{Git in Mah Belly} Peach Frozen Yogurt

I refuse to say ‘Fro-Yo’, so I had to spell it out. This is only my second food post, and for the second time it involves the Magic Machine, aka the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. This thing gets a lot of summer mileage in my house because:

a) I feel so Martha Stewart making ‘homemade’ desserts (even though I serve it along side a can of cinnamon rolls!)
b) Fresh fruit is crazy abundant this time of year
c) It’s a fun and easy thing the kids can be a part of in the kitchen that doesn’t involve a huge mess or someone getting burned

Unless you’re Jennifer Aniston and your meals are delivered (hence you never step foot in a grocery store), you’ve noticed the huge bins of peaches in the produce sections lately. When I see them, the old Southern lady in me comes out and I feel like I’m supposed to bake or jar or something with them. I went the simplest route and decided on a 3 ingredient/2 step recipe.

Start with peaches and non-fat plain yogurt:


I’ve used Vanilla yogurt for this recipe before, but it became more about the vanilla and less about the peaches.

Peel and chop your peaches (you don’t really need me to tell you to pit them, do you?!), throw in the blender with a splash of vanilla


Add 2 cups of yogurt and a little sugar to taste. Blend the whole concoction to your liking.


Pour into the Ice Cream Maker and 30 minutes later


BAM! Git in Mah Belly!!

I served it with the cutest little chocolate mint wafer cookies from Target. And apparently if you’re 9 or 42, you also need to serve it with an additional pint of sugar mixed in. So much for healthy dessert.

You could substitute the yogurt for heavy cream and make actual peach ice cream…but I prefer to eat store bought ice cream and pretend it’s not that fattening. If I’m actually pouring in two cups of cream, it’s kind of hard to ignore the fat content.

Anyone have suggestions of what you’d like me to make in this thing next?

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  1. heather wrote:

    can i rent you out for a birthday party? with all your craftiness!!!

    Posted 7.29.10 Reply
  2. Rachel wrote:

    Speaking of things that are like crack, I've made this one before and it is absolutely fantastic. Tastes incredible:

    Posted 8.10.10 Reply