Dorm Room + First Apartment Essentials

We’ve officially hit the point of the vacation where I don’t know what day it is! There’s really nothing better than taking a break from responsibility with your favorite people! We’re doing a lot of eating, laughing, exploring, and card-playing. Basically my dream.

I’ve pushed away the mental countdown of my son returning to college, and focusing on the final weeks of us being together. Thankfully it’s not the same sense of dread I had the first time he left! (You can read about my saying goodbye HERE.) And honestly, I’m so thrilled and relieved he’s returning to a true college environment this year, that I’m more excited than anxious.

He lived in the dorm his freshman year, and the fraternity house last year… and this year he’s venturing out with a few friends and getting a place of their own. Which means a whole new list of things he needs! Some of you might be in similar positions, so I’m sharing what we’ve grabbed so far.

Much of it likely looks familiar as they’re long-time favorites, and things we’ve used around the Sugar Shack…. like the sheets and towels, and many of the kitchen essentials. We’ve been so happy with these mattresses, we’re ordering one shipped directly to his apartment for easy move-in!

one.  Plastic Tumblers  // two.  Cooking Utensils
three.  Silverware Set and Organizer  // four.  Dishes Set
five.  Coffee Maker  // six.  Mixing Bowls with Lids
seven.  Best Sheets Set  // eight.  Vacuum
nine.  Fire Extinguisher  ten.  Bath Towels
eleven.  Bath Mat  // twelve.  Plunger
thirteen.  Cookware Set  // fourteen. Mattress-in-a-Box


For those of you sending your little birds off to fly for the first time, these essentials were key for him during dorm life. Even if your teens aren’t college-bound yet, chances are they’ll love most of these finds!

one.  Memory Foam Topper // two.  Clip-On Fan
three.  First Aid Kit  // four.   Adhesive Hooks
five.  Best Sheet Set  // six.   Hanging Closet Organizer
seven.  Desk Lamp  // eight.   Pop-Up Laundry Hamper
nine.  Filtered Water Pitcher  // ten. Black Out Curtains
eleven.  Stacking Storage Drawers  // twelve.  Plush Washable Rug
thirteen.  Power Strip Outlet Station  // fourteen.   Bedding Set
fifteen.  Over Door Hook Rack  // sixteen.   Faux Plant
seventeen.  Collapsible Ikea Bags  // eighteen.  Water Bottle
nineteen.  Smart Phone Pocket  // twenty.   LED Lights


He also loves to add posters and tapestries to the wall (with thumbtacks), and has found to of cool ones on Amazon.

I hope this post is helpful for those of you sending off your sweet babes… or making your babes at home feel more comfortable. Just know that it’s okay to be devastated and gutted by their departure. But also know that you’ll be okay, and there is so much joy ahead!

Also, don’t feel pressure to get everything before moving in. We made a last-minute Target run after we got him unpacked and saw the space. And of course there’s always Amazon Prime… which is fun for them because it means mail!


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  1. Sandy wrote:

    Many great/useful ideas here. When we went dorm shopping upon arrival, the store shelves were empty, just sayin’. But they do eventually restock. Focus on the must haves first.
    So funny about your “what day is it?” mode on vacation- the best!

    Posted 7.21.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      That’s a good point, Sandy!! Definitely be sure to pack the essentials/must-haves! xo, C

      Posted 7.21.21 Reply
  2. Stacy wrote:

    The big blue Ikea bags were the best purchase we made for moving to college. Lightweight but sturdy, they easily store away and carry so much.
    We bought them from Amazon at the last minute!

    Posted 7.21.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      They are truly the best, aren’t they?! Seriously saves so much effort walking up and down the dorm stairs! xo, C

      Posted 7.21.21 Reply