Sugarplum Style & More Snapshots from Hawaii

Oh Monday…I wish I could say I was ready for you, but honestly, I’m still fighting to stay awake an entire day! The jet lag struggle is real. but I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant I could go back to Kauai! It really was such a magical place.

Today I’m sharing outfits and snapshots from the second half of our 20th Anniversary trip, including my travel uniform home. But don’t worry, I’ll have a more detailed Trip Report soon, I just need to figure out how to whittle down all the photos and recommendations! I know you’ll want all the scoop, so I may have to break it in to two posts…any objections to that?

Could this dress be any more vacation perfect?! I’m crazy for the tropical print and breezy fit.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing an XS.

Palm Dress | Bag | Sandals | Bracelet Set

Graphic Tee (XS) | Shorts | Striped Tote | Cap

Ruffle Tank (XS) | Striped Knit Skirt (XS Petite) | Flip-Flops | Hat | Bracelet Set | Sunglasses

I wore this jersey knit romper more than any other piece…it was so easy to throw on for coffee and shave ice runs, and the perfect cover-up and loungewear, too.

Knit Romper (XS) | Hat | Sunglasses | Flip-Flops | Striped Tote

Straw Beach Hat

Gingham Ruffle Top (XS) | Shorts | Flip Flops | Bracelet Set | Hat

Tunic Cover-Up | Straw Hat

Ruffle Swim Top (small) | Full Coverage Bottoms (small) | Hat | Bracelets | Sunglasses

Embroidered Midi Dress (XS) | Flip Flops | Bracelet Set

Little Miss Swimsuit

One-Piece Swimsuit (size up, I’m in a 4) | Jean Shorts | Bracelet Set | Sunglasses

Striped Tee | Jean Shorts | Flip Flops | Monogrammed Beach Tote | Straw Hat | Bracelet Set | Sunglasses

Cover-Up Dress (similar maxi dress) | Bracelet Set | Hat | Sunglasses

Racerback Tank Dress (I size up to a small for relaxed fit) | Hat

Embroidered Midi Dress (XS)

These joggers were perfection for both flights…so soft and comfy, but not too warm when we weren’t flying. Funny enough, I had several people comment about traveling in sandals since their feet get cold on flights. Mine do too, but that’s why I have the best socks in my carry-on! I’m working on a packing post to share my must-haves for long flights, so stay tuned for that!

Tank | Jogger Pant | Jean Jacket | Sandals | Striped Tote | Carry-On Roll Bag

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, then you saw we also had family photos taken while on island (I shared a few here and here), and I can’t wait to get them back. We all grumbled a bit when it came time to get dressed, but it was so much fun, and I think it was one of the best things we did. Plus, I know I’ll treasure them forever.

See more peeks of the first half of our trip here, and all our travels here.

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  1. I truly love your shots in Hawaii! They show off your summer style so well! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  2. Nikki wrote:

    I’m planning to wear your jogger pants with the ruffle tee on our flight to Montana next weekend. The pants really are suuuuper comfortable!

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  3. Sandy wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your trip, Sugarplum family.
    Break it down into 3 more posts please, ha,ha!
    The next time I get married, I’m getting married on Kauai!

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  4. Even with dirty hair and no make up, you still manage to look adorable! Especially in all the Hi Sugarplum pieces!!!! CANNOT WAIT for the trip recaps! 2 parts sounds perfect!

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  5. Sevahn wrote:

    Welcome home Cassie! Beautiful scenery, and beautiful family. As many trip recaps as you wish!

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  6. GC wrote:

    Off topic, but have you seen Ocean’s 8? When Sarah Paulson (as Tammy) came onscreen I thought, “she’s playing hisugerplum!” (That’s intended as a compliment to you both 🙂)

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  7. Emily wrote:

    I’d love to see a post that details exactly what you brought with you on your trip; a packing list of sorts! The photos are gorgeous; I’ve so enjoyed your vacation posts.

    Posted 6.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Yes ma’am, I’m working on a packing post, too! xo

      Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  8. Victoria wrote:

    How do you stay so trim? Any secrets to share? You always look so put together and attractive.

    Posted 6.30.18 Reply
  9. Katie wrote:

    I hope you post your trip guide this week – we leave this week for Maui and Kauai and I know you’ll have all the best recommendations!

    Posted 7.2.18 Reply
  10. Suzanne wrote:

    Is there a post about the Budhagirl bracelet set? Curious about them…..

    Posted 7.9.18 Reply
  11. Krista wrote:

    Looking forward to trip recap. Headed to Kauai in December!

    Posted 8.13.18 Reply
  12. Kim Beckham wrote:

    Cassie, when y’all were in Hawaii, did you visit several different islands? I’m headed there in February and wondering about getting around to the different islands. Was it worth it to pop around or to stay in one area?


    Posted 8.20.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      We stayed on Kauai the entire time, and just explored different parts of the island. There was plenty to see and do! The flights between islands are quick and easy, but still take half a day or so, and we preferred to stay put for this trip. Maybe we’d hop around next time!

      Posted 8.20.18 Reply
      • Kim Beckham wrote:

        Thanks for the info. 🙂

        Posted 8.21.18 Reply