{Crafty Cassie} Hey Jute

I shared with you my entrance hall makeover a few months ago, but it never felt quite finished.

foyer after 3

I loved my DIY mirror, but the room felt so stark…and while I tried to entertain restraint, it’s just not in me to have no color or accessories.

I brought my Pier 1 iron candlesticks back in, but they were no longer visible against the black door.


So I moved them to the mirror wall, where they popped better…but the candles also showed their age and discolor from years of being near the window.

(The glue gun is out because I was working on something else I’ll show you later. That’s how things occur around here…once I have supplies out, I start looking around for other things to hack spruce.)

Sure I could buy new candles, but good ones are pretty pricey! So it was time to get my cheapskate craft on!

All I used was a glue gun and roll of jute string (I found mine in the jewelry making department at Michaels). First I tried to apply a blob of glue directly to the candle, but instantly realized the glue gun would actually melt the wax?!? (Don’t let the blonde hair fool you, you’re in the presence of genius!) So I put a drop of glue directly on one end of the jute, held it in place on the candle until it set, then simply spun the candle wrapping the jute as a went (Total Harlem Globetrotter style, spinning it on the tip of my finger. not really). The only other place I glued was the other end when I got to the bottom. that’s what she said.

jute candle

It kind of looks like Fall to me…but I’ll convince myself it looks like Summer too since I’ll probably never take it off. So let’s pretend this is the start of my fall decor.

(Pay no attention to the one exposed outlet…I guess I only want to half-way protect my kids.)

candle before and after
(The exposed outlet is all you’re even looking at now, right?!?!)


I love the warmth the jute brings into the cold space. I added a little more something-something too and will show you the full space soon. (Don’t you love a good teaser?!)

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  1. Jennifer wrote:

    love your entrance way! The candles look great!

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  2. Sherah wrote:

    ROFL that's so funny because I didn't even NOTICE the exposed outlet until you said something, and then yes, that's what I was looking at! Hee hee! I love the difference – what a GENIUS way to spruce up candles especially when they've been used a bit and look kind of droopy! BTW, I love those candlesticks next to the mirror – looks absolutely fab!

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  3. Nicole ~ wrote:

    What a great idea to add some cuteness to old candles! I love those candleholders too!!

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  4. I'm laughing so hard at your ad libs! but the candle is great too. and yes, we are home from the wedding at 9:30 and I'm reading blogs. we're REAL fun.

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  5. Great idea! Are your doors black inside and out? I am *THIS* close to painting the inside of ours black. It just has to happen when DH isn't home because, you know… Forgiveness, permission, yada yada..

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  6. Thanks guys!

    Cara – the other side of my front doors are red…the post on them is called "Curb Appeal"

    xo, cass

    Posted 9.27.10 Reply
  7. Marlis wrote:

    those candles have taken on a new life and look tremendous

    Posted 9.27.10 Reply
  8. Sandy wrote:

    Beautiful foyer and who doesn't have old candles lying around. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 9.28.10 Reply