewal Super Serum | Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum | Retinol Supreme Eye Serum

I’m going to share a horrifying family secret. Are you ready?! (I hope my mom doesn’t kill me!!) Until a year ago, Mama SP never washed her face before bed!!! #gasp She slept with a full face of makeup, and washed it off the next morning!!! I can’t sleep with so much as a trace of lipstick, so I never understood how she did it.

I finally convinced her that her skin needed the chance to breathe overnight, and insisted she try the Radiant Cleansing Balm. She loved the way it smelled and felt, and saw a difference in her skin right away. It truly is unlike any other cleanser.

hi sugarplum evening skincare routine colleen rothschild-4
Cleansing Balm (includes exfoliating muslin cloth)

That was enough to convince her, and she slowly started adding more Colleen Rothschild products. Even trying things that are new to me! Here’s her full skincare routine, along with her personal reviews:

Mama Sugarplum Evening Skincare Routine:

Radiant Cleansing Balm  //  I use this to take off my makeup! It works really well with the muslin cloth to remove eye makeup, and the softness of the cloth and product are easy on my rosacea.

Retinol Supreme Eye Serum //  This is definitely one of my favorites! After only a couple of days, I noticed a huge difference in the wrinkles around my eyes!

Age Renewal Super Serum  //  Apply to face, neck, and chest. This has really helped with the wrinkles that came from my weight loss. It’s really plumped up the area below my cheeks.

Extreme Recovery Cream  //  Apply to face, neck, and chest. In the winter, I also add the Face Oil No. 9 when the dryness starts taking a toll on my skin.

hi sugarplum evening skincare routine colleen rothschild-4

hi sugarplum evening skincare routine colleen rothschild-4

hi sugarplum evening skincare routine colleen rothschild-4

Mama Sugarplum Morning Skincare Routine:

Radiant Cleansing Balm //  I like to use this in the shower to give my face a good start for the day. I rub it between dry hands until warm, then apply to my face. I add a little water to work up some lather using the muslin cloth. I like how it leaves my skin clean, but never tight.

Retinol Supreme Eye Serum  //  Apply to eye area. I love this product so much, I figure it can’t hurt to use it twice a day!

Age Renewal Super Serum  // Apply to face, neck, and chest. Same with this one! I wish it came in a body size!

Complete Eye Cream  //  Apply to eye area, and also around my lips and mouth. It really helps with dryness and the fine lines there, too.

Extreme Recovery Cream //  Apply to face, neck, and chest. I love the whipped texture and immediate hydration.

Sheer Renewal Cream  //  Apply to face and neck. I love the glow this cream adds to my skin!

morning skincare routine colleen rothschild
Sheer Renewal Cream

I told you she’s a fan!!

All the products have worked wonders for me, and my skin couldn’t be happier!

I’m just happy she’s washing her makeup off before bed! That seriously gave me anxiety!

Now I need to get her on the mask train!! I swear by both these masks, and alternate between the two every week. The Detox clears the pores and skin, and the Enzyme Polish leaves it baby soft.

Sugarplum Tip: Buy them bundled and save even more!! 

morning skincare routine colleen rothschild
Dual Enzyme Polish | Detox Mask

hi sugarplum evening skincare routine colleen rothschild-4

We both use the Discovery Collection for travel. I save the little pots and just refill them from my bigger containers.

morning skincare routine colleen rothschild
Discovery Collection (perfect for travel!)

Isn’t she stunning?! And I can attest she’s never injected a thing into her face…it’s all her own beauty, genetics, and good skincare!

I shared my Evening Skincare Routine here, and my Morning Skincare Routine here, but I think I’ll change mine up to match hers! Anything to help me look as good as Mama Sugarplum!

If I had to choose one product to start, I’d recommend the Sheer Recovery Cream, and Mama SP recommends the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum (all her faves sold for less in this bundle!). The Discovery Collection is great for introducing the brand, too, since it includes all the best-sellers.

Don’t forget everything at Colleen Rothschild is 25% off with code HBD25!! Are you a CR fan, too? I’d love to hear your best skincare tips…and those passed on to you from your mom! And what would you like to see next from Mama Sugarplum? Maybe her review of this miracle lash serum? (She finally started using it after hearing me rave for the last year!)


*Thank you, Mom, for being the best friend and mom!! I am so blessed by your infectious joy, and grateful to have you in our lives! And thank you Mr. SP for capturing these pics of us!! We love you and happy, happy birthday!!!*

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