Let’s Get Organized!

Happy Monday, friends, and welcome back to a new week! We spent the weekend in Austin cheering on our favorite volleyball player… pretty sure I can still hear the whistles!

We were only gone four days, but somehow, the house looks like a tornado tore through it with our bags and gear?! Seriously, what is it about teenager’s stuff and its tendency to expand and multiply?!

Fortunately, my friend Annie at SOS Home Organization did such an incredible job setting up organizational systems in our kitchen and bathrooms when we moved in, that it’s been a breeze keeping them maintained.

It’s definitely an investment on the front-end, but having the right products makes life so much simpler (and prettier!) for years to come! I’m always so motivated to organize in January, so in case you’re feeling the same urge, here’s some inspiration from our spaces on a good day. 😉

Our Pantry //

Large Storage Jars (Also HERE) | Clear Tall Canisters | Clear Short Canisters (Similar Set HERE) | Lazy Susan

We started decanting our dry foods a few years ago, and I’ll never go back! As long as you have good-quality containers, the food lasts so much longer than when left in their original packaging!

Plus, it makes it so simple to see what you’re running low on, and it prevents me from overbuying.

Clear Tall Canisters | Clear Short Canisters (Similar Set HERE)

Large Storage Jars (Also HERE) | Lazy Susan

By having snacks on display and so visible, the kids are able to easily grab-and-go, and you aren’t left with expired food hiding in the back of drawers and cabinets. And believe it or not, removing product from the package creates so much more space… there’s a lot of wasted space in snack boxes!

Large Storage Jars (Also HERE)

Did you know The Home Edit has a huge line of products at Walmart?! AND, they’re pretty much identical to their products sold at The Container Store! We chose those more affordable options when possible, but for some items we had to splurge a little more to fit the space best (like these deep bins and woven baskets).

Large Woven Bins (Similar HERE) | Clip Labels | Clear Long Bins

Large Woven Bins (Similar HERE) | Clip Labels | Clear Long Bins

My favorite part of this pantry is having the counter space for appliances… which means I get to tuck them away, but they’re still plugged and ready to use.

Keurig Coffee Maker | Set of Coffee Mugs | Clear Long Bins

Keurig Coffee Maker | Set of Coffee Mugs | Clear Long Bins | Toaster | Vitamix Blender

Keurig Coffee Maker | Set of Coffee Mugs | Toaster | Shallow Lazy SusanShelf Riser

These lazy Susans are the hardest-working organizing products in our house… they allow you to keep items in a compact spot, and nothing gets lost in the back! We use them in the pantry, medicine cabinet, fridge, under the bathroom sink, and more!

Shallow Lazy SusanShelf Riser

Kitchen Drawers //

Our kitchen drawers got some love from The Home Edit drawer bins from Walmart, they are seriously the biggest bang for your organizing buck!

I love that they’re deeper than usual dividers, allowing you to take advantage of all the vertical space in a drawer. They are also sized perfectly for the products we tend to keep in each room of the house. Just arrange them like a puzzle to best fit your drawer and needs.

Silverware Drawer Dividers

I resisted adding these Ziploc bag containers for years, assuming they were the same as keeping the box. I was wrong, friends. This system is so much better! Plus, it just makes me happy every time I open the drawer!

Plastic Bag Holders

The same goes with spices… getting them out of their mismatched containers made a huge difference!

Spice Jars with LabelsSpice Drawer Organizer | Runner

Bathroom Drawers //

Here are The Home Edit drawer dividers in the bathroom… it’s crazy how perfectly they fit all our drawers! I have my makeup separated by category in a system that makes sense to me. Plus, can you imagine the mess if none of this was separated?!

Bathroom Drawer Dividers | Runner (Also HERE)

Bathroom Drawer Dividers

I didn’t zhuzh or clean up these drawers for the photos… this is genuinely how they look everyday now that they’ve been organized right!

Bathroom Drawer Dividers | Gimme Hair Ties (Also HERE) | Drybar Rollers | Tao Clean Toothbrush | Hair Clips

Office Drawers //

Office Drawer Dividers

If you’ve got the organizing bug, too, here are the products I reach for the most to help get you started!

1. Silverware Drawer Dividers // 2. Bathroom Drawer Dividers
3. Office Drawer Dividers // 4. Shallow Drawer Dividers
5. Plastic Bag Holders // 6. Clip Labels
7. Woven Basket // 8. Deep Lazy Susan
9. Clear Lidded Canisters // 10. Set of 4 Woven Baskets
11. Adjustable Drawer Dividers // 12. Cabinet Shelf
13. Large Storage Jars // 14. Shelf Riser
15. Shallow Lazy Susan // 16. Spice Jars with Labels
17. Spice Drawer Organizer

Does your New Year include major organizing and purging? Science proves our minds are less stressed and more at ease when our homes are free from clutter! It can be overwhelming to think of organizing your entire house, but when broken down into small spaces one at a time, it’s easier to manage.

And even the smallest organizing project can bring peace and a sense of accomplishment. Seriously, try adding these baskets with two rolls of paper to the back of your toilet and see how accomplished you feel, ha!

I added a Storage & Organization list to my Amazon Storefront with tons more great gadgets for getting your spaces clean. Find my store HERE. What spaces have you been tackling lately?


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  1. Sandy wrote:

    Funniest blog post on the internet this week-tornados, teens. And you may miss those coaches whistles someday! : (
    I see so many useful things here. Fun post! xoxo.

    Posted 1.22.24 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you Sandy, hope you’re having a great week! xo, C

      Posted 1.23.24 Reply
  2. Megan wrote:

    Great post Cassie!! I think the biggest challenge to staying organized is getting the system in place. Once that’s set, it’s so much easier to maintain! I’ve thought the same thing about the ziplock boxes, but that does look so much neater! Love the spice containers too, but how do you know the expiration dates? I have several that I only use occasionally so once a year I like to make sure they’re all still in date.

    Posted 1.22.24 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Megan, thank you so much!!! We go through them quickly, but you could add a little sticker to the bottom with the date! xo, C

      Posted 1.23.24 Reply
  3. Jan wrote:

    I’m sorry but the amount of plastic that you use is absolutely disgraceful. Not only is it horrible for the earth but even worse for
    your health! You’re
    poisoning your family!

    Posted 1.22.24 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you for your opinion, Jan. We have a mix of plastic & woven bins/baskets/organizers, both of which can be used for decades.

      Posted 1.23.24 Reply