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Happy, happy December, friends! I don’t recall another year that’s flown as quickly as this one! It seems like we just finished up Summer Break, and yet, here we are, 24 days from Christmas, and 30 days from a new year. Crazy, right? #deepbreaths

Some weeks days it seems I’m doing nothing but chasing a To Do List, or playing catch-up, so it’s nice to take a moment each month and look back at the projects and content I managed to create. No question the One Room Challenge took up a majority of the month, but we squeezed a few other things in there, too.

We took our annual family photos & I shared all our tips for a 
stylish & successful shoot. And wow what a difference a year makes!
We all played hooky at The State Fair of Texas & it was a delicious day. 
This black pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple for me, 
and easily styled for both Work & Weekend.
Looking for some new Fall style inspiration?
picturesque backdrop to show off two Cute & Cozy Styles. Because sometimes we just
want to be comfy (but always cute)!

You might say I’m smitten with these plum booties. If by smitten
you mean completely obsessed! Not only are the comfortable, but such a 
But the highlight of the month was the One Room Challenge, and you guys 
blew me away with your kind & enthusiastic response! Week 5 was all about 
drapes & dilemmas, but we managed to finish the space in time for the full reveal on Week 6
Then I shared more pics, plus a full source list & breakdown of the project. 

Last month also had another round of Sugarplum Style, and everyone’s favorite, Dressing Room Diaries, featuring tons of new finds, and recent outfits (and Mama Sugarplum!). I also threw in a couple of quick Five Under $50 and Ramblings, featuring fun new things I’ve got my eye on.

(Sidenote: I also updated my Sugarplum Picks to reflect what I’m loving and wearing these days. You can check it out anytime using the shopping bag graphic in the sidebar.)

December is sure to be another fun one, with tons of holiday inspiration…both home and style. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do…your support and comments mean the world to me! See you back here tomorrow for part 2 Dressing Room Diaries with Mama Sugarplum, featuring tons of great gift ideas.

If you’re new around here, or just playing catch-up, 
here are some good places to start:

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  1. Such a great month! Can't wait to see what December holds!

    Posted 12.1.16 Reply
  2. Oh my goodness! So much in one month! And Cassie…your mama is just the cutest!!

    Posted 12.1.16 Reply

{Top Ten} November

Is November really done already?!? Between Thanksgiving, my birthday, and the Property Brothers cruise (recaps coming eventually soon!), the month just flew in, and right back out before I knew it. But at least cooler temps blew in with it, and decided to stay! Mama’s ready to wear this scarf and sweater.

It’s all about Christmas now, but November was an exciting month, with lots of fun posts (or I thought so, anyway!)…but in case you dropped your phone in the toilet, here’s what you missed.

Hi Sugar Plum-18
Who am I kidding, this recap could actually just begin and end with one post…the month was really all about the reveal of our {One Room Challenge}. Y’all blew me away with your response to our Living Room jewel box, and I’m still shocked this room is in my house! Clearly Kristin and I need to collaborate again. (Hear that, Kristin?) 😉
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November
The Southern girl in me can’t help but add monograms to most anything not moving. 
This sweater dress made me so happy I threw leaves in my hair. 
Then shared how I wear it {Day to Night}. And then Day again.
Mr. SP and I snuck in a clandestine rendezvous
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November

The most surreal and amazing experience to come from this blog has been
shooting the cover of Redbook Magazine. I shared, in mind-numbing detail, 
The Sugarplums are a family of hams. Correction: High-jumping hams.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November

Cheers to sweater weather!! Now what the heck do we wear?!
I shared {5 Ways} Easy Fall Outfits to get us started.
Remember that {One Room Challenge} I mentioned 30 seconds ago? 
Here’s the full Source List and Breakdown of what we did, what we used, and why.
If you think I staged this Cocoa & Cocktails Party just so I could show off my new copper mugs, 
then you’d be right. It’s what bloggers do.

November also had another round of Sugarplum Style, and everyone’s favorites, Look for Less and Dressing Room Diaries. All of which now have nifty little graphics in the sidebar, so you can catch up on them anytime.

Hi Sugarplum | Sugarplum Style

Hi Sugarplum | dressing room diaries

December is already in full swing, and I’ve got lots of Christmas to share (starting with pretty packages and our tree), and holiday style and yummy treats. Happy practically-Friday, lovebugs!

If you’re new around here, or playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:

{Top Ten}

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  1. I forgot you went on that cruise, can't wait to hear about it!

    Posted 12.3.15 Reply
  2. MelissaG wrote:

    You probably have said this already, but I just recently found you! What southern state do you live in?

    Posted 12.3.15 Reply
  3. Katie W wrote:

    Can you write a post about your sunglasses? I LOVE them!!!

    Posted 12.4.15 Reply

{Top Ten} November

Well friends, it’s happened again. We blinked and another month has rolled by…how does that happen so quickly?! It was a fun and busy month around here, and just in case you took a really long nap, here’s November’s top posts.
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November
Fall Fashion is in full force now, but I love how crisp it looks when paired with white jeans.
Day 4 of the Big Box Bathroom revealed tons of progress!
Simple & Easy Advent Calendars.
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November
After years of promises and procrastination, I finally put together a tutorial for 
how I curl and style my well as tips for how to make those curls last!
Nothing says ‘Fall Fashion’ more than boots, so I created a
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November
Want to look stylish and pulled together while feeling like you’re wearing pajamas?!
Then buy this cardi wrap. Trust me.
I loved the rich colors paired with classic black and white in this year’s Fall Table.
I turned an everyday item into a {DIY} Book Caddy for our daughter.
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November
Love the look of Hunter rain boots, but not the price tag? Yeah, me too. So I came up with a pretty genius (if I say so myself!) Look-for-Less! My boots and socks came in and I’m in love!
It’s holiday card time…which means family pictures. Here are some
tips for dressing your clan, along with what we wore this year.
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten November
And finally, we had another round of Sugarplum Style…a glimpse into my everyday outfits. 

Thank you so much for stopping by when you do…your support and comments mean the world to me! I have lots of fun stuff in store for December, along with (hopefully) some exciting news! #fingerscrossed

If you’re still playing
catch-up, here are some good places to start. Happy hump day, lovebugs!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you have in store this month!

    Posted 12.3.14 Reply
  2. Cute stuff! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wears white jeans in the winter. I just love the look!

    Posted 12.3.14 Reply
  3. Your hair is so fabulous that I'm thrilled you did that tutorial. I feel like we could be beachy hair sisters. Work for you? 🙂

    Posted 12.3.14 Reply
  4. Your hair tutorial was amazing! Looks like yet another fabulous month!

    Posted 12.4.14 Reply
  5. leigh anne wrote:

    Love your blog! I look to it for ideas and had a thought for an upcoming post- I would love a cute gold watch for Christmas but am not sure how much I should spend or which brands are the best/cutest. I like the link to a Kate Spade at Nordstrom, but there are so many out there! Gold watch buyer's guide? 🙂

    Posted 12.4.14 Reply
    • I like it!!! I'll see what I can whip up!! xo

      Posted 12.4.14 Reply

{Top Ten} November

I am having too much fun going through all your awesome Christmas Craft Projects linked up yesterday! If you haven’t yet, go check them out for oodles of holiday inspiration and ideas!

November was a busy and eventful month, and now that Christmas is here (how’d that happen?!?),
it’s only going to get crazier! I’m so thankful for those of you who
stop in every day, every week, or every Leap Year. In case you dozed off somewhere along the way, here’s a recap of November.

 November Top Ten

 I had my first sewing experience. Tears were shed, and a bag was birthed.
My daughter’s Art Center kicked it up a notch in the organization department.

November Top Ten
I channeled FLOTUS in my Election Day {Outfit Inspiration}.
After six months of a rat cord nest, the Family Room TV was mounted and the cords disguised in the walls.
Ryan Gosling and I celebrated our birthday. Mine was a big one, but with my many years, came an epiphany.
November Top Ten

The season’s first Christmas project…a simple Advent Calendar. (Loooove all your versions, thanks for sharing them with me!)
The Mudroom is now complete, but there were stages along the way…like Faux Board & Batten, and a new Wall Color and Light Fixture.

November Top Ten
I set my favorite table to date (I think I say that every time), a Glam & Natural beauty. Obviously you guys liked it too, since the dot burlap is sold out and nowhere to be found!
And finally, a project was crossed off the Dining Room list when the homely piano bench got fancified!
That’s enough walking down memory lane. It’s time to whip your mantles into a Christmas frenzy, because tomorrow Michelle keeps the Christmas Cheer link parties rolling, with Mantel Day. See you then!

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  1. So many GREAT things from November!!! I love, love that fur chair:)

    Posted 12.5.12 Reply