{Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers

Natalie at Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers is one seriously cool girl. I love a girl who’s not afraid to eat (she posts amazing recipes), but she’s real in how she keeps her (enviable) figure. Not to mention, she has wicked fashion style and always links us to the goodies. We’d be friend in real life, I know. Even if I am a little intimidated by her tall, long-leggedness! 
I am so excited to be playing this fun game on Cassie’s blog today. Love her and her amazeballs blog and I hope she is living it up on vacay right now!
I have loved Ryan Reynolds for a long time now. He is funny which makes him that much more attractive and have you seen his body? He is the perfect man in my book. If only he felt the same way about me.
Call me a cougar if you want, but I love me some Zac Efron. Would love to get my hands on him:)
This is a close tie between Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. They both are train wrecks and horrible role models for our kids! I wish they would stop featuring them on all the news shows. Although dirty little secret I do sometimes watch the Kardashians, they annoy me but the show sucks me in everytime.
Thanks for having me Cassie and have a fun cocktail for me while you are vacationing!

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  1. We would totally be friends in real life. Thanks for the sweet words you made my day. I am envious you color your own hair and it looks amazing. Hope you are living it up on vacay right now!!

    Posted 4.28.12 Reply
  2. Ummmm I have the same love/hate with the kardashians show. It's embarrassing. Totally with you on the love for Ryan Reynolds. Trying your new cocktail btw! Is it too early to start now????

    Posted 4.28.12 Reply
  3. I know we were meant to be friends Natalie! I just love me some Ryan Reynolds. I totally agree with your other choices too. Those pictures of Zac Efron are ridiculous. He's like 11 right? No? He's legal now. oh nice!

    Posted 4.28.12 Reply
  4. Love Ryan Reynolds!!! seriously wiping the drool off my keyboard as I look at those pictures!! And I would totally muzzle Linds and Kim. They need to stay out of the news, for a long time!

    Posted 4.28.12 Reply
  5. Love Natalie and her blog! Would love the chance to make out with Zac! 😉

    Posted 4.28.12 Reply
  6. We may have different taste in men but I totally agree on KK an LL. Ugh. Love both you mommas 🙂 xoxo

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  7. Add me to the Cougar Club, RAWR…love some Zac (c: And good heavens, I'm so *sick* of hearing about those two girls, I would love to lock them in a room together and perhaps they would do the world a favor and take each other out (c:

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  8. Nat wrote:

    Love this series!! I need to go check out the rest! I have to join the Cougar Club, I love me some Zac Efron any day and of course who doesn't love Ryan Reynolds!?

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply