{Top Ten} February

March already, really?? Seems the kids just went back to school from Winter Break, and now we’re breaking again for Spring next week! You won’t hear me complaining though…I’ll take any excuse to not pack lunches! #mynemesis

Some weeks days it seems I’m doing nothing but running around, or playing catch-up, so it’s nice to take a moment each month and look back at the projects and content I managed to create. So just in case you’ve been over-the-limit on your data plan, here are the top posts from February.

Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February

Last month marked one year in our new home…talk about time flying, right?!
I started a fun new series, Sugarplum Style Tips, where I plan to share tips, ideas
& products for adding a little more something-something to your style. I kicked it 
off by featuring an ingenious new product that makes you taller,
your legs longer, & your tush perkier. Hence why I’m jumping for joy.
Cold, dark days have me craving comfort food, & this 5-ingredient 
Chicken Pot Pie is the easiest, yummiest around!

Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February
I may have driven Mr. SP crazier crazy by constantly singing,
‘Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami!’ throughout our weekend. #freshprincecalled
But that’s just the effect Miami Beach had on me!
Do you hear angels singing? That’d be because the doors of my new
Craft/Office Closet (of my dreams!) have been open since the moment we finished it. 
How could I hide that much greatness?!
Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February
Jeans + Sweater = Winter Go-To Outfit
But how about we mix it up a little each time…I did just that in
Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February
Pairing pink & red is always a good idea, but especially for Valentine’s Day.
Thanks to the precious photo of Mr. SP & me my son snuck, this
The first makeover of the year took an uncharacteristic two days & was
recorded on video by the Ikea Home Tour Squad. Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had 
working on a room reveal, especially because it involved my favorite little people.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten posts February

The second space I tackled last month was the downstairs Family Room,
starting with this console wall. I’m so smitten with my weathered table,
I shared my styling formula in One Console | Three Ways.
Every #girlboss needs a pair of sassy shoes. Especially comfy ones
that don’t break the bank. I styled these saucy lace-backs for {Work to Weekend}.
My new Craft Closet flared up my creative bug, & I whipped out these
super cute, but so simple, Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves. Perfect for teacher gifts! 

We also had another round of Sugarplum Style, and everyone’s favorites, Look for Less and Dressing Room Diaries. All of which now have nifty little graphics in the sidebar, so you can catch up on them anytime.

(Sidenote: I updated my Sugarplum Picks to reflect what I’m loving and wearing these days. You can check it out anytime using the shopping bag graphic in the sidebar.)

March is sure to be another fun one, with Little Miss’s 10th birthday #sob, more style and home posts, and packing our bags for a family week in the snow! Thank you so much for stopping by when you do…your support and comments mean the world to me!

If you’re new around here, or just playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:

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  1. I love all of your posts this month but your one year house anniversary post was my favorite. I just love your house. It's absolutely gorgeous both inside and out!

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  2. What a fun month! I love seeing how you've made your new house a home–especially the Ikea makeover and your craft closet.


    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  3. Seriously you and I have the same humor!!! The moment ANYONE says Miami I follow it up with Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami. Hahahhahaa!!!


    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  4. Tammy wrote:

    I have a 13 year old son and 12 year old daughter and we have a lot of fun together. That pic of you and the children laughing is so heart warming. Don't you think people (in general) need to laugh more? #amiright

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply

{Top Ten} February

Happy sleepy Monday! If you follow me on InstaGram, then you saw Texas got some real, legit Winter weather this past week! We spent the weekend inside with the heat cranked up high, and late nights glued to the new season of House of Cards. Who’s dragging with me today from binge-watching?! We’re only a few episodes in, so no spoilers please!

February went by in a flash…starting with our move to the new house, and ending with a Watergate scandal. Here are the Top Ten posts from last month.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten February
Lots of posts and projects last month, but most of the excitement centered around our Kitchen Renovation. The cabinets were painted and hardware installed, only to have to take it back off to fix a grain issue with the new drawer fronts. The gorgeous floors were laid just days before we moved in…and two weeks later we had to rip them, and the wall, up because of a water leak
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten February

Winter doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon, so I created {3 Ways} Chic Winter Neutrals.
I was commissioned by Parade’s American Profile to produce six fun Valentine crafts…I shared those projects and Babygirl’s cover model debut.
With hearts full of memories, we said good-bye to our old house. Bittersweet, indeed.
Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten February

Dressing up is always fun, especially when it’s for a wedding.
The Big Box Bathroom was revealed, with all the details and sources. That was a hard room to leave behind…fortunately I was able to bring some wallpaper remnants with me!
Cold nights require comfort food…git in mah belly Tortellini & Sausage with Cream Sauce.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten February

Amongst all the move/renovation chaos, Mr. SP and I managed to sneak in a Valentine’s Date Night
We completed the last project in our old Living Room just before moving out. Isn’t that how it always seems to work? We shared the full reveal and sources here.
Finally, Volume 10 of Sugarplum Style revealed my obsession with denim and layers from the last month.

There’s no question it was a busy month, and I’ve been anxious to get everything unpacked and settled in the new space. But I realized that’s stressing me out, and not to mention, sucking all the joy out of creating this new home for my family…so I’m trying to slow down and just enjoy the long, painstakingly slow process. 😉

In the meantime, I’m excited to show you the remaining room reveals from our other house (starting with the Master Bedroom this week)…then I promise it’s all about the new one!

If you’re new around here, or playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:
{Top Ten}

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  1. You had a busy but fun month! So fun keeping up with you!

    Posted 3.2.15 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Cassie, did you see 60 Minutes last night? They had something on Lumber Liquidators and their floors that could have dangerous levels of formaldehyde in them. Worth checking out, to keep you and your dear family healthy.

    Posted 3.2.15 Reply
    • I didn't!!!! But I'm def going to check it out…thanks so much for thinking of me!! xo

      Posted 3.2.15 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I saw that as well! They have always received very lukewarm reviews in my hometown. People have found them to be very inexpensive, but the materials they have used shows that side of their quality as well. When we built our house, our contractor warned us to stay away from them. That segment on 60 minutes confirmed my suspicions. Cassie, you may want to check it for sure. You know the saying, you get what you pay for! Good luck…your home is lovely!

    Posted 3.2.15 Reply
  4. Definitely a sleepy Monday and I am so over this cold weather! Can't wait to see your old house reveals 🙂

    Posted 3.2.15 Reply
  5. Personally, I have to get the boxes unpacked as quickly as possible. Stuff just stuck someplace is so much less stressful for me than unpacked boxes. After our move last summer, I decided when we move again in 20+ years, I'll just buy all new stuff. Except not really.

    Posted 3.2.15 Reply
  6. We had a snow/ice event yesterday that kept us in and we tried to catch up on HOC. We still have 4 more episodes of Season 2 to get through! They are long!!

    Posted 3.2.15 Reply
  7. I have been yawning all day! I am glad it isnt just me. I realize you moved out of the house with the super awesome bathroom, but I am wondering if you had any other spray painted fixtures in a bathroom. Do they hold up ok?

    Robin @ http://www.designbyrobinsnest.blogspot.com

    Posted 3.3.15 Reply
  8. You had such a crazy month! So much goodness packed in! I'm blaming it on getting older but learning to slow down and take my time. I don't move as fast as I used to! Ha. Maybe I'm just out of shape!

    Posted 3.4.15 Reply

{Top Ten} February

February is a short month anyway, but wowza did it fly by! I like to re-cap each month’s top posts, just in case you missed any, and to make it easier for newer readers to catch up. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do!

Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February

After 4 years, lots of hand-wringing and over-thinking, Phase 1 of the Craft Closet is complete.
The cutest little ring dish ever, and also makes a perfect gift.
It’s almost like I’m a grown-up with my big-girl bedding.

Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February
These have been called my best DIY to date…Marble Trays with gold or lucite handles.
Create cuteness with a custom stamp carved from an eraser.
Strawberry Butter, you better git in mah belly!
Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February
Show your Junk Drawer who’s boss and tame the beast.
{Outfit Inspiration} Leopard & Spots
DIY Mittens from old sweaters….it’s safe to say my second attempt was more successful.
Hi Sugarplum | Top 10 February
A favorite casual weekend outfit…details in this Friday Five.
Thank you so much for all your comments and support of my projects and ideas, your friendship means so much to me. If you’re still playing catch-up, here are some good places to start. Happy Tuesday!
{Top Ten} January 

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  1. Aw…but Cassie your first sweater mittens attempt was wonderful as well. 🙂

    Posted 3.4.14 Reply
  2. You had a good month! I loved the little ring bowl that you made!

    Posted 3.4.14 Reply
  3. the marble tray + ring dish were my favorites! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 3.4.14 Reply
  4. Cassie-I have been following your blog for a very short time & rarely comment but just needed you to know what an inspiration you are to me. I live in downtown Chicago & have been DIYing so many things in my townhome because of you! Just a quick recap of what I've done- organizing my junk drawer (same day you posted I was in the dollar bins in Target getting the same b&w wrapping paper to recreate). I gutted my 6-year old daughters closet and turned it into a book nook (she LOVES it!). I painted my kids small table with the same turquoise chalk paint that you blogged about. I purged all my DVDs and got the same cute little wire baskets from the Container Store. The biggest steal I took from your blog was the pancake & pajama party. I completely recreated it for my daughter's 6th birthday last month & everyone was blown away. Btw, I also happen to have the same faux fur vest from the girls department in Target. I picked it up last Fall knowing I would love it for myself. You have become my new BFF! Thank you!!!

    Posted 3.5.14 Reply

{Top Ten} February

Can you even believe today is March 1st?! Seems like we just came back from Christmas Break, and now Spring Break is practically upon us! I’m so grateful to you for stopping in every day, every week, or even accidentally. February was busy around here, as we got our project mojo back, and in case you missed a few…here are the {Top Ten}.
Hi Sugarplum | February Top Ten
A small purchase made a big impact on the Family Room windows.
We cleaned up the backyard in preparation for the Home Depot Patio Challenge, and I DIYed an outdoor rug.
There really is nothing cuter than these Pink Ombre Cakes in a Jar.
Hi Sugarplum | February Top Ten
I’m speaking at the Haven Conference…eek! Allegedly I have a fairly thick Southern accent. Hopefully I don’t require a translator.
Want to make cute, custom labels for free? Here’s your tutorial.
 Hi Sugarplum | February Top Ten
The organizing bug finally bit, and I started with overhauling the Kid’s Bathroom. For cheap, duh!
Everyone has one of these plain, random baskets, right? Thanks to a little herringbone, mine is no longer plain.
My sewing machine made a rare appearance, and whipped up some burlap treat bags.
Hi Sugarplum | February Top Ten
The Entrance Hall got a much needed shot of color.
And I fell in love with some pretty little books, for only $1 each!
Stick around, friends….I’ve got a lot of ideas brewing for March! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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  1. test

    Posted 3.1.13 Reply
  2. What a great February! Can't wait to see what March brings

    Happy weekend!

    Posted 3.1.13 Reply
  3. I arrived on your blog for the first time today. Happy to find someone that loves color like I do. Was thinking how similar our taste is and then I noticed the rug in your entry. I just bought that same rug (Modern Waves) in orange. So funny. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Posted 3.1.13 Reply
    • How fun we have the same rug! I love it!! Great to have you stop by!
      xo. C

      Posted 3.4.13 Reply
  4. ccbirm wrote:

    You were a busy bee this month for sure! Can't believe it went by so quickly. Congrats on the conference speaker gig, I see your other two blog besties will be joining you. Oh and btw- how come we're only leaving comments now as opposed to witty retorts? I loved the retorts…..lol

    Posted 3.1.13 Reply
    • I've had some blog issues and fixes going on…that must have changed in the process! Thank you for telling me, I'll try to fix it back! 🙂

      Posted 3.2.13 Reply
  5. Your monthly round ups always make me feel tired. 😉 Can't wait to see more of what you're doing for the Home Depot Patio Challenge – so fun! Loved your rug idea!

    Posted 3.1.13 Reply
  6. NOM NOM, those cakes. Love the rug and elephant. x


    Posted 3.2.13 Reply
  7. Busy, busy gal! Can't wait to hear you at Haven, supah-stah.

    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  8. Sara Marie wrote:

    I love that red velvet elephant standing on the chunk of vanilla cake next to the books! So cool!

    Posted 3.6.13 Reply