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Hey friends! Welcome back to a new week! How was your weekend? Ours seemed to fly by, as usual. When’s the next 3-day weekend, anyway?! This semester will be full of college visits, so we’ve got lots of road trips on the agenda for those long weekends. I’m excited about the uninterrupted family car-time though…we always seem to have the best chats when they’re hopped-up on car snacks (and no wifi!).

Do you follow me on Instagram or Facebook? I love the conversations and back-and-forth engagement we have other there. I recently opened it up and invited my Instagram readers to ask me anything…and you didn’t hold back! I figured many of you might have the same questions, or be interested in them, so thought I’d share them here. And since I received so many (way too many for one post), I’m starting a new You Ask, I Answer series!

So let’s get started with the first batch!

Q: Do you think the DryBar blow dryer is worth it? I need a new one and was wondering if this is one of those items where you’re better off spending the extra $$$.

These questions are tough because obviously there are so many other things worth spending money on than a new hair dryer. So I’ll answer based on it’s worth and value to me, mmmkay? I’ve always been fairly indifferent to hair dryers, and stuck with whatever I found under $50. And usually had to replace that $50 hair dryer once or twice a year when it burned out, or became too unpredictable.

But when I tried the DryBar Buttercup dryer, I discovered that not all hair dryers are created equal. I love how quickly this dries my hair, it’s quieter than any other I’ve owned, the cord is crazy-long, and it’s never once over-heated or acted wonky on me.

So, yes it’s pricey, but I think in the long run it will cost the same or less than a stream of cheaper dyers, and it certainly cuts down on my styling time!

Find my How-To Hair Tutorial here


Q. Can you share how you whiten your Converse sneakers again please?

Yes ma’am! My darling friend Mary shared this tip with me, and it completely transformed my grungy sneakers! I’ve taken this exact pair on almost every trip for the last two years, and they still look good as new (so comfy, but size down half!).

  1. Soak your white sneakers in a diluted mixture of Mrs. Stewart’s Blueing Liquid overnight.
  2. Scrub your shoes (canvas and soles) with a stiff brush.
  3. Toss in the washing machine with a regular load of laundry.
  4. Dry in the sun!
  5. Grab your sunglasses because those babies are going to be bright!

Striped Tee | Jeans | Sneakers | Similar Bag


Q. I’m curious about Mr. SP’s  job. He must have a lot of flexibility with all the wonderful trips you take!

He’s a therapist, specializing in chemical dependancy. He was the clinical director of a group practice, but about a year ago he transitioned to more of a private practice set-up. Now he sets his own schedule and is able to take time-off when he needs it!

He was a professional musician for the first 10 years of our relationship, touring the country for weeks at a time, with only a couple of days off in-between. He played for a few different country artists (we lived in Nashville at the time), then had a solo gig for awhile. Life is never dull with Mr. SP, that’s for sure!


Q. Where did you get your leopard rug?

I love that rug!! It’s the perfect neutral to marry my bold Living and Dining Rooms, and doesn’t show any dirt (perfect for the foyer!). It’s Dash & Albert and you can find it here for 20% off!


Q. How old are your kids?

My cuties are 16 and almost-12. Our son is a junior in high school, and Little Miss started middle school this year. I love when they make appearances here!

back to school jcrew factory hi sugarplum-10
Back-to-School Style post here


Q. How do you shower every night, yet only wash your hair a few times per week? Doesn’t the steam ruin all your curls?

My secret weapon is the world’s best shower cap! I know what you’re thinking, ‘Aren’t all shower caps the same?’ No ma’am, they are not! This one is lined in terrycloth, so it absorbs the moisture away from your hair. It’s also really roomie, so it doesn’t flatten your hair down when wearing it. I can’t tell you the number of readers who are straight-up obsessed with it. Most love it so much, they’ve bought it for all the women in their lives, too.


Q. Tell me about the artwork in your living room! It’s gorgeous!

That’s the amazingly-talented Dara Burriss! We commissioned that piece especially for our Living Room, but you can grab a canvas print for yourself here.

dara burriss art hi sugarplum


Q. I recently got the Colleen Rothschild Discovery Kit because of you, and I’m obsessed! Everything is seriously amazing! How do you care for the muslin cloth?

I’m so happy to hear that! I pretty much use her products exclusively now, and I swear they’ve transformed my skin. I use the muslin cloth each night with the Cleansing Balm to wash my face, and also the Detox Mask and Dual Enzyme Polish every week. I just toss it in the washer and dryer when it starts to get dingy, and since the Cleansing Balm comes with a new cloth, I replace it every few months.

colleen rothschild


Q. What did you do before you started blogging?

I’ve had a job since I was 15-years-old, when I started selling corn dogs at the mall! My first ‘real’ job out of college was at an ad agency, and then five years later I became the Operations Manager at Country Weekly magazine. When we moved to Texas, I worked in health insurance, and then sold promotional items. I still manage a handful of clients on a part-time basis from home (shoot me an email if you need any swag with your company logo!).


Q. Who watches your kids when you both go out of town? What about the pups when the whole family goes?

We’re lucky to live near family who is always anxious to see the kids, and the sweetest college girl who loves to stay here when we’re out of town. She stays with the kids when Mr. SP and I travel alone, and with the pups when we travel as a family.


Q. What kind of boots are wardrobe staples?

That would be a toss-up between booties or knee-high boots…both can be worn with skinny jeans, skirts and dresses. If you choose just one color, taupe is the most versatile and literally goes with everything. I love these booties and these knee boots.

Camo Jacket | Peplum Tee (short-sleeve version) | Necklace (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Leather Tote | Sunglasses | Earrings | Booties


Q. Can you share your everyday makeup favorites?

I actually have a full make-up tutorial coming soon, but you can find some of my favorite products here and my tips for looking younger here.

Okay, I think that’s enough for today! I have a bunch more for another time, but feel free to leave any questions of your own in the comments and I’ll add them to a future You Ask, I Answer post. And I’m an open book, so ask away! Happy Monday, lovebugs!



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