How To Pack a Hat

Cheers to Friday, friends, and the weekend ahead! We’re soaking up our last days at the beach before heading home for all things back to school! I think I’m dreading it as much as the kids…I just love having them home! I hope y’all have had a wonderful summer, too!

I get a lot of questions when we travel, but the most reoccurring during the Summer months are ‘Don’t your feet get cold flying in sandals?’ and ‘How do you pack your straw hat?’

I answered the first question a few weeks ago, and shared everything I pack in my carry-on bag for long flights (see it here), and today I’m spilling the simple trick for packing hats! And if you’ve been following me for a minute, you know I never travel without a hat, regardless of the season!

Of course in the Summer they’re perfect for protecting your face and shielding your eyes in the sun, but just as important, they allow me to get away with completely disheveled hair! But really, that’s half the reason I’m wearing a hat in every vacation photo…I literally don’t bring a hair dryer or curling iron on beach trips…it’s 100% natural, air-dried, hot-mess hair, and I love it! (See what I mean here, here and here!)

So let’s talk about how I get said hat to my final destination! Sometimes I just carry it on the plane, placing it in the overhead bin if there’s room, or tucking it at my feet. But most times I pack it, especially if I want to bring more than one hat!

packing a straw hat in a rolling carry on suitcase
V-Neck Tee | Hat | Suitcase

It really is so simple, I almost feel silly writing a post about it…but it’s literally my number one question lately about travel!

How to Pack a Hat

  • To keep the hat from getting smushed or collapsing, fill the crown with smaller items like swimsuits, undergarments or tank tops. I store my swimsuits in ziplock bags at home, which makes it really easy to grab-and-go, and keeps them organized in my suitcase. They’re also the perfect size to stuff the crown.

filling a hat to pack inside a suitcase

  • Flip the hat and place it on the flat surface inside your empty suitcase. I use this hard-shell bag, but it works with soft bags, as well. Just place the hat on the bottom, not the top ‘flap’.

packing a straw fedora hat in a suitcase

packing a hat in a suitcase on the bottom on the carry on luggage
Hat | Suitcase

  • Pack remaining items around the hat, holding its form and keeping it in place.

how to pack a hat in a small carry on suitcase with ebags
eBags | Monogrammed Accessory Case | Sandals | Hat | Suitcase

See, so simple! And the same theory applies if you want to pack multiple hats.

  • Stack the hats to form a single hat, with the largest hat on the outside.

how to pack multiple hats in a suitcase by nesting one hat underneath the other

how to pack straw hats with a baseball hat in a carry on suitcase for flight travel

  • Fill the crown with other items.

packing multiple hats in a carry on suitcase for travel

  • Place in empty suitcase and pack around it!

how to pack multiple hats without taking up room in a carry on suitcase

packing a hat on the bottom of a rolling carry on suitcase

how to pack a hat with other clothing in a carry on suitcase
eBags | Monogrammed Accessory Case | Sandals | Hat | Suitcase

packing a straw beach hat in a carry on
V-Neck Tee | Hat | Suitcase

how to pack a hat

Y’all know I’m a hard-core fan of the eBags, too. They have literally changed the way I travel, and my family never packs without them anymore. I made a little video sharing the packing process in this post. I use the medium size most often, but the assorted pack is a great place to start. (Find more packing tips here.)

And don’t forget, this is the final weekend for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! All the fun Fall things go to full price Sunday at midnight. You can see all my favorite finds here, but these are my top picks. Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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*Photos by the darling Audrey Dollins*

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