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Let’s talk dirty laundry, today, shall we?! Unfortunately, not the juicy kind…but the stuff that seems to pile up everyday. For some reason, my kids insist on getting dressed everyday, so the hamper is always full! šŸ˜‰ I think we should institute a ‘Swimsuits Only’ dress code for Summer…think of the time that would save us!! #thatmightbegenius

I hope to have an update on the Mudroom portion of the Laundry Room makeover soon (see the plans here), but today it’s all about organizing!

The Laundry Room has ample cabinet storage (see the full room here), but I needed a spot for all the long-handled cleaning supplies, as well as, the laundry necessities I reach for regularly. I’m a big fan of utilizing the backs of doors, but this house is blessed with 9-foot doors with raised molding, which makes hanging things a little tricky. And high. #verticallychallenged

So I decided the next-best spot was the narrow wall behind the door!

I considered several options and products, but in the end, decided the Elfa system gave me the most bang-for-my-buck…because if I’m going to dedicate an entire wall, then I’m going to get the most out of it!!! 

I used these utility boards in the Craft Closet, and was immediately hooked #seewhatIdidthere They allow for complete customization, plus anchor directly to the wall without the traditional Elfa track system.

I don’t have to tell y’all how happy this little corner makes me…I know you get it! To see all the pics,  tips, and details, hop over to iHeart Organizing for my full post

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  1. Why does this laundry room post make me so happy?! xo

    Posted 6.29.16 Reply
  2. I love those Elfa System Utility Boards. Think I need to check some out for my own laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 6.29.16 Reply
  3. Impressive. #fistbump

    Posted 6.29.16 Reply
  4. Iman Brady wrote:

    I'm thinking I need this in my life, time to make a trip to Container Store. I'm curious…where is your slim profile ironing board from? That is ideal for this space!

    Posted 6.29.16 Reply
    • Oops, totally forgot to include that info! It's the smaller board from Ikea. It's not full-length, but is same height when set up. I love it!!!

      Posted 6.29.16 Reply
  5. I love this idea! Right now my ironing board, broom, and mop are just propped up in a corner and it drives me crazy. Does your door open all of the way with the ledges and bins attached to the board?

    Posted 6.29.16 Reply
    • Yes…door opens all the way…the board and bins extend about 5-6 inches from the wall, so pretty slim profile.

      Posted 6.29.16 Reply
  6. Oh Wow! You have done pretty well job with your laundty room. It is really important to keep everthing organized and functional in a laundry room to avoid mishaps and to do everything in a one go.

    Posted 6.30.16 Reply
  7. Oh i just love this!!!!

    Posted 6.30.16 Reply
  8. Elle wrote:

    What are you using to hold the ironing board?

    Posted 5.28.20 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Elle! It’s hanging on clips, similar to the brooms. xo. C

      Posted 5.29.20 Reply
      • Elle wrote:

        Thanks! I thought there was a piece between the clips but now I see itā€™s part of the ironing board. Thanks again!

        Posted 6.3.20 Reply