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Happy Monday, friends and welcome back to a new week! Heck, welcome back to a NEW YEAR!! I hope you had a fun and relaxing holiday weekend! I’ve been mostly unplugged and soaking up all the extra family time, and loving every second of it.

Today I’m continuing our look back at favorite posts and products of the last year, and it’s all about Home and Travel! Last year was big for our family, with an unexpected move and the return of travel!



Before we revisit the top posts, here are your most-shopped links for the Home… and once again, all favorites of mine, as well!

1. Nugget Ice Maker // 2. Always Pan
3. Portable Carpet Cleaner // 4. Framed Office Artwork
5. Neck & Back Massager // 6. Bath Towels
7. Clear Drawer Dividers // 8. Throw Blanket
9. Mattress Topper // 10. Handheld Steamer
11. Ceramic Planter // 12. Luxury Detergent
13. Boxwood Wreath // 14. Window Cleaning Cloths
15. Pet Fur Remover // 16. Foyer Rug
17. Le Labo-esque Hand Soap // 18. Sheet Set
19. Wood Bead Garland // 20. Faux Succulent Stems



As for the top posts, here are the most popular for Home & Decor of 2022… no question our move was one of the biggest changes to our year! Moving wasn’t even on our radar, but life had different plans for us, and I’m beyond grateful for the fresh start this new home and school brought for our precious Little Miss.

We Moved!

We absolutely loved our home on Rosemont Drive… after all, we poured our hearts and eight years into making it ‘Us.’ There wasn’t a single square inch we didn’t touch, and I couldn’t have been happier or prouder of this beloved home. Fortunately, the new owners love color and pattern as much as we do, and are just as thrilled to call it home now.

Before & After: Part One | Part Two

I shared a Before and After of the full house, patio, and backyard HERE and HERE.

Favorite Amazon Finds Around the House


The Sugar Shack continues to be a blessing and became our refuge on many occasions last year. We’ve had so much fun adding life and personality to her. See the latest updates HERE.

Sugar Shack Updates


Travel Top Sellers //

After a few years of limited to no travel, it was incredible to explore more last year! A love of travel is something we all share, because these Travel favorites were big sellers last year!

1. Leather Hat Holder // 2. Hanging Luggage Scale
3. Packing Cubes // 4. Rolling Suitcase
5. Kindle Paperwhite // 6. Charging Cord Organizer
7. Carry-On Duffle Bag // 8. Clear Zipper Pouches
9. Stanley Travel Mug // 10. Passport Holders
11. Vuori Joggers // 12. Straw Hat
13. Travel Toiletry Bottles // 14. External Battery Charger
15. CR Discovery Collection Set (code SUGARPLUM20) // 16. Inflatable Foot Pillow
17. Travel Steamer // 18. Packable Handled Moving Totes
19. Bose Noise-Cancelling Earbuds // 20. Hot Tools Silicone Sleeve



As for the top posts, here are the most popular for Travel of 2022…

Snapshots from Mexico


Bungalows Key Largo


Trip Report | Pine Cay, Turks & Caicos


Trip Report | Maui, Hawaii


Maui Hikes


Trip Report | Holbox Island, Mexico


Great Stays | Casa Las Tortugas


Trip Report | Whidbey Island


Trip Report | Big Sur


I can’t wait to see where 2023 takes us! Which project or post was your favorite? What sort of decor posts would you like to see more of this year? I love that Hi Sugarplum is a little bit of everything, from fashion and home to beauty and travel… because none of us has just one love!

What about the top-selling reader faves… any of those items new favorites in your home? Be sure to stay tuned for your top beauty and style faves later in the week. Happy Monday, lovebugs!



Top 20 Reader Favorites

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  1. Sandy wrote:

    This post, lady! Luv when u rerun things I need to consider. I lost count of the great things you have found to make (my) life better. And awesome places I need to revisit! : ))
    Here’s to all things good in 2023! xo.

    Posted 1.2.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      So glad you found it helpful, Sandy! Happy New Year!

      Posted 1.2.23 Reply
  2. Donna C wrote:

    Here for all the travel and fashion! It would be so helpful on the travel posts if you would give more info on how you book these trips….such as do you do all the planning or do you use a travel agent, what websites do you book through for airlines, hotels, etc., any special tips and tricks you use. Happy New Year!

    Posted 1.2.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks for the feedback, Donna! For the most part, our travel is pretty much just me spending hours upon hours on the internet and instagram! I’ll start including those details in my Trip Reports!

      Posted 1.2.23 Reply
  3. Patricia wrote:

    Probably the most helpful tip you’ve ever given us were the Bose sleep buds. They’re pricy but worth it. In younger years, my husband snored like a construction grade chain saw. He’s quieted down since then but now complains about me snoring. Moi?

    The first go-around, we had issues with the batteries. But since Bose re-issued the sleep buds, they’ve worked well. Thanks for saving me from getting poked all night long to ‘roll over’.

    Posted 1.2.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      haha — it must be the dog! 😉 I still sleep with my old Bose sleep buds…they no longer connect to an app, but block out enough that I don’t hear Mr. SP snoring (or other noises i.e. dogs!). I’m tempted to get the update pair and start connecting to the white noise again! I’m thrilled to hear they worked out for you!

      Posted 1.2.23 Reply
  4. Sandy wrote:

    Ok, the fixer here, again. Have you ever heard of mouth taping? From a dentist. It forces you to breathe thru your nose while asleep instead of snoring. Friends swear by this for a better nights sleep. I use the blue 3M tape used for painting, b’cuz it’s gentle to remove. But there is also surgical tape and bandage tape in the first aid aisle. Only a small piece is needed.
    Report back how it works for you. Hope this helps, SPs and SP fans!

    Posted 1.2.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      That’s intriguing!!! Thanks for the tip, Sandy! xo. C

      Posted 1.9.23 Reply