I sit in a window-less, fluorescent box every Monday-Friday. Lunch breaks out of the office are a necessity for what’s left of my sanity. Usually I bee-line to a craft or fabric store for some hair-brained project idea I’m having. But sometimes I wander the aisles of TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls. Those stores are fun because the inventory changes every few days, and you just never know what you’re going to stumble across. The problem for me when I find some great treasure is determining if I actually love the item, or just love the price!

But I recently snagged some good deals because I loved the item and the price!

Sun mirrors are really big right now, and all the big name, high-dollar retailers offer their own versions. I love these from Horchow:

horchow sun mirror 1750
$1,750 (yes, that’s a comma in that price!!)

horchow sun mirror 395

I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend a mortgage or car payment on mirrors. So when I walked into Marshalls (now owned by TJ Maxx, so their stuff has improved), this mirror was like a beacon of light, shining down on my wallet and begging me to take him home.

marshalls sunburst

The tag indicated it was $59.99, but for some reason there was a pretty red clearance tag on the back for $24.99!!?? I’m embarrassed to say how high my blood pressure went up after I scaled the wall (I’m vertically challenged) and knew it was safe in my grubby paws. There is no question there would have been some hair pulling if someone else tried to nab it at the same time.

And how about this gorgeous sea urchin lamp from Williams Sonoma Home:

ws urchin lamp
But excuse me, $350??

I guess you could get this one from Neiman Marcus for the bargain price of $215:
horchow urchin lamp 215

Or you can do a happy dance when you discover this one at Home Goods on clearance for $23.00:


The shade was missing, hence the clearance price. I’ve got a basic drum shade on it for now, but I’m sure I’ll soup it up once he finds his permanent home. (You can see more things I ‘pizz-azzed’ by clicking the new links to ‘Read More’ on the right column.) is also a great source for nuggets of goodness (and you can shop in the comfort of your a/c!) I’d been watching this lovely sunburst mirror from Ballard Designs.

ballard mirror
But at $279, some kind of computer glitch crazy sale would have to occur for me to bring him home.

Last weekend I was on Amazon ordering a new water filter for our fridge (they really do sell everything), and they were so helpful to inform me that if I spent $4 more, I’d qualify for free shipping! Well, that’s like throwing money away, right?! So a quick search for sunburst mirrors brought up tons of options.

Cyrus Sunburst Mirror, $199

But since I was technically only trying to get free shipping on a water filter, I thought it best to keep my spending in check. I clicked ‘Add to Cart’ pretty quickly when I saw this one:

Really?! $13?! And it’s 17″ in diameter, so it’s not exactly pocket-sized. It was delivered within days (in the biggest, most intimidating box ever!) and here’s how she temporarily looks on my mantel:
There are literally zillions of places for this little jewel in my house.
So while I ride this shopper’s high…I’d love to hear about some of your recent Scores!!!

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  1. GREAT finds! I'm proud of you for climbing the wall for that mirror. You better be glad I wasn't there at the same time or it could've been a girl fight 🙂 $25 is a steal!

    Posted 7.22.10 Reply
  2. heather wrote:

    probably my FAVORITE thing about you CASSIE COUPON!!!!!!!

    Posted 7.29.10 Reply
  3. Megan wrote:

    HA! I bought the exact same mirror from TJ MAXX and seriously looked around before running to it, like maybe, just maybe i was going to have to duke it our with another shopper over it. just discovered your blog, loving every minute of it!

    Posted 1.12.11 Reply
  4. Mike wrote:

    The star like minors are super cute.

    Posted 12.24.12 Reply