Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday, loves, and welcome back to a new week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend… mine included a little Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty!), and lots of pool time. Temps haven’t been too bad yet, but it’s probably wishful thinking to hope that continues!

We’ve been sprucing up the backyard for our first summer in the new house, and I’m trying to decide between this chaise and this one… any thoughts? I’m envisioning four along the end of the pool, with an umbrella in the middle. We added this cart for added storage and I’m super impressed with it, and this caddy is perfect for corralling all the sunscreen.

We’ve also been busy prepping for my sister’s wedding in a couple of weeks… thanks to your feedback, I’ve decided on this dress, and Sloan is wearing either this one or this one. I also just ordered this dress for our upcoming anniversary trip, and if it’s half as cute in person as it is online, we’ll have a winner!!

But let’s get to today’s post… we’re talking all about Dad!! Father’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, so I wanted to share some fun gift ideas for all the guys in your life. I recruited Mr. SP to help me, so it’s basically a list of his Favorite Things, ha!

He’s joining me on the blog later this week for his Number One gift pick, but here are several more he insists your guys will love, too! Except the Toilet Timer… that was my contribution!


1. Vuori Tech Polo // 2. Free-Standing Pizza Oven
3. Leather Sneakers // 4. Massager Gun
5. Slim Wallet // 6. Fair Harbor Swim Trunks
7. Leaf Blower // 8. DAD Hat
9. Docking Station & Organizer // 10. Neck & Back Massager
11. Power Washer // 12. Solo Stove
13. Custom Face Socks // 14. Toilet Timer


I can’t believe the Neck & Back Massager made the list again, but it truly is a must-have!! I gifted Mr. SP with this exact one in 2016 and it still remains an almost-nightly ritual! And the Leaf Blower and Power Washer don’t sound all that exciting to me, but considering he’s literally always using them, I guess it’s a guy thing.

He was also recently introduced to this brand of swim trunks, and I don’t think he’ll ever go back!! They’re lined with a breeze knit material rather than mesh, so there’s no more chaffing!

What dad gifts are you loving this year? Let us know in the comments, so we can see everyone’s ideas!



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