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And just like that, Winter Break is over and the kids are back in school. But there is nothing like the new year to get a fresh perspective on life, and take charge of the chaos! Now that the holiday decor is packed away, I have a sudden urge to clean every nook and cranny of our house. Not to mention, get cracking on all our unfinished spaces!

Granted, we’ve made a big dent in many of them since moving to this house two years ago, but there are still quite a few that remain untouched from the day we moved in. I didn’t accomplish all the spaces I intended last year, but when I sat down to write this post, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much we did achieve!

I started the year with a refresh on our Master Bedroom…just swapping in new chairs and bedding gave the room a fresh, new feel.

Master Bedroom Refresh


I partnered with The Container Store for the Master Closet of my dreams! They utilized every inch of our closet space, creating organized spots for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. And oddly enough, it’s almost as tidy and organized today as it was the day I revealed it last year! That goes to show the power of a well-organized space! (The Container Store is running their annual Elfa sale this month, so now’s a great time to transform your closets!)

Master Closet Makeover


The organizing streak continued with a new, custom Mudroom, with cubbies and hooks for every member of the family…including pull-out bins for dog-food and sports equipment. We even included a family command center and charging area!

Mudroom/Drop Zone


Our teeny, tiny Powder Bath got a glam, bold makeover, thanks to a Frog Tape Challenge. The three-week deadline made it a little tricky, especially considering we were traveling for part of that time! But we managed to git ‘er done, and packed a ton of style in to that little room.

Powder Bathroom Makeover


We started work on the Laundry Room two years ago, but like many projects, it stalled out. Now that it’s finally done, I couldn’t love being in a space more…even if it does mean I’m doing laundry. You’d never know we stuck to a strict budget on this stylish space either!

Laundry/Utility Room Makeover


The Screen Porch has been zhushed a time or two, but we finally did the real work it needed to shine…and the painted ceiling was just what it needed.

patio makeover homegoods
Screened-In Porch Makeover


The teenager is always buried in homework, projects and SAT prep, so we gave him a new, larger area to work and study. You’ll never believe the surprising source for it all!

ikea desk teenage boy room-31
Teenage Work & Study Space


Like many projects, the new Study Area just snowballed into an updated room, and now his space is fit for a minimalist-loving teenage boy, full of easy DIYs and affordable pieces.

Teenage Boy Room


And finally, we didn’t quite get this space finished…but we got a real jump on Phase 2 of the Kitchen Renovation! Stay tuned for updates and the reveal coming soon!

kitchen makeover plans
Kitchen Remodel Plans


For more peeks at our home, check out our Christmas Home Tour. We’ve definitely made real progress making this home feel like us, but still have several spaces to go. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and just close the door, but this year I hope to continue tackling the rooms one at a painfully-slow time!

My goals are to remove the wallpaper in Little Miss’s room, and tackle the homliest room in the house…my office! We’ve also had some progress in the downstairs Family Room and Breakfast Room, so I need to update you on that. We also have a Guest Room that’s just begging for a makeover!

Thank you, thank you for the love you show our home, and all the encouragement along the way! Which was your favorite makeover in 2017? What room are you most excited to see this year? See all the makeovers in this home here.


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