{Valentine} Burlap Banner

Thanks so much for the feedback on my very serious Pelmet Situation yesterday! If you haven’t weighed in, I’d love to hear which option you like best!

This week I’ll be showing you the fruits of my labor from our week in captivity. Since we couldn’t leave the house, we were forced to get really creative using only supplies we could scrounge up. The first thing I came across was the leftover scrap of burlap from the DIY Burlap Placemats. Using craft paint, a glue gun and some jute string, we whipped up these sweet little banners.


Three easy steps:

Picnik collage

  1. Cut a pile of triangles
  2. Paint your design using craft paint (I added a scooch of Fabric Medium to mine so the paint wouldn’t crack when it dried). Be sure to put something underneath because the paint bleeds through the large weave in the burlap.
  3. Once the paint dries, hot glue jute string to the back of each triangle (and clean your grout if you choose to photograph on the floor, geez!)

I simply tied the banner to the end of my son’s bed for a sweet, but subtle, sentiment:

Picnik collage

Oh, and you might want to figure out where you’ll hang it BEFOREHAND, so you can pre-measure the length for that space. I ended up with a really long banner and had to cut it up for two different spots. So the piano was treated to a small banner as well…perhaps it will make practice time less of a beating battle.

Picnik collage

Somehow the burlap and jute keep this project from being nauseatingly-manufactured-holiday-sweet.

And some of you already noticed, but I finally took the dive into Social Media and started a Hi Sugarplum! page on Facebook. I don’t know why, or what I’ll do with it, but I’ll think of something. Promise.

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