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Hello friends, and happy Tuesday from colorful San Miguel de Allende! Val, Suzie, and I arrived in this dreamy city last night to shoot our GLxHSP Summer Collection.

The entire town is a World UNESCO Heritage site, with cobbled streets, colorful buildings, and stunning doors … basically the perfect backdrop for the new Summer styles we’re launching next month! I’m sharing tons of peeks of our stay, the town, and the new Collection on my Instagram, so follow us HERE!

And even though I packed the full Collection, plus clothes, accessories, and toiletries for three nights, I still managed it all in just a carry-on! It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I finally have my packing routine down to a science, and it’s all thanks to these travel essentials…

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1. Toiletry Bottles // Not only are these bottles TSA-approved, but the wide mouth makes them super easy (and less messy!) to refill, and the silicone material allows you to sneeze out every last drop of product.

2. Refillable Perfume Atomizers // Leave your full-sized perfumes at home, but bring your favorite scent with you thanks to these pocket-sized atomizers!

3. Zippered Makeup Brush Case // This silicone case is my newest travel addition, and I’m already hooked! Protect your makeup brushes by keeping them separated from the rest of your toiletries … they’ll stay clean with no folded bristles in this compact case that fits in the nook of your bag.

4. Clear Zipper Pouches // Rather than a single, large toiletry bag, I transitioned to these smaller bags years ago and couldn’t believe what a difference they made! Not only do they pack so easily and take up less space than a single bag, but it allows me to keep hair, skin, makeup, and more separated for easier grab-and-go! The zippers are extra strong, and the pouches expand just enough for travel-sized products.

5. Stanley 16 oz. Bottle // Maybe not a travel ‘essential’, but I never travel without a water bottle! I simply fill it up once I’m through security, and I can easily stay hydrated during the flight.

6. Foldable Vanity Mirror // You never know what the light and mirror situation will be, so this compact mirror provides much-needed light no matter where you’re getting ready!

7. Packing Cubes // These should come as no surprise … I’ve been raving about these packing cubes for years! They’ve literally revolutionized the way I pack and travel. Not only do they keep your bag organized and reduce wrinkling, but they allow you to fit twice as much in your suitcase. Serious game changers!

8. Charging Cord Organizer // Between my phone, laptop, sleep buds, AirPods, and camera, I’ve got a lot of devices that need charging! This compact case holds it all and zips up for easy packing.

9. Outlet Adapter // I have a handful of adaptors for travel, but this one covers all the bases! It has two plugs and two USBs (allowing for four devices at once), but also comes with a range of adaptor plugs for all the different countries. Just swap out the plug’s base for the one you need, and you’ve got a compact adaptor. (Note, this is only a plug adaptor, not a voltage converter.) If you don’t need all the adaptor options, I also have and love this one.

10. Hanging Luggage Scale // Never pay overage fees again! This little gadget quickly and easily weighs your bag before heading to the airport.

11. Travel Steamer // I’ve tested my fair share of travel steamers, and this one takes the cake! It’s powerful, yet has a compact, easy-to-pack shape, ensuring your clothes are always photo-ready!

12. Magnetic Hat Clip // Finally a magnetic hat clip that’s both powerful and affordable! Simply clip it to the brim of your hat and then attach the keyring to your carry-on for easy, hands-free travel that keeps your hat from getting crumpled from packing!

13. Kindle Paperwhite // I never travel without a book … between flight delays and no WiFi, a good read always helps pass the time. This Kindle weighs literally nothing, slips easily into your bag, and reads in all light conditions. Plus with no backlight, the screen is glare-free… perfect for late-night reading and not waking up your partner!

14. Carry-On Duffle Bag // This bag is the Number 1 reason I’m able to skip the checked bag … I call it the Mary Poppins bag for its incredible ability to pack so many things, and then some! Tons of compartments, lightweight, and expandable, and yep … fits under the seat! (It counts as my personal bag.) I’ve had the lighter rose color for two years, and countless trips later, it still looks good as new!

15. Rolling Spinner Suitcase // Every member of my family now owns this perfect little carry-on! It’s super lightweight yet sturdy, and rolls easily in a leaning or upright position. It holds a ton, while still fitting easily in the overhead compartment. I pack two medium packing cubes on one side, and another one and my zipper pouches on the other.


As for my travel style … it’s all about comfort! Here’s a few of my recent travel looks…

(Spoiler Alert: It usually includes Vuori joggers!)

Pocket Tee (Small) | Jean Jacket (Small, Jeanie) | Performance Joggers (Small) | ON Cloud Sneakers (TTS) | Wristlet Phone Case | Rolling Suitcase | Carry-On Duffle Bag | Stanley 40 oz. Tumbler


Villa Mia Jumpsuit (XS) (code SUGARPLUM10) | Jean Jacket (Small, Jeanie) | Leather Slide Sandals | Rolling Suitcase | Carry-On Duffle Bag


Scoopneck Tee (XS) | Jean Jacket (Small, Jeanie) | Vuori Cropped Pants | Rothy’s Sneakers | Rolling Suitcase | Carry-On Duffle Bag


Striped Crewneck (Medium) | Performance Joggers (Small) | Rothy’s Sneakers | Necklace | All-Weather Bangles | Rolling Suitcase | Carry-On Duffle Bag


So tell me … do we share any travel essentials? What items do you never leave home without?

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