Guest Room Progress!

Happy Monday, friends, and welcome back to a new week. We’re approaching our second week of at-home school with a little more structure in some areas, and relaxing a bit in others. I think trying to maintain a certain pace last week really wore us out. Have you found a balance that’s working well in your house? How are you adjusting to this new normal?

Little Miss celebrates her 14th birthday tomorrow, and she’s handling the fact that it will be in quarantine with so much grace. I’m seriously in awe of her, and her attitude has actually been helpful in keeping mine in check.

Another blessing that’s come from all the time at home is the progress we’re making on home projects!! We are knocking things out left and right, starting with the Guest Room!

You may remember we started it last year, but things stalled quickly. Well thanks to unlimited time at home, we’re now almost done! I decided awhile back I wanted navy curtains, but was having the hardest time finding the color and texture I wanted… especially at an affordable price.

Until I remembered JCPenney has a huge selection of window coverings… and hit the jackpot there!

Blackout Curtains | Bamboo Shades | Mirror | Mattress | Faux Fern

I found the perfect shade of navy, in a gorgeous faux-silk that has just a touch of texture… plus, the 100% blackout lining not only keeps the room dark (hello, nap central!), but is energy-saving by blocking the strong afternoon sun that comes pouring in.

Little Miss always hosts her sleepovers in here, so she’s extra excited!

Blackout Curtains | Bamboo Shades | Mirror | Mattress

JCPenney also has the best bamboo blinds! We have these all over the house, and they’re seriously so good! The color and texture are perfect, the quality is unmatched, and they’re cordless for a streamlined aesthetic.

It’s not essential they be the same length as the window since we use them for the added texture and to give the windows more visual weight, so we save by buying the shorter ones. If we need privacy, we simply close the drapes!

These panels have pole pockets, but using drapery hooks and rings give them a more custom look.

Blackout Curtains | Bamboo Shades | Button Down Top | Raw Hem Levi Jeans

Blackout Curtains | Bamboo Shades | Mirror | Mattress

I also finally started adding things to the walls, and I love these simple round mirrors over the beds. They reflect more light, and the classic shape balances the lines of the wallpaper.

[Find the bedding and wallpaper sources HERE]

Button Down Top | Raw Hem Levi Jeans | Bracelets

This faux fern is also a great JCPenney find!! I jumped on the faux-plant train last year with our Backyard Patio Makeover, and haven’t looked back! Always green, no shedding, and I can’t kill it!

And this one is an incredible price, especially given how real it looks!

Faux Fern | Bracelets

Button Down Top | Raw Hem Jeans | Bracelets

Blackout Curtains | Bamboo Shades | Mirror | Mattress | Fern

And just to show what a huge difference the drapes and mirror make…here’s a peek at the room without them!

More room details HERE

Crazy, right?! Just the layer this room needed!

Blackout Curtains | Bamboo Shades | Mirror | Mattress | Fern

Button Down Top | Raw Hem Jeans | Bracelets

Now all that remains is some colorful art on the walls and the overhead light fixture. Mr. SP and I are arguing over a ceiling fan versus a woven pendant! Guess who wants what!?


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*This post created in collaboration with JCPenney and ShopStyle, but all product selections, styling, and urges to nap are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*



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