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­Hi friends, happy Wednesday! First up, I’m thrilled you loved my Fall Decor Finds yesterday. Our temps are back in the 80s again, so it might be a few more weeks before we fully embrace Fall around here.

I tend to start my blog posts with a little nugget of life behind the computer, but it’s been awhile since I did a full check-in. We may not leave the house much, but it’s still been a busy few months around the Sugarplum Casa.

And since this blog also serves as my own personal scrapbook, I wanted to document a few things here. (Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how often I search HSP for reminders of things we did, what I used, where we went, etc! That little magnifying glass is great for finding topics of all kinds!)

So here’s a little peek at our Life Lately…


After six months cooped up in his room, Mr. College Guy was finally able to pack up and head back to school to start his sophomore year! Funny enough, the days seemed to drag during shelter-in-place, but as soon as we pulled out his bags, it was as if he’d only been home a minute.

I had a few moments of sadness both during the packing, and on drop-off day, but certainly nothing like his first year. (Read that experience HERE.)

He’s living in the fraternity house this year, so he’s got more space and freedom…and fortunately given the pandemic, it’s significantly fewer people than in the dorm! The majority of his classes are virtual, but he does have a couple on campus.

We debated having him stay home this semester and go completely online, but in the end, decided that college is not just about a classroom. Many life skills come from surviving on your own, away from hovering moms, ha! We’re sad to miss the fun of Fall semester…football games, tailgates, Parent’s Weekend, etc, but grateful he’s finding a little bit of ‘normal.’

Becoming a man is not easy work, but he’s finding his way, and we couldn’t be more proud. Or miss him more.

Tank | Shorts | Sneakers


After a month of virtual classes, Little Miss finally stepped foot in her new school. Her high-school is on a hybrid schedule, so she’s face-to-face two days a week, and at-home for three.

There are quite a few obstacles, but she’s handling them like a champ. One thing the pandemic revealed is her resilience…the girl accepted it and adapted from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, some days are hard, but I’m seriously surprised, and amazed, by her daily.

Graphic Tee | Jeans | Double Layer Converse | Wreath | ‘Hello’ Door Mat

She marked the start of her freshman year by getting her ears pierced…finally! The rule was she had to wait until she was 14, which happened to fall in the first week of lockdown. (Mama SP made me wait until 14, so I just followed the tradition, ha!)

So she was beyond excited to finally make it happen! Oh yeah, and she got braces, too! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up now.


While I was perfecting the art of couch-potatoeing, Mr. SP was fulfilling his dream of hiking Half Dome!

He and his cousin backpacked from Mammoth to Yosemite, a 6-day journey completely off the grid. He said it was the hardest, but most incredible experience of his life.

He invited me to come, but as soon as I heard the bathroom arrangements, I was out! (You bring a #2 shovel!)

Hooded Shirt | Backpack


For me, it’s been a juggling act of mom-life and work-life, with Zoom workouts thrown in each week! Our Sugarplum Fit Classes are so fun, and definitely keep me more accountable. Click HERE to register and join us virtually.

Oh yeah, I’m also working on our next Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collection!! Y’all, it is SO FUN, and I can’t wait for you to see it!! The photoshoot is in two weeks (hence all the workouts, ha!), and stay tuned for launch details next month!


And finally…we bought a lakehouse! I know, it’s crazy…I still can’t believe it! Well, it’s not technically ours yet since it’s still being built, but it hopefully will be by December.

My dad and stepmom have had a house on this lake for almost 30-years, and memories of weekends and summers here are some of the sweetest. We’ve casually been looking for a place of our own for ages, and literally stumbled on this darling new-build on the Fourth of July.

And bonus, it’s two coves over from my step-mom!

builder: CR Thurman Homes

Of course I brought in my friends at A Well Dressed Home to help us choose the final finishes for construction, and decorate the main living area. They have access to unbelievable trade prices, and indestructible fabrics! Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable during this process…here’s a peek of the style…

I’ve been sharing the building progress on my Instagram Story, and started a Lake House highlight video you can see HERE. Let me know if you want to see more on the blog, like the building progress and design choices…I can’t get enough of it!

We can hardly wait for all the new memories in the decades to come, and feel so grateful to have a place our parents can enjoy, too.

So tell me…what’s going on in your life lately? How are your kids settling in to this new ‘normal’? Happy halfway-to-Friday, lovebugs!


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