{Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} Our Fifth House (& We’re Back!)

Hey, hey, hey! Mr. Sugarplum and I are back from our Canadian adventure…happy and exhausted! It’s surreal to go from ocean views and snowy mountain tops, to fluorescent lighting and humidity. From couples solitude to sibling rivalry. From no worries to expectant bosses. But such is the shock-factor of returning to real life.

I can’t wait to sort through the pictures and share it all with you, but first I have to weed through laundry and inboxes, snuggle on my babies, and reacquaint myself with my job. So enjoy the final installments of this {Marry, Make Out & Muzzle} series (from two of my favorite bloggers!), and I’ll be back soon!


Carmel is a gal not afraid of color or taking chances, so you know I’m a serious fan of her blog, Our Fifth House. She’s currently making over her daughter’s room, and I’m literally hanging on every post update! She’s also responsible for making me a slave to my CVS card!

Hello Hi Sugarplum readers, I’m Carmel from Our Fifth House! I’m so thrilled Cassie invited me to play this naughty little game!  I had way too much fun putting this guest post together!
First of all, let me just say I am happily married (for almost 12 years now) to the man of my dreams. I’m a Southern California girl who fell for the cowboy boot wearin’ Kentucky boy with the make you weak in the knees blue eyes and a southern accent that sounds like honey.
Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let the game begin!  😉
One of my favorite television shows just so happens to be set in Kentucky.  I’m a big-old-huge fan of JUSTIFIED!


Love. that. show.  It may have a little something to do with this guy.
Oh my!  Timothy Olyphant plays a character named Raylan Givens. I guess I have a thing for Kentucky boys because I’d marry me some Raylan Givens! Southern accent speakin’ cowboy hat wearin’ men are the hotness  – the end.  Ummm……Big & Rich said it – or rather sang it right – save a horse; ride a cowboy.  I know what you’re thinking – oh no she didn’t.  Uh -huh, yes……oh yes I did!  I blame Cassie  – she made me play this game.  😉
Make Out
Hmmmmmm…….right off the top of my head……..
Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally Team Edward.  But every Thursday night I have a standing date with the Salvatore brothers (in particular – Damon), and my hub is such a big fan of Elena that he doesn’t mind.
Vincent Kartheiser might be a great guy in real life, but the character he plays on Mad Men, Pete Campbell, literally makes my skin crawl,
He’s on my nerves every Sunday night at 10 p.m. like clockwork.  😉 
Okay, so obviously I’m a little obsessed with my television shows. Who’s your favorite television hottie? Thanks again Cassie for including me in this fun little game!

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  1. this is too fun! i don't even know who the last guy is. am i under a rock? can you see me?

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  2. Ooo… I really liked Timothy Olyphant in the movie Hitman. Who knew i'd like a guy better with bald hair!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  3. Larissa wrote:

    Would DEFINITELY snog the Salvatore brothers!!! Vampire or no, they are two Gorgeous men!!! Thankyou for being the first to suggest these gorgeous specimens!!! … And well done on 12 years of marriage!!! … Cassie, I've loved this series, but am looking forward to you're coming back to take the helm! *Hugs*

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  4. Jenna wrote:

    Oh, I can't stand that Vincent guy either!! He's a creep on Mad Men, and he played a creep on that Justin Timberlake movie, In Time. Maybe he really IS a creep. 🙂

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  5. Haha such a good call on Pete Campbell! And those Vampire brothers are HOT HOT HOT!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  6. Thanks so much for inviting me to play this fun game! Can't wait to hear all about your awesome trip! Oh -and woohoo for CVS! 😉

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  7. Such a fun series. 🙂 Carmel, I totally have to second your nomination of Damon. I watch it before my hubs gets home from work so I don't get yelled at for defiling his beloved TV. 😉 Such a guilty pleasure, but they are definite eye candy!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  8. I absolutely *LOVE* the muzzle, I couldn't agree more, Pete is a CREEPER. And I L-O-V-E Justified! Raylon is a major hottie (c:

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  9. ::whistles:: You & your honey are so flippin' cute! I might be couple-crushing on you guys (right after Prince William & Kate, that is).

    SO agree w/ you about Vincent! I find it hard to separate his character from his real-life self, HA!! If I saw him IRL, I think I'd give him the evil side-eye. Then I'd apologize but still might key his car on my way home……

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  10. P.S. Welcome back, Cassie!! I'm so glad us crazies didn't burn your blog down while you were away.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  11. This is my favorite post so far in the series. I love Justified! Who can resist that cowboy hat? And I totally agree about Pete Campbell, but I think I'd have to add Don Draper to my Make Out list. What is it about him? He's such a jerk….but oh so hot at the same time!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  12. So funny! Great post Carmel! And, glad you are home safe Cassie – looking forward to your amazing pictures!!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  13. Pete makes my skin crawl too! I would totally have him cut from the show but then who would be the villain?!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  14. Great picks Carmel!
    I get my hottie fix watching The Voice. Adam Levine gives me goosebumps. So yummy!!!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
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    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  16. I love Justified and would totally marry Raylan! Good pick!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply