I {Heart} Friday!

Pottery Barn Kids released a cute {free} Kids Costume Finder app this season. It allows you to see what your children look like in the 30+ costumes they offer (and of course buy them directly from the app). We’ve been having fun playing with it…here are my sweet Cookie & Milk:

Picnik collage
(These aren’t their actual costumes….he’s a Mummy (fingers crossed I can pull his costume off!), and she’s a Princess/Fairy/Butterfly Something.)

And since I’m apparently a 12-year-old boy…I have to take things to the next level and use the app for my own entertainment.

Little Punkin’ Beiber:

Always in the Doghouse Gosselin:

And let’s not leave out his Misses, Kate:

(not even a witches hat can contain the reverse mullet)

And because she’s Bat-Shizz Crazy:

And of course, the yummy cupcake:

Mr. Sugarplum and I are playing hookie from work today, dropping the kids at school and having a day of bliss together! The fast-paced-holidays will be upon us soon, and we like to take some time out just for us. We’re hitting the Katy Trail for a long bike ride, and stopping along the way for lunch on the patio of Toulouse.* {Sigh}

Enjoy the weekend with your Sugarplums…and Happy {Safe} Halloween!
*Is it so wrong that part of me wishes I could spend my day off painting Babygirl’s room?!

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  1. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Thanks for the Friday morning chuckle Cassie! Those are hilarious!! Enjoy your day with the Mr. Sounds like fun. And, no I don't blame you for wanting to use the time to paint "baby girl's" room…I do the same thing! LOL

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  2. Dharma wrote:

    love these….giggle….snort

    have a wonderful day off with your sweetie!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  3. Too funny with those costumes! And that's a great idea to play hookey with your hubby. I may have to try to get mine to do that!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  4. I have to admit this is something I would totally do… love it! The one about tyra made me lol. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a fun day w/ your hubby! 🙂

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  5. Hilarious! I am sooooo envious of you and your hubbs day today. So funny because I jokingly asked mine to take the day off so we could play and he almost spit out his coffee {apparently he actually has a busy day ahead . . whatever!!}

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  6. Katie wrote:

    Oh, those photos are tooo funny!!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  7. Nancy wrote:

    Too funny! I love your blog! You have a safe and fun Holloween too.

    Posted 10.30.10 Reply
  8. emily wrote:

    Those costume pictures are cracking me up! Hope you had a wonderful day with your husband yesterday — that sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Posted 10.30.10 Reply
  9. Crack me up with the Pottery Barn Kids app! 🙂 Looks like you were having too much fun!

    Just wanted to stop by and give you a GIANT congrats on having two top ten projects on CSI! You are such a rock star! 🙂

    Posted 10.31.10 Reply

I {Heart} Friday!

Woot Woot – It’s Friday!!! Good grief, I thought you’d never get here!
We have a busy weekend of soccer games and piano festivals, but I hope to squeeze in a few more self-centered things.

Like milking the final days of summer in our backyard:
backyard collage
(Why, yes, my backyard is this lush after a Texas August! And my table is always set for a party! Don’t hate.) not really

Like making progress on transforming this Nursery into a Big Girl Room:
(full nursery post coming up)

And most importantly…celebrating the birth of Mr. Sugarplum!! His favorite is Boston Cream Pie, so I’m hoping to make some semblance of this dessert:

Happy, Happy Birthday Babe!! I’m so glad your parents got busy (eeeeeeeeeewwwwww) all those years ago! You are the heart and laughter of our lives. {kiss}
What are you guys up to? Enjoy your last September weekend!

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  1. You seriously crack me up! I'm so happy for Friday too, but when I told my husband that, he's like "why, what's different about Friday from any other day for you??" Ha! I guess he's kinda right!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  2. Tell Mr. Sugarplum to have a swell birthday from the gals in the UR Department! Love love love your blog! Thank you for being therapy for therapists! You ARE true talent. ~Beth

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  3. Happy birthday to J! Catching up on all the fab things you've been doing to your house lately…you've been a busy gal! xo E

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply

I {Heart} Friday!

Woot! Woot!! It’s Friday! It’s also the last weekend before my sweet boy flies off to Michigan to stay with his grandparents for 17 days!!! He goes every summer, and while Mr. Sugarplum and I love the time alone with our babygirl, our family isn’t complete with him gone. (But man, is it cake with only one kid!!!)

So this weekend will be a lot of this:

And maybe a little of this:
Definitely this:
And it wouldn’t be the weekend in my house without this:
Because I’m taking advantage of the big guy’s time away to give him a surprise room makeover! He has an idea it’s going to happen, as I wanted him to have some input on the room I hope to never makeover again until he moves out.
Here’s an inspiration pic for what I’m planning:
Happy Friday sweet readers — and have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. christine wrote:

    Oh! I love that inspiration pic. Can't wait to see what you come up with!! Happy Friday to you 🙂

    Posted 7.23.10 Reply
  2. Gah! That pool is gorgeous, Cassie. Happy weekend xo

    Posted 7.23.10 Reply