We Moved!

I still can’t believe it… but friends, we moved! To say it happened quickly would be an understatement… hence why I’ve been looking a little wide-eyed lately, ha!

So let’s back up to the beginning, or in other words, a few weeks ago! You may recall I mentioned Little Miss transferred to a new school this year, and it has been a huge blessing for her after suffering devastating loss last spring. She’s making new friends and it’s given her the fresh start she so desperately needed. Thank you, Lord!

But the downside is the school was a 30-40 minute drive each way. She was so excited to go to this school that she insisted she didn’t mind, but we quickly noticed the long drive wearing on her (she started going August 1 for volleyball). Not to mention, my constant worry about her on the busy Dallas freeways!

So I reached out to my realtor-friend and asked her to send me alerts for new listings within a reasonable area around the school. We hadn’t even talked about the possibility of moving, we’d only started considering the idea of it…when BAM!

Wall and Trim Paint: SW ‘Pure White’
on me: Racerback Tank (Color: 1white, Size: Small) | Flounce Skirt (Color: C.biege, Size: Small) | Cut-Out Sandals (Also HERE)

Scoopneck Tee | Levi’s Jean Shorts (Color: Luxor Baked, Size: 27) | NB Sneakers | Moving Essentials

When I saw this listing go live I could hardly believe it was real…a brand-new build in the middle of an older, developed neighborhood…and 2.5 miles from Sloan’s new school! It only took one walk-thru for us all to fall in love (Mr. College was still home, so we got to see it as a family), and two days later it was ours! WHAT?!

As you know, the housing market is crazy now, so there’s really no time to ponder, hem and haw! I was a wreck for the last couple of weeks…prepping to leave the house I love with my whole heart was not easy, but I kept reminding myself we were making an investment in Sloan. And really, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to give that precious girl her best shot at happiness. And although she’s likely only home for two more years, we want them to be the most joyful.

Plus, the house is freaking gorgeous! It’s strange to move in to a house that doesn’t need overhauling…but, it’s also a beautiful blank slate, just waiting for some Sugarplum fun!

Thanks to some fabulous movers and the SOS Organization Team, we are almost settled in to the new house…and I love how all our pieces are looking in the new spaces! This house has the same number of rooms as our last house, but a different mix of spaces (for example it has one dining area rather than two, and a library/study instead of a formal living), so it’s been a bit of musical chairs and lamps to figure out the best spots for things. (I’ve been sharing lots of progress on my Instagram Story HERE.)

Similar Rug | Walls: BM ‘Cinder’

Similar Mirror | Similar Designer-Inspired Blanket | Faux Plant | Planter | All furniture & decor pieces sourced from A Well Dressed Home

The first goal is make each room feel as complete as possible with our existing pieces, so it feels like home. That includes unpacking every last box so we aren’t living in a state of ‘moving limbo.’

Then comes the fun stuff…adding our own flair to make it feel like us. As soon as I saw the arches and exposed wood throughout the house, I immediately thought of La Serena Villas, one of my favorite and most-stylish hotels, and the inspiration for this new home was born!

My friend Kristen of The Hunted Interior (you may remember our work together on this room!) is helping me bring my dreams of a Modern Spanish Casa to life! It will mix my love of color, pattern, texture, and the Mexican culture, but grounded in traditional neutrals.


1. Pendant Light Fixture // 2. Decorative Tray
3. Wood Bead Garland // 4. Faux Fig Leaf Plant
5. Counter Stools // 6. Wooden Knot
7. Storage Cabinet // 8. Blue Floral Pillow
9. Star Pillow

The night before we closed on this new home, I walked in our old house and the sadness that I’d been feeling about leaving just lifted, and from then on it’s been nothing but excitement and gratitude.

We feel so grateful for this home, and can’t wait for all the memories we’ll make here. And of course the decorating part will be fun, and you know I’ll bring you along for it all!

Friends, I can’t thank you enough for your continued love and prayers for our family, and especially our girl! xo. C.

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