2015 | My Cup Runneth Over

I’ve spent the past week recapping the most popular projects and posts of last year…and there were a lot of them. But what made 2015 so unbelievably special was you…and the experiences and opportunities that came from your support, readership, comments, and genuine enthusiasm and encouragement.

While I tend to always be pushing forward, it’s key for me to slow down in order to acknowledge all the blessings I’ve been given…both big and small…so I can truly express my gratitude. In a world of endless To Do Lists, it’s easy for me to lose sight of what I’ve accomplished, so I hope you’ll indulge me one last recap post of 2015, sharing my personal highlights.

I struggle to write these type of posts because they feel a little narcissistic. But I often have to remind myself that this blog is my happy place…my own personal scrapbook and life’s chronicle…of not only what we do to our home, but what happens to the people in our home.

So this post is a combination of my own personal highlights from 2015, as well as the projects you made popular…along with some geeky by-the-numbers stuff. Basically all the good stuff that made 2015 grand for me, my family, and this little blog, all in one spot! If we don’t share DNA, you might want to skip it! šŸ˜‰


There’s no question being photographed for the cover of Redbook was one of the highlights of my life, let alone 2015! That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I’ll never forget, and my mind is still boggled that I was chosen…in large part of because of you guys and your persistent votes!! 
I am forever-honored and humbled to be part of this award-nominated, historic issue, featuring real women of all ages, sizes and color.

Behind-the-Scenes of Redbook Cover Shoot

Just as mind-blowing was seeing our beloved house beautifully photographed and published in a 10-page spread of Better Homes & Garden’s Refresh magazine. It’s even more special since we no longer live there, but will always have this keepsake of the home where we raised our babies. I miss that light-filled, completely decorated house!! #sigh 

BH&G Refresh Feature Article

Behind-the-Scenes of BHG Shoot

Some of you know Mr. SP and I lived in Nashville for 10 years before moving to Texas 11 years ago (read a little more about that life here). At that time, I worked for Country Weekly magazine…and since then, many of my close co-worker friends moved over to Parade magazine. Last year I had the pleasure of working with them again, but on a whole different level, with me providing creative content!

American Profile Earth Day feature projects

American Profile Valentine projects feature

Another fun Redbook appearance was when they featured my favorite, and most popular, spray paint project!

Spray paint Project feature in Redbook magazine

The Living Room I created with Kristen was named House Beautiful‘s most-liked image of 2015, as well as, featured on Better Homes & Gardens! #mindblown


I’m always amazed at the cool experiences and fun opportunities that fall in my lap because of blogging. I feel like I’m just sharing thoughts and ideas with friends on the internet everyday, so I’m shocked when it leads to things like meeting design crushes Eddie Ross and Nate Berkus, or hosting events for my favorite brands.

Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Event


Since I think of you all as friends, I’m very choosy when it comes to recommending brands and products, and only collaborate with those I’d authentically pass along to my mom or best friend. I know sponsored content is not always a reader-favorite, so I work extra hard to make those posts just as original and credible as non-sponsored posts. I was honored to work with these stellar brands last year. 


Not only have amazing opportunities and experiences come from this blog, but so many treasured friendships. Many of my closest friends are now people I’ve met online…some of whom, I’ve still yet to actually meet in person (I’m talking to you, Freckles Chick!). That concept really baffles my mom, but I’m so grateful for the relationships born from this special place. 

Last year I was able to attend three amazing blogger conferences…which for me, are just opportunities to grow those friendships…along with several trips with fellow blogger favorites, and my precious family.


We had some really big personal moments and changes last year…starting with unexpectedly selling our house, buying a new one, and moving!! There were a few hiccups and growing pains, but in the end, it was a positive step for our family. Not to mention, all new spaces to decorate!

My sister also married the best guy ever, and after celebrating her bachelorette in New York City, my entire family was part of her gorgeous Montana wedding.
We also remodeled a kitchen and weathered a water leak, while remaining married! 
*Most Comments*
I’m fortunate to have an outside job, so this blog can remain my pure joy and hobby. I write for myself, but I love the interaction with you. Every time I hit ‘publish’ on a post I wonder what you’ll think, and am always surprised by your response. The entire Kitchen Renovation as a whole (see all the updates & reveal here), along with the Redbook, Better Homes & Gardens and new house announcements, received the highest number of comments…with these posts coming in right behind.

*Most Viewed*

Some posts take on a life of their own, and I really have no idea why one project resonates more than another…but these posts (along with the most commented ones) received more views than any others in 2015.


It’s fun for me to see who you are, and where you’re coming from, according to Google Analytics:

More than a million of you stopped in & read almost 10 million pages last year! I can’t even wrap my head around that!?!
Most of you are American (but shout-out to the Canadians who are next!)
95% female, aged 25-44…but the 45-64 bracket is catching up
Phones & tablets took over as the most popular way to read

More than half of you are referred here from other sites…so thank you to these amazing bloggers who so generously share my projects and include me in their blogrolls. Without them and Pinterest, I’d likely be writing to just my mom and aunt each day.

That said, the majority of the amazing opportunities that come my way, are because of you, darling readers…I know without your support, enthusiasm, kindness, and interactions, none of this would be possible. I can’t thank you enough for popping in every day, week, month, or leap year…whenever it is, I’m thrilled you stopped by! Even the lurkers…I know you’re there!

I know this post was a lot of toot-tooting my own horn, so thank you for indulging me. God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined, and I’m beyond humbled by your friendship, support and kind words. With all my heart, thank you. #grouphug

Your encouragement makes me excited to share each project, and continue doing what I love so much. Starting this blog was the best whim I’ve ever acted on, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. This year has already started with a bang, and I’m excited to share all the ideas and projects with you. I pray 2016 is your best yet, lovebugs!

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