Mama Sugarplum’s Favorite Amazon Finds

Happy almost-Friday, friends! Thanks so much for the love on yesterday’s Lakehouse Update!! I can’t wait for you to see more of the design come together. I’ll share the bedroom design boards next… they’re full of so much preppy coastal cuteness!

Last month I shared your top Amazon finds of 2020… the most popular in Fashion, Beauty, Decor and Around the House. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what others find and love most! So I thought it’d be fun to ask Mama Sugarplum what her go-to Amazon finds are… and she didn’t disappoint!

one. Huggie Hoops // These earrings are the perfect fit for my ears and haircut… plus they don’t get stuck in my face mask! Score!

two. Mosquito Bands // I like to walk in the mornings and sit on the back porch in the evenings… these easy bands keep those darn mosquitos from eating me alive!!

three. Crewneck Sweatshirt // I have this sweatshirt in so many colors I’ve lost count! It’s great material and fits so well… plus it’s under $20! I wear it walking and with jeans.

four. Window Cleaning Cloths // SO glad I stumbled on these cleaning cloths… they are THE best find of last year for me! Spotless, streak-free windows with just a little water!

five. Collagen Peptides // I’ve been adding these to my morning coffee for almost a year and a half and can really tell a difference in my nails and skin! I think they even help with my joints and keep me from getting too sore after exercising.

six. Self-Tan Mit // Cassie knows I love my self-tanner and insisted I needed this mit! (I think it was my blotchy ‘tan lines’ that started the conversation, ha!) Well this mit is genius… it gives me even, streak-free color, and no more tan palms!  (Note from Cass: check out my tips and products for an even sunless tan HERE!)

seven. Sunless Tanner // This is the best “tan in a bottle,” plus you can’t beat the price!

eight. Egg Cooker // This egg cooker… what took me so long?! No more broken eggs in the pan, or over-cooked yolks! It delivers the perfect boiled eggs in minutes, every single time!

nine. Slip-On Sneakers // These are the comfiest shoes of 2020, no question! I wear them pretty much every day with leggings, sweatpants, and jeans. Plus, I love all the fun colors.

ten. Oversized Sweater // When Cassie found this sweater, she sent me the link and said, ‘You NEED this sweater! Order it quick before I tell people about it!’ Ha! And she was right!! I wear it all the time with jeans and leggings. It’s so soft with the perfect oversized fit.

eleven. Leggings  // I’m sure you all recognize these leggings… it’s all Cassie has worn for the last year! They really do feel like a second skin, so buttery-soft with a lot of stretch. I love the high waist for holding me in, and they are so comfortable!

twelve. // Fleece Lined Leggings I loved those leggings so much, I ordered these fleece-lined for my winter walks! They’re so warm and soft!


No surprise here…Mama Sugarplum and I have so many Amazon favorites in common! I miss her so dang much and can’t wait until we can get back to shopping and lunching again! If you’re looking for more Mama Sugarplum, you can find her Favorite Things of 2020 are HERE and her skincare routine HERE.

My Sugarplum Favorite Things of the year are HERE.


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  1. Lynette wrote:

    What size does Mama wear in the crewneck sweatshirt?

    Posted 2.4.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I think she prefers a medium bc she likes them oversized!

      Posted 3.5.21 Reply
  2. Addison wrote:

    Amazon truly does it all! I know I’ve mentioned this before, but as a marathon runner, I love collagen peptides. The perfect clean protein for every day!

    Posted 2.4.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      That’s awesome to hear, Addison! I’m thinking about trying the liquid ones…do you have any experience with those?

      Posted 2.5.21 Reply
  3. Priscilla wrote:

    I love all of these posts ! So many great ideas ! QQ I always enjoy any makeup ideas/post by you but think my skin coloring may be more like Ma Sugarplum. I know there is a post about her skincare but what about her makeup routine? Would so appreciate a post on that🙂

    Posted 4.24.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      That’s a great idea, Priscilla! xo, C

      Posted 4.25.21 Reply