20 Fun Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Not only was yesterday the start of our Advent Calendar, but also marked the return of our little Elf on the Shelf. Last year, Faith was overly excited about her first year in our home, and got a little carried away with her creative antics. I think it was more fun for me than the kids, but I’m known to crack myself up. 
In keeping with my ‘simpler Christmas,’ I’ve asked Faith to tone it down a little, but knowing me her, she’ll still go overboard. Just in case an elf visits your house, I rounded up my favorite ideas from last year, along with a few others, to inspire you!

Hi Sugarplum / 20 Fun Elf on a Shelf Ideas
 Faith’s dreams of joining Cirque du Soleil were dashed when she realized
she lacked the upper-body strength to pull herself back up the rope.
She had an all-night bender, double-fisting both the chocolate and caramel syrups.

Tired of being called ‘polyester arms’, Faith set out to prove there was more to her than synthetic filler.
Passed out in a bag of chocolate chips…clearly she doesn’t know the meaning of moderation.
She TP’ed the tree!
She was confident it was Col. Mustard in the Library, but was it with a rope or candlestick?!
Panty Raid!
Never an idle elf…this time she’s making paper snowflakes.
Only time she curses her long legs is when trying to play hide-and-seek.
She doesn’t care if she is the biggest jockey in the blocks, Faith is determined to win the Christmas Derby.
Elfan Snowglobe
Sharing an egg-cellent message from Santa!
Powdered sugar snow angels.
Hanging in the freezer with Frosty.
Turns out, Elves take sick days, too.
 She found herself the victim of a hostage situation. What her captors
didn’t know, is that Santa doesn’t negotiate with plastic terrorists.
I’m such a nut over this activity, that I even have an Elf on a Shelf Pinterest board!! Here are a few more fun ideas I’ve pinned.
 Gone Fishin’!
Just swinging.
 Snowball fight!!!
 Um, make yourself at home!

I love this last one my clever friend, Kristin, created last year. I think Faith will probably be doing the same soon, considering she’s been on a green smoothie kick.

I ordered our Elf on the Shelf from Nordstrom last year…that way I could keep her a secret from the kids (who always seem to be with me when I shop!) I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner…every year we have the hardest time sneaking away to shop for the kid’s Santa gifts, or trying to smuggle them in the house unnoticed! Now I just order from Nordstrom’s cool toy department, and it arrives here completely undetected! I love their selection of classic and current toys, and you can’t beat the free shipping!

 nord toy shop

Now I just have to find a place to hide them until Christmas! Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? You can follow along with this year’s shenanigans on InstaGram.

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  1. mwimp wrote:

    MJ (Demarcus Murray Jr = MJ we're huge Dallas Cowboys fans) came this morning, he was held up at the north pole. so going to have a snow ball fight this year,

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  2. omg too cute! i need to start doing this in a few years! xo jillian – stop by! I'm hosting a Freshly Picked Moccasin giveaway on cornflake dreams

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  3. I just cannot get behind the whole Elf on the Shelf thing. Working so many years in IT/data security has left me with a permanent tinfoil hat!! I feel like the whole thing is just a way to make kids comfortable with "big brother" style surveillance. My kids think I'm a fun hater, but I tell them I send Santa daily behavior reports via email. Parents watching = OK, unknown entity = bad. I'll crawl back into my dungeon now!

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  4. Simply LKJ wrote:

    I am so thankful they were not around when my girls were little! LOL But, you can bet they will be for the grands some day!!

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  5. Our elf had the brilliant idea to return last year with 2 girl elves–now we have 3! My only saving grace is that they all travel together 🙂 They're toning it down this year, too, so far nothing too crazy!

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  6. Would have never thought of the panty raid and Kristin's idea! My kids would think both of those are hilarious!

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  7. Ahh I love the elf on the shelf!! I helped my mom with this a couple of years ago for my little brother and sister and I had way too much fun!! One of my favorites our elf (Cynthia) did was make elf pancakes! They were super tiny but adorable. I love this tradition, it is so much fun!

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  8. Bethany wrote:
    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  9. So…I have yet to buy an Elf – but with these great ideas, I'm thinking I'll need to sneak an order in for Xmas 2015. Your Faith is something else, I LOVE your sense of humor. xo

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  10. Oh my goodness great ideas but your commentary is the best! And that last one of Kristin's…totally doing that! My friend Holly and I set up #unshelfyoelf2014 on instagram and we would love for you to use the hashtag if you feel inclined to share some of Faith's antics.

    Posted 12.2.14 Reply
  11. Vel Criste wrote:

    We just started this year and my son is crazy about Buddy our elf! I might have to copy some of these!

    Posted 12.3.14 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    These are great! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 12.3.14 Reply
  13. Sue J wrote:

    I'm in England. Until Monday, when I had coffee with a friend, I'd never heard of this. Now… not only have I chuckled my way through your post and forwarded it to said friend in case she's in need of ideas… I also want an elf for my shelf! 😀

    Posted 12.3.14 Reply
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    Posted 12.4.14 Reply
  15. I live in Australia and didn't know that there was such a thing as Elf on a Shelf until it started popping up on some of the blogs I read last year. This year, I purchased my own elf (which was no easy feat in Australia) and named him Rupert. He's hasn't done anything too crazy yet. Also, I don't have kids, I just thought it looked like too much fun to miss out on! You can check out what Rupert's been up to via Instagram @nay_oh

    Posted 12.5.14 Reply