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Happy Monday, friends! Thank you so much for all the birthday love on social media, texts, and emails yesterday! I’m so grateful for another year of this beautiful life, and can’t believe I get to live it with friends like you! Getting older isn’t always fun, but aging truly is a privilege, and I’m all too aware of its gift!

To celebrate my birthday, my friends at Colleen Rothschild are giving us early access to their biggest sale of the year, 30% off with code SUGARPLUM30!! It’s truly her biggest sale of the year, and all the top-selling products sell out with this discount, so our early access is key for grabbing the products you want… and all at 30% off!!

If you’ve followed me for longer than a minute, then you know Colleen Rothschild is my go-to product line for all things skincare, and my bathroom is chock-full of just about everything she offers.

Each new product I tried made such a difference in my skin, that I continued adding new ones, and now she dominates almost my entire skincare routine. I’ve got my entire family hooked, even Mama Sugarplum insists her skin hasn’t looked this good in over a decade!

Sidenote: All of Colleen’s high-performance products are a perfect blend of plant-based botanicals and advanced scientific ingredients, and free of sulfates, parabens, and all that other icky stuff. Bottom line, it’s clean, safe, and gentle!

Radiant Cleansing Balm | Glycolic Acid Peel Pads | Retinol Supreme Night Oil | Intense Hydrating Mask | Face Oil No. 9

My skincare drawer is chock-full of just about every Colleen Rothschild product, but to help you navigate this epic sale, I’m sharing my go-to Morning and Evening Skincare routines…

My Evening Skincare Routine //

Radiant Cleansing Balm //

My hands-down Top 3 product overall, and one thing I can’t imagine going without. It was the first CR product I tried, and I immediately realized her products were special, thus my addiction began.

It’s the consistency of petroleum jelly, but warms to a soft gel when rubbed between your hands, and not only cleans pores and skin, but dissolves all makeup. It’s so gentle you can even open your eyes without irritation. (My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and uses this!)

I massage on my face, then use the included muslin cloth to wipe it all off, and exfoliate a little. My skin is left completely clean, and never dry or tight. They now offer a larger, jumbo size, too, and it’s an even greater deal with the sale!

Balancing Gel Cleanser //

The lush Balancing Gel Cleanser gently yet thoroughly cleanses while protecting epidermal pH, leaving skin smooth and revitalized. Extracts of white tea and other natural herbs purify, soften, and revitalize dull skin.

It’s a nice sudsy wash, with no scent or fragrance. Skin is left feeling fresh and clean, without any dryness or tightness. My kids and husband use it nightly by itself, and I pair it with the Radiant Cleansing Balm for a nightly double-cleanse.

Radiant Cleansing Balm | Balancing Gel Cleanser

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads //

These are absolute magic, and a total game-changer for the texture and appearance of my skin. These spa-strength treatment pads are formulated with a 10% blend of powerful Glycolic and Lactic Acids, targeting fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and imperfections to reveal a fresher, brighter, more even complexion. They also soothe and calm, while hydrating and protecting your skin’s moisture barrier.

Gently wipe pad over dry face, neck, and décolleté while avoiding the sensitive eye and lip areas. Do not rinse, but allow the product to fully absorb like a serum. So they not only cleanse and exfoliate, but deliver powerful anti-aging ingredients.

I use them every other night after cleansing (I alternate nights with the Retinol Supreme Night Oil), and follow with moisturizers.

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads

Retinol Supreme Night Oil //

With the highest concentration of stabilized retinol, this oil goes to work while you sleep to encourage overall skin renewal by refining skin tone and texture, fighting age spots, and improving dullness, while also giving a huge dose of moisture!

A must-have in your evening skincare routine if you’re over the age of 30! It’s powerful, so I’d recommend starting out with just a few times a week, and back off if you see flaking. I alternate the Retinol Supreme Night Oil and Glycolic Acid Peel Pads every other night.

Retinol Supreme Night Oil

Intense Hydrating Mask //

BACK-IN-STOCK!!! The most hydrating nighttime moisturizer I’ve ever tried… I literally can’t sleep without it! This treatment provides a serious boost of highly concentrated hydration, and helps strengthen elasticity, leaving skin with a youthful suppleness and radiance.

You could tissue it off after 15-30 minutes, but I prefer to sleep in it for even longer-lasting moisture and hydration. Most moisturizers wear off after a few hours, but I can still feel the Intense Hydrating Mask on my skin the next morning!

Sugarplum Skin Tip: Switch to a silk pillowcase to ensure your skin absorbs the products, rather than the cotton of your sheets!

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads | Intense Hydrating Mask

Face Oil No. 9 //

The term ‘oil’ can be scary when talking about your face, as it’s usually synonymous with oily skin. But in all actuality, Face Oil No. 9 gives an intense moisture boost to deeply nourish thirsty skin, and leaves your complexion radiant after the first application!

It’s packed with nine vitamins and precious oils that absorb quickly, leaving no greasy residue. I layer it with the Intense Hydrating Mask in colder, drier months, and funny enough, my skincare-phobic husband uses it daily!

After patting in to my face and neck, I run the rest of it through the ends of my hair and over my cuticles for more moisture!

Face Oil No. 9

My Morning Skincare Routine //

I start my morning skincare with a few splashes of cold water to wake up my skin, and follow with these pads to clear off any sweat, oils and leftover skincare from the night before.

Illuminated Tinted Eye Serum | Sheer Renewal Cream | Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Vitamin C Brightening Serum //

The lightweight Vitamin C Brightening Serum shields my skin from pollution and environmental stresses, while treating sun damage. This brand-new formula features a powerful 15% Vitamin C that helps improve the appearance of dark spots, smooth uneven skin texture, and brighten dullness. I love how quickly it absorbs with no tacky residue (or funny hot-dog smell like most Vitamin Cs!).

Sheer Renewal Cream //

My go-to daily moisturizer, the Sheer Renewal Cream has a lightweight and breathable formula that leaves my skin looking plump and hydrated, with a touch of dewy glow I love!

The weightless, oil-free formula also diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and is a great base for makeup. It absorbs quickly with no residue, which makes it a fave for my teens, as well. There is no shortage of moisturizers on the market, but I’m truly lost without this one!

Sheer Renewal Cream

Illuminated Tinted Eye Serum //

A Sugarplum Favorite Thing, this Illuminated Tinted Eye Serum was released earlier this year, and became an instant sell-out! In fact, the wait list was over 15,000! It’s a daily eye cream and brightener in one, with hyaluronic acid to smooth lines and wrinkles, caffeine to combat puffiness, and pearlized pigments to add instant brightening! I rarely even wear concealer anymore, thanks to this miracle eye cream! 

Illuminated Tinted Eye Serum

Hair Faves //

Superluxe Microfiber Hair Towel & Replenish & Shine Daily Conditioner //

The Superluxe Microfiber Hair Towel has literally been a Sugarplum Favorite Thing for years… and years! I can’t explain the magic of this towel, but I’m completely obsessed. In fact, it was sold out for over a year and I was beside myself because it’s one of my favorite girlfriend gifts to give!

It’s a great oversize, perfect for gently wrapping every hair and staying put on top of your head. I put it on direct from the shower, while my hair is still sopping wet, and when I take it down several minutes later, my hair is practically air-dried…and with no frizzing or breakage!

The Replenish & Shine Daily Conditioner is a newer product, and my love was so instant it made this year’s Sugarplum Favorite Things list! (See it HERE.) A super-hydrating daily conditioner that leaves my hair smooth and shiny, without weighing it down.

Superluxe Microfiber Hair Towel | Replenish & Shine Daily Conditioner

Facial Masks //

Dual Enzyme Polish & Clarifying Detox Mask //

I use these two masks more than any other, and they’re part of my ‘Sunday Ritual.’ The Dual Enzyme Polish has a fine grit texture, and smells faintly of citrus. Apply over a clean, damp face and neck, and let sit for 10+ minutes allowing the enzymes to exfoliate your skin (it tingles just a little). Then use circular motions to gently polish the skin, rinse and pat dry.

It leaves skin super-soft and exfoliated, with a bright glow. I use this mask on nights before a photoshoot, and my skin is brighter the next day, and makeup applies smoother.

Clarifying Detox Mask is also creamy, but the charcoal dries like clay, drawing out the trapped dirt and unclogging pores. Think of it as a Biore strip for your entire face! I’ve been known to leave it on for hours. My son uses this as a spot treatment for breakouts and areas prone to blackheads.

Sometimes I’ll combine the two masks, applying the Detox to my T-Zone, and the Enzyme Polish to the rest of my face. This is especially great after travel, or days when you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup.

morning skincare routine colleen rothschild

Dual Enzyme Polish | Clarifying Detox Mask

Mama Sugarplum’s Faves //

I shared these a few weeks ago… but Mama Sugarplum has been a Colleen Rothschild mega-fan for years! Here are the products she swears by for day and night…

Balancing Gel Cleanser | Age Renewal Super Serum | Sheer Renewal Cream | Extreme Recovery Cream

Radiant Cleansing Balm | Extreme Recovery Cream | Retinol Supreme Eye Serum | Retinol Supreme Night Oil

The days of the ‘wash & go’ of my youth are long gone, so I’m thankful to have discovered Colleen Rothschild products, and can’t recommend them enough! Suzie Moldavon, my bestie and makeup artist of six years, says my skin has completely transformed from the day we met… and considering I’m not getting any younger, that’s a win!

But don’t take it from just me, check out all the reviews, too… so helpful to hear others’ points-of-view and opinions.

Now is a great time to try them for yourself (or like me, stock up on faves!) with my exclusive 30% off code SUGARPLUM30… giving you early access to the epic Black Friday sale now!!

If you’re not sure where to start, consider the Discovery Collection… seven of her best-sellers in great travel sizes. It’s the perfect way to try out her products for the first time, or if you’re already a fan, you can bring all your faves with you when you travel. It always makes an amazing gift!

So tell me… are you a longtime fan of Colleen Rothschild, or are you trying her for the first time today? What products are your must-haves? Happy Early Access shopping, lovebugs!

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