Sugarplum Favorite Things!

Happy Monday, lovebugs! I hope you had a grand weekend, and are ready for some fun, because I’m kicking off the unofficial start of the holiday season!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite posts of the year… my Sugarplum Favorite Things! I ruminate more than an acceptable amount over this list every year, but only because I want to be sure I’m including my very favorite ride-or-dies! The products and things that make my everyday life better, easier, more fun, or enjoyable. And also happen to make incredible gifts!

Chances are you’ll recognize most of the products because I’m constantly babbling about them! Some are oldies that make the list year after year (see 2021 and 2022’s lists HERE and HERE), but this year brought some new game-changers I just can’t live without.

So let’s get to it… this year’s Sugarplum Favorite Things!

Favorite Things 2023 //

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1. No Show Socks // I’m serious about socks. Like really serious. But nothing will derail your day like a sock slipping off your heel, am I right?! I’ve tried tons of styles over the years, and these are by far not only the most comfortable (they actually have arch support!), but also stay put all day! When it comes to working out though, I’m a Bombas girl all the way!

2. Spanx AirEssentials Half-Zip & Wide Leg Pants // Lounge sets have come a long way since 2020, and are not only super comfortable, but incredibly chic! Oprah named this one of her Favorite Things last year, and with good reason. The material is pure luxury, and the pieces are sold separately, allowing you to mix-and-match colors and sizes. Wear them together, or as separates, and pair with your favorite loafers or sneakers for an easy, pulled-together style for everything from the airport to volleyball games. Instead of jeans or leggings, I’ll be reaching for this softer-than-soft set all season long. My mom-uniform just got a major upgrade! (Code CASSIEXSPANX will save you 10%!)

3. Merit Cream Blush + Stick Bronzer // The moment I tried this blush balm and bronzer, they instantly shot to the top of my Sugarplum Favorite Things list! They slide on like butter, and blend so beautifully and seamlessly, with such a natural finish, you’ll think it’s your own skin! But better! I wear ‘cheeky‘ blush and ‘seine‘ bronzer.

4. Vuori Performance Joggers // No surprise here, Vuori quickly became one of my all-time favorite brands when I discovered it last year, and I practically live in their Performance Joggers! If I could only wear one brand for the rest of my life, I’m pretty sure it would be Vuori. And my entire family (including Mama Sugarplum!) would agree! (Also available HERE.)

5. Quarter-Zip Pullover // You’d swear this was a $100+ pullover… the softness and quality is on par with any top brand! It has a relaxed fit, tall neckline, and cozy hood. Plus, it comes in a slew of colors and is crazy comfy! I’m up to four colors now, and prefer them in a size up.

6. Our Place Ovenware Pan // The Our Place Always Pan is a repeat winner on the Sugarplum Favorite Things, but this year I added the Oven Pan to my obsession! It can be used for baking, roasting, crisping, and cooking, and even better, it also serves as a griddle on gas and electric stove tops! Plus, I love how deep it is and how easy it is to transport with the wide handles. And of course it has the non-stick interior we’ve grown to love from Our Place! (Also available HERE.)

7. Perfect Leggings // When it comes to full support, these leggings are the gold standard! I love the airbrush finish and high-rise that not only smooths the tummy, but stays put. They’re on the thicker side, so great for colder weather, too. I truly reach for them more than any other brand!

8. Method Hand Soap // You might be wondering why in the world I’d put a hand soap on my favorite things list… but you haven’t tried this hand soap! It smells exactly like Le Labo, but for $8! Plus, the matte black bottle looks great sitting next to the sink. It sells out frequently, so I buy this refill bottle in bulk!

9. Illuminating Eye Serum // This Brightening Eye Cream was released earlier this year, and became an instant sell-out! In fact, the wait list was over 15,000! It’s a daily eye cream and brightener in one, with hyaluronic acid to smooth lines and wrinkles, caffeine to combat puffiness, and pearlized pigments to add instant brightening! I rarely even wear concealer anymore, thanks to this miracle eye cream! Code SUGARPLUM20 will save you 20%, too!

10. Woven Leather Tote Bag // I’ve shown this cute faux-leather tote for months now, I have it in both tan and bold pink, and carry it with my everyday outfits and even as a beach and pool tote. It’s a dead-ringer for a designer style that’s five times the price! (Grab one of these chic scarves to add a pop of color!)

11. Colleen Rothschild Conditioner // This conditioner has only been out a few months, but it’s already found a place on my Favorite Things list. It’s great for everyday use, leaving my hair super shiny, manageable, and with no tangles. I still use this mask weekly for more intense hydration, especially after using this clarifying shampoo or this purple shampoo. Code SUGARPLUM20 will save you 20%!

12. Golden Goose Sneakers // Definitely a splurge, and a style I never thought I’d wear! I’ve never really been a fan of Golden Goose, with the distressed (dirty) finish, but I finally found a style with no distressing, and the all-leather makes them perfect for year-round (unlike the styles with suede accents). I’m officially a fan, and I’ve been wearing them on repeat with everything from dresses and jeans to lounge sets and skirts.

13. Warner’s Wireless Bra // An updated version of the famous ‘Amazon Bra,’ (which I’m quite sure the majority of us own since it’s been a HSP best-seller for years!), but even better with a lower v and front-adjusting straps. It’s incredibly comfortable, with support, lift, padding, and smoothing… and all around $20! I wear the color ‘toasted almond‘ most, and it’s the perfect nude even under fitted white tees.

14. tartelette tubing mascara // This miracle mascara is absolutely lash extensions in a bottle! Simply apply two thin coats (do it back-to-back while the product is still wet), and your lashes will transform before your eyes! And what’s even better, unlike most tube mascaras, this one actually washes off easily without tugging or pulling. Code CASSIE15 will save you 15%!

15. Home Edit for Walmart // The Home Edit girls made stylish and practical organizing more affordable by adding their line of drawer dividers, lazy Susans, and bins to Walmart!! Not only are they the same incredible quality, but they are created by professional organizers, so everything just fits and works in a better way! I’m a fan of all of it, and they’ve transformed my kitchen, bathroom and office drawers, and closet!

16. CalPak Carry-On Duffel Bag // It’s my mission with every trip to not check a bag (it’s so liberating to skip baggage claim… not to mention, no stress of lost bags!). But the right gear is essential, and this duffel is a game-changer! I call it the Mary Poppins bag because it will blow your mind with the amount of things it holds. It has a slew of inside pouches and zipper pockets, plus a compartment on the bottom (great for shoes), and it slides on the handle of your suitcase. It sells out quickly, but would make a great gift for any travelers on your list! It also doubles as my weekender bag for overnight trips. (Also find it HERE.)

17. Tushy Bidet // We’re all friends here, right? Well I hope so because we’re about to talk bidets! We’re so hooked on this one, it feels positively uncivilized to use the bathroom without one now! It’s on sale under $100, is easy to install, and fits on your existing toilet. If anything, hop over to the website because their marketing is so clever and funny.

18. Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo // The Living Proof Dry Shampoo has been in my Top Ten for awhile, but they released this new Advanced Clean formula this year and it is a GAME CHANGER! I don’t know how it works, but rather than adding a powdery product to absorb oil, it actually cleans the hair of oils… so instead of getting that build-up feeling, your hair simply feels clean. This is a ride-or-die for me now!

19. tarte maracuja juicy lip plump // I’ve been a fan of the maracuja juicy lips since the moment they arrived, but they raised the bar with these juicy lip plumps!! Same great hydrating formula with a hint of color, but with actual plumping, as well! And not the kind that stings or burns, but with a cooling effect that I’ve become addicted to! Color ‘Lotus‘ is my fave for pinks. Code CASSIE15 will save you 15%!

20. Halo Hair Extensions // That’s right, hair extensions made the Sugarplum Favorite Things list! And would you believe I ordered these as part of my Halloween costume (see it HERE), but was so instantly impressed with the quality and natural look, I could hardly believe the affordable find! I even took them to my hair stylist, and he couldn’t believe how incredible they look! Easy to wash and style, and the halo makes it so simple to wear for special occasions or every day.

Okay… that wraps my Top 20 Sugarplum Faves for this year! But it goes without saying my mattress topper and my facial razors are always on the list, as are the miracle window-washing cloths!

I’d love to hear what’s on your Favorites List! Are any of these on your list? I love that these all make incredible gifts, too! You can check out past years of Sugarplum Favorite Things HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE for more great gift ideas.

Here are a few of your most requested links, that are definitely on my Runner’s Up Favorite Things list:

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    I love this list every year! Several of my favorite things have come from your lists. I appreciate how you have a little description about each item in addition to the graphic. Extra work, I’m sure, but so helpful!

    Posted 11.6.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you so much for saying that! I do love including the descriptors even though it’s a tad bit more typing! xoxo, C

      Posted 11.6.23 Reply
  2. Sandy wrote:

    Same here-faves from the Cassie list! : )
    I had to watch the IG Hi Barbie! post-again. So dang funny! Mr. SP, such a good sport. I luv the guy and don’t even know him! : ))

    Posted 11.6.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      He is easy to love, that’s for sure Sandy!! <3 <3 Cassie

      Posted 11.6.23 Reply
  3. Sandra Dickie wrote:

    Thanks Cassie, the Warner bras are on sale (40% off) so even with the exchange from USD to CAD, it’s a great price.
    Love all your posts and sense of humour.

    Posted 11.6.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh that is fantastic Sandra!!! I hope you grabbed at least one! xo, C

      Posted 11.6.23 Reply
  4. Laura Crenshaw wrote:

    I so love your favorite things for great gift ideas.
    And I have a question, you posted a reel of you putting on your makeup with sticks and then blending them all together to make an incredible beautiful look! Can you let me know what sticks of makeup you used for this and the colors. I think some were the merit brand. And what makeup brush? And since I am a newby with this, LOL, could you let me know which ones go on which areas of your face? Yes, I am a mess!
    Enjoy your holidays with your beautiful family.

    Posted 11.27.23 Reply
  5. elizabeth wrote:

    Thank you Cassie for another wonderful list. So many of your favorite things are now my favorite things. I’m secretly hoping for the Spanx sweatshirt and wide-legged pants this year for Christmas. Thank you for putting all the work into your lists and recommendations. Your hard work shows.

    Posted 12.12.23 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Wow thank you so much Elizabeth, your sweet comment just made my whole week!! xoxo, C

      Posted 12.12.23 Reply