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I can’t decide if January is flying by or creeping at a snail’s pace! On one hand, it’s already January 26!! But on the other, just think of everything that’s happened since Christmas! When I look at it that way, how is it not June yet, ha!?

We spent the better part of Winter Break organizing the most-used spaces in our house… kitchen cabinets and drawers, nightstands, and bookcases. It felt so good to clear the clutter and start fresh. And with each newly cleaned space, I’m encouraged to tackle another! My goal is to organize one space at a time until I’ve made it through the entire house.

I turned to Amazon for help and found some incredible products to help get all the nooks and crannies easily organized. Here’s a round-up of some of my faves, and all on Prime!


one. Food Storage Containers // Random boxes of cereal and pasta, be gone! Putting non-perishables in these pretty clear containers allows me to see when something needs replenishing. Plus, there’s no more stale cereal and crackers because someone didn’t close the box right!

two. Label Set // Labels are the best part of organizing…. and these are the cutest! I love the fun font, and thick dark brush strokes that make them easier to read.

three. Jewelry Stand // Jewelry is not only accessories for your outfit, but for your closet or vanity, too! Let those babies shine on display with these chic acrylic stands… perfect for necklaces, bracelets, and bangles.

four. Fridge Bins // When you have two teenagers, your fridge can turn into a black hole real quick! Having designated spots for sodas, eggs, yogurt, fruit, etc. really helps to keep everything manageable, plus there’s less of a change to find expired food shoved way in the back in a few weeks!

five. Plastic Drawer Dividers // These handy little dividers are in basically every drawer in my house. From junk drawers to bathrooms to the office, they make organizing even the tiniest things (like Q-tips and paper clips) a breeze! And their positioning is totally customizable, so they fit every size drawer.

six. Jar Set // I am so impressed with this set of apothecary jars! They will make your cotton balls and floss look so elegant on your bathroom counter!

seven. Rolling Cart // Tight on space in your kitchen, laundry room, or second bathroom? This cart utilizes vertical space and looks super sleek! Plus with the wheels, you can easily pull it out to clean and grab something in the back! (Also makes a great portable ‘school cart.’ Load it up with supplies so your kids can have virtual school anywhere in the house!)

eight. Dresser Drawer Organizers // My socks and underwear drawer can turn into a mess FAST! So many small pieces! This set of four drawer dividers keeps them sorted and separated.

nine. Canvas Basket // Stripes and baskets are my weaknesses, and one can never have enough of either, right?! (Someone tell my husband!) Grab this basket and throw everything from blankets to kids’ toys to winter accessories inside for a chic storage option.

ten. Plastic Bins // These inexpensive bins can go practically anywhere in your house… pantry, linen closet, laundry room, kids’ bathrooms, garage, the list goes on! Grab these to help corral toilet paper, extra toiletries, linens, school supplies, medicine, dog toys, you name it!

eleven. Stacked Drawers // These drawers double the amount of storage space in your cabinets! Put a set under every sink and voila! There’s so much space to keep all your essentials.

twelve. Foldable Canvas Bins // These fabric bins look a little nicer, so they can be used for storage in open areas like the living room or on an entryway table shelf! They also look particularly nice lined up in a closet!


A few more organizing gadgets I use around the house include these easy cabinet shelves. I have them in the kitchen for dishes and glasses, under the bathroom sinks, and even in the kids’ closets for shoes. They add another layer of storage and help to better utilize vertical space.

Cabinet Shelves | Dish Set

This blanket ladder is lightweight, yet sturdy. I love the natural finish and height, perfect for layering our nightly snuggle blankets. (These are our family’s hands-down faves, and the ones we fight over each night!)

Blanket Ladder | Leopard Throw | Tassel Throw


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Does your New Year include major organizing and purging? Science proves our minds are less stressed and more at ease when our homes are free from clutter! It can be overwhelming to think of organizing your entire house, but when broken down in to small spaces one at a time, it’s easier to manage.

And even the smallest organizing project can bring peace and a sense of accomplishment. Seriously, try adding these baskets with two rolls of paper to the back of your toilet and see how accomplished you feel!

I added a Storage & Organization list to my Amazon Storefront with tons more great gadgets for getting your spaces clean. Find my store HERE. What great things have you found on Amazon?


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  1. Lorie wrote:

    Love organizing posts…especially this time of year! Also love the blanket ladder that I purchased from your post last winter. It’s not as bulky as many I’ve seen and the metal bars add a little bit of style. And seriously, the plastic drawer dividers have changed my life! I’ll be purchasing a couple of new things from this post. Thanks!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      So thrilled you found some new organization inspiration from today’s post, Lorie! xo, C

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  2. Jeri wrote:

    I love a clutter free organized space, makes my heart happy. I ordered a lazy susan for under the kitchen sink from Amazon. No more pulling out a basket to find the right soap, just give it a spin. Your white bowls are so cute.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      SUCH a great idea, Jeri! I’ll have to include that in my next organization roundup!! xo, C

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply