The Guest Room | Adding Wallpaper

Happy almost-weekend, lovebugs! For a short week, it sure has felt long, am I right?! The kids are already talking about how late they plan to sleep-in this weekend! Unless of course Little Miss has a sleepover, in which case, you know there’s more giggling than sleeping going on!

And even though she has her own colorful room, she and her friends jump at the chance to stay in the Guest Room! I can’t say I blame them…it’s kind of my favorite spot in the house right now.

We’re not quite done, but with the addition of the wallpaper, things are clipping right along!

Lamp & Tray Table: HomeGoods (similar) | Beds (on sale!) | Mattresses | Bed SheetsWallpaper in ‘Denim’

I’ve been a huge fan of this Serena & Lily ‘Feathers’ wallpaper for years, and was so excited to find a space in our home to use it. I know wallpaper feels like a big commitment (as opposed to paint), but I’ve yet to regret any of my wallpaper choices! Nor have I grown tired of them.

Footstools: HomeGoods (similar) | Duvet

So far, this room is the perfect mix of splurge and save, with the majority of the cost in dressing the bed. But since guests (typically our dearest friends and family) will be the ones sleeping here, it’s a good place to splurge a little.

But you know I still put my favorite bed sheets (under $30!) on both beds. They’re officially on every bed in the house now!

Euro Pillow: HomeGoods | Coverlet: Stein Mart | Striped Tassel Pillow | Lumbar Pillow

Striped Sweater | White Jeans

Wallpaper in ‘Denim’ | Similar Throws | Leaning Ladder

We carried the wallpaper into the adjoining vanity area, too. I’m undecided if I’ll paint the cabinets a contrasting color, blue like the paper, or just leave them white. Thoughts?

We still need to choose a mirror and light in there, as well.

Still a few key things left to do, but there’s no question it’s already a totally different room, thanks to the wallpaper and pillows!

Striped Tassel Pillow | Lumbar Pillow | Beds (on sale!) | Mattresses | Bed SheetsWallpaper in ‘Denim’

Striped Sweater | White Jeans | Ring

I still need to figure out the rug, window treatments, and overhead light. Plus decide what I want to put on the walls! Oh yeah, and the bathroom needs a mirror and lighting, but I’m thrilled with how far we’ve come.

Stay tuned for more updates as I have them. See you back here tomorrow for the first Dressing Room Diaries of the new year!


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*Photos by the darling and talented Mary Hafner*

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  1. Nicole wrote:

    I vote to paint the cabinets!!!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  2. Beth Miller wrote:

    Those cabinets definitely need to be dark blue! Love the room!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • Lynette wrote:

      Ditto! Blue to match the wallpaper!

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  3. Leslie wrote:

    I love, love, love the wallpaper! I want to do my dining room but I have orange peel walls. Did you have textured walls before? If so how did you go about hanging the wallpaper?

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you, Leslie!! So we’ve gone both ways with the orange peel, depending on the texture/weight of the paper, and the pattern. The paper we used in the Dining Room is thick and has a lot of ‘texture & pattern’ to the print, so we left the orange peel on the wall. This paper is very smooth with only a geometric pattern, so the orange peel would have been obvious and alter the lines…so in here, we had the walls floated to cover the orange peel texture. It’s an added expense, so I decide on a per paper basis. I hope that helps!

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  4. Julia wrote:

    The room looks lovely. You could try changing out the knobs on the bathroom vanity to a blue ceramic before you commit to painting it. That may give it enough punch of color before you commit to painting it.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  5. Sevahn wrote:

    I would paint the cabinets a contrasting color– choosing one of the colors from that little decorative horsey/llama/pony. So much fun to see how you decorate rooms!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  6. Sandy wrote:

    I would escape to that lovely room too. Only I wouldn’t allow anyone else to go in there or touch anything, ha,ha!
    Maybe a couple of simple black and white photo prints on the walls? Either one over the nightstand, or one over each bed?
    Brilliant room and post, yeah!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • Sandy wrote:

      I would also price out doing the whole wall in a mirror. If you don’t need a medicine cab, it would open up and brighten the whole room.

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  7. I think the cabinets would look great in a dark charcoal to match the beds!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  8. Rachel Steck wrote:

    Gorgeous! I would totally paint the vanity cabinets a blue – or maybe even a Kelly green?

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  9. Sandy wrote:

    Ps- put a paper color swatch on the bath cabs, stand back and look and live w/it for a while. Or leave them clean and white. When in doubt, leave it out, I say!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  10. Kristin wrote:

    Beautiful room! It feels very light, calm, centering, and inviting to me. I think painting the vanity blue would draw the eye there, and weigh the room down. But that’s just my opinion, and I don’t know what you’re going for. Love it anyway!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  11. Patricia wrote:

    Love it! Just add some white room darkening curtains and you’re there! You can also add room darkening lining to regular curtains if you have a favorite that isn’t available with the darkening option.
    Regarding the vanity cabinet; your call Color Girl! I’d probably leave it white or possibly paint it black (matte with a wax coat like Pottery Barn) to pick up on the bed frames.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • Sandy wrote:

      I like the room darkening curtains or lining idea too. I have even used a super insulated 4 layer liner for drapes, keeps the heat (or cold) out. Expensive, but worth it, Joanne Fabrics.
      Oh, this is fun!

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  12. Debbie wrote:

    I vote for painting the vanity! Love the room.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  13. Jenna wrote:

    Love it. My vote is to paint the vanity. What about black?

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  14. Mel wrote:

    The room is looking great. I vote to definitely paint the vanity a deep, dark color to anchor the space and add contrast ( like how the bed frame is contrasting with the paper). Deep navy or even something like a dark graphite-like color. Oh how I hate picking paint colors. Good luck!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  15. Cary wrote:

    Very cute! Is there a more budget friendly version of the lumbar pillows? $150 for a lumbar is out of my price range.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I waited for their Friends and Family sale for 30% off, so that definitely helped!

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  16. Lisa wrote:

    Did you get the beds at Home Depot or Target? I remember when you first talked about the beds your link was to Home Depot. Now the link takes you to Target. Hmmm

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      It’s the same bed at both retailers! I couldn’t find it at Home Depot for this post, so linked the Target one, especially since it’s on sale! Same bed! 🙂

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  17. This room is so cute! <3 I have twins and will do beds like this when they get out of cots, I think it looks so lovely when you do a joint bedroom in this format 🙂 xx

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  18. Kimberly wrote:

    I love this room. The bed and bedding are the perfect balance to the wall paper. I would definitely paint the bathroom vanity a color. It would make such a statement. Have you thought of painting it a complimentary color like yellow, green or (gasp) hot pink? Would be a great pop that could be carried through in accents to the bedroom.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  19. Jen wrote:

    Ooooh, please paint the vanity, it will be so striking!!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  20. Kathy wrote:

    So bright and cheery – who wouldn’t want to spend time in this room! Adore the footstools.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  21. Shannon wrote:

    Definitely paint the vanity. I think it needs the contrast. I agree with others about a dark charcoal or black to echo the bed frames. I can’t wait to see what you choose for the light fixture and curtains!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  22. Kelly wrote:

    Love the room but I’m with Rachel paint the cabinets a bright Kelly Green and then add that as a third color into the room. You need a third color for your eyes to rest. With just the blue and white your eyes are searching for a place to rest. You are queen of putting color together with style so go with your gut but add some artwork above the lamp to tie in the 3rd color. I don’t count the color of the bed. Adding more black would be cliche. Sorry for the tough words but you asked for my opinion. You have an awesome style so just go with your gut. Love you!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  23. Jenny wrote:

    Cassie, I am loving how the room is coming together and I too vote for painting the vanity. However, it should be the last thing you do… select your window treatments and art and THEN pull a color for your vanity. As the way the room sits now, I love the idea of Navy or Charcoal (like the beds), but you stated that the room isn’t yet finished. Good Luck!!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  24. Val wrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love the pattern mixtures and colors. Would also love to see similar bedding options that are more cost effective.

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  25. Crystal wrote:

    Oh please paint the vanity blue! It would look lovely and be an amazing addition. Loving your guest room!

    Posted 1.11.19 Reply
  26. Victoria wrote:

    This is a tad too busy for me. Not a room to wake up in if you’ve over indulged the night before!
    If you like the way you look in those clothes in the room (I do) then pick one of those for the cabinets. A minty green like the sweater to tie in with those towels/throws. A hot pink for a pop of extra colour. Hot pink and mint green frames for simple art would work well too.

    I also love the idea of painting the ceiling a light blue. It’s an unusual shape ceiling and leaving the paper only on the walls makes for a somewhat jarring line that draws the eye. A pale blue ceiling would help with that think. Then a nice capiz or white wood beads or similar chandelier would fit right in.

    Posted 1.12.19 Reply
  27. Sharon wrote:

    Initially I thought you shouldn’t paint the vanity but that would be my style to leave white and add pop of color with knobs, artwork and accessories but your style is much bolder so I vote to paint in a fun color like hot pink or Kelly green and add blue and white knobs etc…go for it! I’m sure you have a fabulous ceiling fixture for the bedroom in mind… the room is so cute as are all of your rooms..can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the vanity..

    Posted 1.12.19 Reply
  28. Julie wrote:

    The room is gorgeous! I’ve been debating using these beds in my guest room, as well. I over research EVERYTHING so I wonder if you can answer a couple of questions to help me finally make my decision! I read that there’s quite a bit of space between the mattress and the frame…has that been a problem (mattress movement)? Did you use a regular or low profile boxspring? Are you concerned about the length of the twin bed for taller guests? Thanks, and again…stunning job on the room!

    Posted 1.12.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks Julie! The boxspring does move a bit when I’m making the bed, but it’s not an issue for me. The box spring is actually quite tall (taller than I expected), but I think it gives the beds more ‘presence.’ As for guest height, the twin bed is the same length as a full/double!

      Posted 1.13.19 Reply
  29. Tiffany wrote:

    I like the idea of painting the vanity a contrasting color. Seems like more color is more you!

    Posted 1.13.19 Reply
  30. Emi wrote:

    It looks lovely Cassie!

    Posted 1.14.19 Reply
  31. Val wrote:

    I love blue! That wallpaper was definitely a good choice because the room looks amazing. I also think that you should paint the cabinets.

    Posted 1.15.19 Reply
  32. Jane wrote:

    What an incredible difference that wallpaper makes! Love this room!

    Posted 1.16.19 Reply
  33. Shenley wrote:

    I would not waste paint on the vanity cabinet, I’d change the dated cathedral doors!

    Posted 1.17.19 Reply
  34. Melissa wrote:

    Hi! Did you do the bronze color for the beds? Love it all!

    Posted 3.24.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      yes — it’s almost black!

      Posted 3.24.19 Reply
  35. Emilie wrote:

    What color trim paint did you use? I’m going to put the feather wallpaper in my powder room above board and batten, and I’m trying to figure out which white to use.

    Posted 5.26.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      We just stuck with the same kind-of white paint we already had on it!

      Posted 5.28.19 Reply
  36. April wrote:

    I am working on a guest room right now! I was thinking queen bed but the two twin beds has me thinking. Could you please talk about your thought process in doing the two? You always have thought out reasoning.

    Room is comfy looking!!

    Posted 10.14.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Well, I’ve always loved the look of twin beds in a room…something about the symmetry makes me so happy! But also, they accommodate just about any guest situation…couple, singles, friends, kids, parent & kid…two separate beds just opens up the options a bit!

      Posted 10.15.19 Reply