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Happy Monday, friends, and welcome back to a new week! We’re currently home-bound under a blanket of snow, and loving every second of it! It’s been nothing but weather talk around here for the last two days, but considering how unique snow and sub-zero temps are in our area, can you blame us?!

We actually have a four-day weekend thanks to the holiday, so had planned to spend it at our lake house, The Sugar Shack, but decided it was safer to stay put. Not an easy choice, seeing as how I want to be there all the time!

We closed on the house about six weeks ago (see the latest updates HERE), and while we’re still working through the punch list with the builder, we’ve slowly started pulling the bedrooms together.

I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted… bright and clean, with a healthy dose of preppy coastal…so I asked my talented friend, Kristin Jackson, to help me pull them together. (She’s the genius behind our Living Room and Dining Room!)

The designs are so adorable, and even better, everything is affordably sourced from retailers like Overstock, Target, and Amazon, with a dash of Etsy for more personality. I’ll use these these as my guides and foundation, subbing out some items and building upon the rooms as I go.


Primary Bedroom //

We toyed with the idea of a canopy bed in here (we liked this one), but once the shiplap was up (on just the main wall), we decided we’d rather have something with texture. She found this gorgeous steal of a headboard, but in the end, I splurged on this bed.

The bedrooms are on the smaller side, so all the focus is on the beds. I always decorate on a budget, but usually include one splurge item in each room. (Like a pillow or custom drapes, or a special art or mirror.) It just elevates the entire space.

As for the bathroom, we ended up with these pulls and these sconces. The mirrors are still giving us a little trouble, but it’s slowly coming together.

Headboard | Curtains | Curtain Rods
Nightstands | Blue Glass Lamps
Spotted Pillow Covers | Otomi Pillow CoversThrow Pillow Inserts
Tufted Ottoman | Jute Rug
Woven Mirror | Navy Dresser

Downstairs Guestroom //

This room is mostly for our parents, so I wanted it comfortable and stylish, with lots of elevated preppy vibes. Would you believe the headboard is a World Market find? It’s actually custom-order, so it takes awhile, but I am blown away by the quality!

The only downside to headboards (versus a full bed), is the need for bed skirts. They aren’t usually my favorite look, but this pleated skirt fit the feel of the room. Not to mention, these bed frames are so dang affordable!

Headboard | Curtains | Curtain Rods | Rattan Wall Art
Nightstands | Woven Lamps | Indigo Pillow Covers | Throw Pillow Inserts
Woven Bench | Striped Rug | Bed Skirt
Palm Prints | Woven Consoles

For the guest room en suite bathroom, we plan to use this peel and stick wallpaper, but let’s see if I actually get around to it!

I ended up using this mirror to better coordinate the pulls, and I love it. (The vanities in her boards are just for placement, the builder built each of ours.)

Peel & Stick Wallpaper | Sconce | Mirror
Cabinet Pulls | Swimsuit Print | Tile


Girls Room //

The upstairs has two small bedrooms that mirror each other, and a little den (it’s a half-floor, meaning it only spans half the width of the downstairs). We decided it would be fun to decorate the bedrooms as His and Hers.

The overall building process went really smooth, but we did have one snafu! The girl’s bath was to have green floor tile, and the boys a fun blue…but they were accidentally swapped. Rather than demo it out, we just adjusted the designs to include some blue in the girls room.

Little Miss likes the boho style, so we kept it from being too girly with mostly greens and blues, with a little coral thrown in. I may have to cave on my all-white vision and paint these walls a fun color.

The lamps were a little small in scale, so I’ve ordered these and can’t wait to see them in person!

Rattan Headboard | Curtains | Curtain Rods
Nightstands | Lamps | Palm Pillow Covers | Throw Pillow Inserts
Indigo Lumbar Pillow Cover | Lumbar Pillow Insert | Bed Skirt
Palm Print | Console Chest | Rattan Ottoman

Vanity Sconce | Sage Round Mirror | Shower Curtain
Cabinet Hardware | Bath Print | Tile


Bunk Room //

I adore this design for the ‘boys’ bunk room, but once we saw the beds in place, we switched directions. Instead of painting the frames the deep green, we kept everything white and bright.

A quick trip to Target changed the bedding direction, and I ended up with these euro pillows with these lumbars.

Side Table | Sconces
Buffalo Check Pillow Covers | Palm Pillow Covers
Throw Pillow Inserts | Lake Prints

Vanity Sconce | Sage Round Mirror | Striped Shower Curtain
Cabinet Hardware | No Diving Print | Tile


If you’re keeping count, that’s four bedrooms with seven beds!! But that’s one of the greatest things about this house… it’s designed to sleep lots of friends and family! (The house is about 2500-square feet.)

So of course I turned to Amazon for outfitting all the beds, and we are thrilled with how they came together! Everything is great quality and so comfortable, not to mention affordable with convenient shipping.

After a lot of research, we decided on these mattresses (they’re a hybrid of springs and memory foam, so they feel like a traditional mattress), and we are so impressed! They arrive quickly in a compact box, and expand in minutes. They are firm, yet soft, and not hot at all.

From there, we added mattress toppers, sheets, and duvets. You know I love this topper, so it’s on the downstairs ‘adult’ beds, but I used this more affordable option for the kids’ beds, and it’s excellent, too!

1. Duvet Cover & Shams // 2. Duvet Insert
3. Euro Sham + Insert // 4. Throw Pillow Inserts
5. Sleeping Pillows // 6. Hybrid Mattress in a Box
7. Mattress Topper (also this one) // 8. Bed Frame
9. Favorite Sheets // 10. Bed Skirt


As far as the bathrooms go, I used these towels and towel hooks, plus these mats. I couldn’t resist these woven trash cans for a little texture, too. All the bedding and bathroom basics are white for easy washing and bleaching.

Next up I’ll share progress in the bedrooms, plus the basics we added for the kitchen! My goal is to get the house to a comfortable, livable place so our parents can start using it soon, then spend the next 50 years making it completely ‘us.’ And I can’t wait! Who’s coming to visit us first?!


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  1. Izzy wrote:

    You NEED the blue lanai mirror from Serena & Lily for one of your spaces. It would be perfect!! I have them in my primary bath and love!!

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Serena and Lily is so dreamy, isn’t it?!?! xo, C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  2. Hayley wrote:

    Love it. And your language shift to “primary bedroom” is noted and applauded.

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  3. Sandy wrote:

    Gosh, C! So much to love here. It’s still loading!
    Guess I’ll be here a while, ha,ha.
    Tell Mr. SP to look up the song/artists/lyrics to the 60’s hit, Sugar Shack, and he’ll be singing it in no time=ear worm!
    I’ll be right over w/the lasagna and lime jello mold! : )
    Grrreat post!

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  4. C.B wrote:

    Love to see all the progress you’re making!! I adore the tile in both girls and boys bathrooms! And that name is super cute for your cottage/lake house (fun note, I am French Canadian so sugar shacks are a pretty traditional experience around spring when the maples are starting to release their sweet water used in the production of maple syrup (the province of Quebec where I’m from is the biggest producer). We usually go in as a big group to eat the traditional foods and sample some of the syrup in it’s regular form or boiled up and cooled in small portions on fresh snow and rolled up on a popsicle stick to eat like toffee. In French, a sugar shack is called “cabane à sucre” (you can tell that to your guests as a fun fact ;p). Glad you’re enjoying the snow. We’re pretty tapped out over here (already about 2 feet of it on the ground and about 2 more coming this week) but it’s nice to see people who don’t see it often making the best out of it. Can’t wait for further progress on the lake house. Cheers from Ottawa, Ontario

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh my gosh, that is so fun! Thank you for those tidbits! Four feet of snow would do us in… we’re already tapped out with the several inches we got today! xo, C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  5. Sandy wrote:

    Sorry, back again to say, please, do not go out in this weather if you don’t need to. Freezer full of food?, stay home. Not worth the risk. For teen drivers, just say, we are going to stay home for now. Zoom w/friends instead! This weather/these road conditions are no joke. So dangerous.
    Sorry! Love today’s post! : )

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh absolutely, Sandy! This weather is BONKERS! The Sugarplums have been inside by the fire all day! xo, C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • kayden wrote:

      At first glance I thought I would have to wait for a really good sale to get my hands on your new bed. You know like maybe 75% off but the bargain headboard will work just fine for my budget. Thanks for the heads-up. I know you and your family are going to enjoy that Sugar Shack for years to come! The lake and all this snow would be TOO incredible wouldn’t it.

      Posted 2.16.21 Reply
  6. Jackie wrote:

    What a beautiful retreat for your family! Your preppy coastal vibe is relaxing, fresh and crisp. I must thank you for the printable download art idea. You just solved one of my design dilemmas!

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Love to hear that, Jackie!!! Xo, C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  7. patricia wrote:

    The Sugar Shack is going to be extra sweet! In a totally chic coastal way. Looking forward to seeing this beauty finished. The only downside? That you didn’t do this years ago when the kids were still little.
    But you’ll have another chance when grandkids come along (sorry, don’t mean to rush you, but as a grandma, my mind automatically runs to that groove).

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh don’t worry Patricia, the future little Sugarplums definitely crossed my mind when completing the lake house!!! xo, C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  8. Leigh T wrote:

    Swoon! We just closed on land at the beach and this is inspiring me! We will also be about 2500 sq ft and 4 bedrooms, but WAY up in the air on pylons! Keep the updates comin!

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Sounds dreamy, Leigh!!! Those pylons are life savers! xo, C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  9. Tricia wrote:

    You’ve created an Awesome lake house! Cozy, Colorful, and a happy place for all! Enjoy!

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Cozy, colorful, and happy… you’ve really hit the trifecta there! We can’t believe it’s ours! Xo, Cassie

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  10. Addison wrote:

    It’s absolutely stunning!!! I love the fabrics, prints and textures. You have such an eye for design. Congratulations on your “someday”!

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Addison! xo,C

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  11. Sandra Pace wrote:

    So happy your back with fabulous home finds!!! I started following you forever ago for amazing and budget friendly décor posts. This made my day!!! Please keep this kinds of posts going!!!

    Posted 2.16.21 Reply
  12. Amelyn wrote:

    Wow stunning! Wish y’all the best& cheers to happy memories!
    Completely unrelated but need to know if you have a spring clothing line out soon?
    Stay safe and warm

    Posted 2.18.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi there! Thank you so much! And stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming!… xo, C

      Posted 2.18.21 Reply
  13. Jill wrote:

    Do you have an artist name for that bath tub leggy artwork? The link is broken 🙁

    Posted 3.1.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Jill! I think you’re referring to the girls’ bathroom?! It’s saying that that Etsy shop is unavailable right now, so the shop owner must be on hiatus for some reason! Bummer! Xo, C

      Posted 3.1.21 Reply
  14. Jenn Ginn wrote:

    In your bunk room are the bottom bunks queens or fulls? We are building (in our planning stages only.) We have 4 male cousins ranging in age from 10-15, and the boys are big and need room. I was curious if you did twins over fulls or queens? Thank you so much.

    Posted 4.14.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Jenn! The primary bedroom is a king, other downstairs is a queen, girls’ room upstairs is full, then bunk room is twin on top and full on bottom!! xo, C

      Posted 4.14.21 Reply
  15. Mary wrote:

    I just love to see your home decor!! You have a wonderful eye! ~ what software or app did you use to plan your lake house design…looks like a good one.
    Love your blog so much!!
    ~ Mary

    Posted 4.19.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Mary! Oh goodness, all of that beautiful and tech-savvy work was done by the team at A Well Dressed Home!! xo, C

      Posted 4.19.21 Reply
  16. Kristin Elrod wrote:

    Love it all! Trying to find link to the floor length rattan mirror I saw in your background. Beautiful home!

    Posted 6.17.21 Reply
  17. Theresa wrote:

    Do you always go with mattress toppers on beds?

    Posted 10.24.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I usually do! Just adds a layer of clouds for extra coziness! Definitely not a requirement. xo, C

      Posted 10.25.21 Reply