{DIY} Dollar Store Terrariums

Hey friends, and happy March. Crazy how the months seem to fly by as quickly as the weekends! Our weekend was a nice mix of lazy and productive, family time and date night, warm afternoon and freezing rain! Yep, typical Texas weather went from 80-degrees and sunny, to 20-degrees and ice storm overnight.

And how about the Oscars? Did you watch?! Lupita’s speech brought me to tears, Pink’s performance was jaw-dropping, and love that our Texas-boy Matthew McConaughey worked ‘Alright, alright, alright’ into his speech! And how does Jennifer Garner get more beautiful every year?!

Last week when I posted my DIY Marble Tray, several people asked where I found the little plant. I actually made it myself, but figured since there were so many online tutorials for DIY Terrariums, I’d skip posting it. But since I made them, and you asked, I’ll go ahead and post my version…and of course it’s a cheap one.

Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

In fact, I found everything but the plants at the Dollar Store.

Assorted Glass Vessels ~ I used a vase, candle-holder, and stemless wine glass
Potting Soil
Stones or Small Gravel
Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

Starting at the bottom, add pea gravel or stones for drainage, then a hefty layer of soil. Some people add a layer of charcoal and sand before the dirt, but that’s too many supplies for me, so I skipped it. I’ve had mine for over a month, and nothing has died yet.

Place plants inside starting with the largest, and try not to overcrowd.
Chopsticks or a dinner knife are helpful for creating small holes
in the soil for the plants or flowers. Then cover the rest of the exposed dirt with landscaping like more gravel, moss, sea glass, animal figurines, large stones or shells.

Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

I thought this narrow vase looked a little plain with just the one plant, so I jazzed up the container a bit with sisal rope. You know it’s almost Summer if my sisal rope obsession has already started. (Remember this bowl and these trivets?)

Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

I used small blobs of hot glue every few inches as I wrapped it around, to adhere the rope to both the glass and itself.

Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

That is some textured goodness. And the great part is, the rope will totally stay put, until the plant dies and I decide I want to use the vase for something else, in which case it will peel off easily. But who knows, maybe I won’t kill it! Yeah, that made me laugh, too. Of course I’ll kill it. Enjoy your day in the spotlight, little plant, because your days are numbered!

Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

I had fun accessorizing the other two with large stones we found outside, a plastic toy that got sprayed (like these), and sea glass from a beach trip.

Virtually any clear vessel will work, so don’t just stick to the gardening area. I found mine with the candles and kitchen ware.

Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums
Hi Sugarplum | Dollar Store Terrariums

Since succulents are desert plants, I give mine very little water…just enough to dampen the soil after it’s dried out completely. And the ‘rule’ is, for every inch wide your vessel, wait that many weeks between waterings. Do you have any tips for keeping succulents alive? Have you made a terrarium? Why do I keep wanting to call them teraniums?

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